Members of the public are invited to address the Council about any matters of concern. (NB The next opportunity to raise this sort of matter in public will be at the Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting in Sedlescombe Village Hall on Tuesday 24 April 2007, starting at 19:30)



MEMBERS: Cllr Mrs V Wright (Chairman of the Council), Cllr A Rand (Vice-Chairman of the Council), Cllr R Dellow, Cllr N Foord, Cllr Mrs P Glew, Cllr Mrs M Irwin, Cllr Mrs J Mitchell, Cllr P Martin, Cllr W Cameron


C06/07.143 To receive apologies for absence.

C06/07.144 To authorise the Chairman to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 09/01/07.

C06/07.145 To remind members to declare their personal interests on matters on the agenda, the nature of any interest and whether the Member regards the interest as prejudicial under the terms of the Code of Conduct.

C06/07.146 To resolve: That the Minutes of the following Committee Meetings are received:
146.1 Planning, 9 & 23 January, 13 February, 5 March 2007.
146.2 Crime & Safety, 16 January & 6 March 2007.

C06/07.147 Representatives
147.1 To receive a report from Cllr Mrs Glew for the Sedlescombe Village Hall.
147.2 To receive a report from Cllr Mrs Glew for Rother Association of Local Councils.
147.3 To receive a report from Cllr P Martin for Sedlescombe Sports Association.
147.4 To receive a report from Cllr P Martin as Tree Warden.
147.5 To receive a report from Cllr P Martin for the Sedlescombe Emergency Planning Working Group including his attendance at the Meeting in Langton Hall on 06/03/07.
147.6 To receive a report from Cllr R Dellow for the Sedlescombe Environment Working Group.

C06/07.148 To resolve: That Bank Reconciliations at the end of January and February 2007 are received.

C06/07.149 To resolve: That payment of February 2007 cheques is ratified and of March 2007 cheques approved.

C06/07.150 Revised Code of Conduct.

C06/07.151 To appoint 3+ representatives to attend the Parish Conference to be held on Tuesday 20 March 13:45 to 16:45 in Brede Village Hall. A buffet lunch will be available from 12:45.

C06/07.152 To consider proposed alterations to Rother's Parish and Town Council Grant Support Scheme so that, in time, grants will only be available to parishes with Local Action Plans.

C06/07.153 Council to note Rother's letter regarding the 2007/8 Budget and Council Tax.

C06/07.154 Council to note receipt of Rother Local Strategic Partnership Newsletter, Local Council Review and The Clerk.

The following agenda items are presented under the Aims that make up the Sedlescombe Parish Plan.

C06/07.155 AIM 1 To achieve an Informed and Participating Sedlescombe Community

  1. Calor Village of the Year Competition.

  2. Standing for Election. Information Pack issued by Sussex and Surrey Associations of Local Councils.

  3. Arrangements for Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting to be held on 24/04/07.

C06/07.156 AIM 2 To achieve a Safe and Healthy Sedlescombe community

  1. Concrete bollards on grass verges. Council to note that the Highways Department of ESCC has confirmed that arrangements are in hand to remove the concrete blocks, rocks and logs along Hurst Lane.

  2. Council to consider and possibly approve draft speed/traffic calming policy for Sedlescombe Parish Council. Alternatively, the Council might like to wait to hear what policy the County Council is proposing to adopt based on feedback from parish councils across the county.

  3. Council to note receipt of letter from local resident, Mr C Boyd. Subjects: Pedestrian crossing - (in summary) disagrees with Parish Council's decision not to support a request for a crossing particularly because there are 13 residents of Roselands who find it difficult to cross the B2244 owing to the speed of the traffic; cannot understand how the Parish Council can be willing to spend 74.6% of its precept on adminstration but not give a high priority to the safety of pedestrians in The Street; comments that the Parish Council has failed to respond to the very real concerns of residents; believes that the Parish Council is making pre-judgments that funding will be impossible or that street lighting will be inherent and unacceptable - or both. Mr Boyd has said that our correspondence is at an end.

  4. Council to note receipt of letter from local resident, Mr R Pilbeam. Subject: Road Safety - Although agrees with other two requests to ESCC, strongly disagrees with request for double white lines at top of Church Hill. Suggests that consideration be given 1) to imposing a 40mph speed limit from a point somewhere near the Sedlescombe Village sign and the Sawmills; 2) to installling an electronic reminder drawing attention to the 40mph speed limit; 3) to providing a footpath northwards from the end of the existing footpath and on the same side of the road to at least Hurst Lane, if not to the top of the hill opposite Beech Farm. The Clerk has replied.

