PRESENT: Cllr R Dellow (Chairman), Cllr Mrs P Glew, Cllrs Mrs V Wright (Chairman of the Council)
Mrs J Dellow, Mr R Glew, Mrs S Martin (co-opted members)
Mr Craig Atkins (Orbit Housing Association)

Mrs P Raymond - Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer, Sedlescombe Parish Council


CS06/07.85 Apologies for absence. Cllr Rand (work commitments). Cllr Mrs Wright would leave at 1045.

CS06/07.86 Minutes

86.1 The Committee agreed to remove the statement made on the last two lines of CS06/07.82 as requested by Orbit Housing Association.

86.2 RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meeting of the Committee held on 06/03/07 are a correct record.

CS06/07.87 Interests. Members were reminded to disclose interests as they arose.

CS06/07.88 Meeting with Inspector Keating. The meeting planned with the new Inspector for 30 April had, unfortunately, been postponed until 2 May despite our meeting having been arranged first. Members were informed that the meeting was to discuss Special Constables and extra PCSO/warden cover for Sedlescombe.

CS06/07.89 Matters arising from previous Minutes
89.1 Special Constable request.
Defer until after meeting with Inspector Keating.

89.2 Extra PCSO/Warden to help local policing. Defer until after meeting with Inspector Keating.

89.3 Proposed letter to County Councillor Peter Jones. No action to date. Awaiting outcome of meeting with new Inspector.

89.4 Proposed electric blanket testing. Cllr Dellow reported that the Bexhill & Rother Primary Care Trust were arranging electric blanket testing sessions, as part of Safety Days, in the town and rural areas in September and had offered a day in Sedlescombe on the 12th for a small donation. Unfortunately, the hall is unavailable and no other date can be offered. The Committee suggested either hiring the Chapel or supporting the day in another parish. Cllr Dellow would investigate further. It was RECOMMENDED: That the Parish Council offers to contribute £50 towards the Day if it is arranged in Sedlescombe.

It was further RECOMMENDED: That the Parish Council advertises Moat Care & Repair's current offer of free single or double electric blankets for anyone meeting their criteria. Members emphasised that people should not be asked in public whether they meet the requirements. It was understood that visits will be made to homes.

CS06/07.90 Report from Orbit Housing Association. Mr Atkins reported that reports of anti-social behaviour at East View had become sporadic, possibly attributable in part to current action being taken by the Housing Association regarding tenancies. Quotes to remove the shelter at the kickabout area were being obtained by the Association. Although the Youth Development Service had asked that the roof and posts are kept, all will be removed as had been agreed.

The nuisance being experienced by neighbouring properties, particularly one, continues and, despite valiant efforts by all agencies, there does not appear to be a solution other than Orbit not using the building for a dwelling or the Parish Council changing the use of the kickabout area. Changing the use of the kickabout area, if this were to be possible, would leave the children and young people without a kickabout play area on the Estate. However, it was suggested that this was not essential and a play area could be anywhere up to a quarter of a mile or 15 minutes' walk away. It was noted that most land in the vicinity of East View Terrace belongs to one local landowner and that an unacceptable amount of litter had