  5. Forthcoming SID Campaign, 26-28 March 2007. To receive update from The Clerk and Cllr Mrs Glew.

  6. To receive update on proposed Designation Order under the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001, Section 13. Parish Council's request referred by Derek Stevens to the Joint Advisory Group.

  7. To receive a report from Cllr Dellow regarding his meeting with PC Jayne Cleverley and PCSO Peter Crotch and subsequent action by the Police.

  8. Council to note offer regarding improved Village security cover (also meets Aim No.1) and to consider what action to take.

  9. To appoint 1 representative to go to the Road Safety and Freight Management Conference, 04/04/07, Uckfield Civic Centre.

  10. Consultation on draft Dog Control Order. Council to note receipt of frequently-asked question sheet.

C06/07.157 AIM 3 To help provide Amenities and Services in Sedlescombe

  1. Sedlescombe Recreation Ground & Playing Field Trust. Council to receive details of recent legal advice.

  2. Under 10s playground at East View Terrace. Council to note Craig Atkins (Orbit HA) report as follows: "We are now looking at the playpark with regards to the other issues of anti-social behaviour and how the playpark may have an impact on this.  The money is still available though and will be carried forward to the next financial year. " (Also meets Aim.No.2)

  3. East View Kickabout Area. Cllr Mrs Wright and Cllr Dellow to report on recent meetings.

  4. Youth Issues.

  5. Older People -
    5.1 Cllr Dellow to report.
    5.2 Creative Opportunities for Rother Seniors.
    5.3 To note that the South East England Region Assembly's draft Housing Strategy Review highlights that older people's housing needs and aspirations have emerged strongly as a common theme in their research. There is particular concern about older people occupying larger homes which they may find difficult to maintain where there is no attractive alternatives to them. Further evidence is to be gathered.

  6. Gypsies & Travellers in East Sussex. Briefing note for parish councils received. SALC will be arranging an awareness raising session on traveller issues for parish and town councils in the Spring.

  7. To note receipt of the South East England Regional Authority Housing Strategy Review 2007 and questionnaire. Council to note re rural affordable housing (in addition to 5.3 aove) that SEERA's research has revealed that there is no evidence that providing affordable housing in small villages will guarantee the sustainability (ie local employment, transport and other infrastructure) of these communities or that housing need must of necessity be met where it occurs. "In this context the nature of the relationship between the small villages and their market towns is more critical and supporting the role of these larger rural communities offers a more sustainable solution to housing need." There is also an emphasis on the need to use empty homes and improve poor private sector conditions. [Paragraph 4.10]

  8. East Sussex County Council Rights of Way Improvement Plan 2007-2017. Council to approve comments.

  9. Cllr Dellow reports that, in order to upgrade footpaths 20, 21b and 28a for "easy" walking, nine Stratford pedestrian gates and one small kissing gates need to be installed. Council to consider how work could be undertaken.

  10. Other footpath reports include fallen trees, Sedlescombe footpath 10 (Reservoir).

  11. Water Supply Interruption. Reply from South East Water - no plans to renew water pipes. Because so many people are involved when there is a burst main, SE Water relies on customers contacting them for information.

  12. To consider appeal for funding from East Sussex Ass for the Blind. Any donation would have to come under Section 137 of the LGA 1972 and the Council must resolve that the donation is for the benefit of all or some of the inhabitants and is commensurate with the expenditure.

  13. Consultation on transporting pupils to denominational schools - possible changes for the 2008-9 school year.

  14. Consideration of Devolvement to parishes of Rother grounds maintenance contracts from March 2009 (for Councillors' information - Sedlescombe Parish Council already has a grounds maintenance agreement with Rother).

C06/07.158 AIM 4 To support Business and Rural Employment in Sedlescombe

  1. Village Shops and Post Office Survey. Action in rural Sussex is asking parish councils 1) whether there are close links between pcs and shop/pos; 2) whether the community would be prepared to help keep retail and post office facilites in the village if necessary; 3) whether the parish council would be interested in attending a seminar or workshop about rural retailing in March or April.

C06/07.159 AIM 5 To protect and enhance Sedlescombe's Built and Natural Environment

  1. Introduction of £50 annual charge for parish tree warden support. Council to approve payment

  2. Request by resident for permission to keep sheep as pets, maximum of 3, in Red Barn Field.

  3. Wildlife gardening leaflet, Cllr Dellow to report.

  4. Campaign to Protect Rural England, Sussex Review & Countryside Voice received.

  5. Report on the Recycling Discovery Meeting at De La Warr, 07/03/07.

Mrs P Raymond
Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer, Rother District Council
7 March 2007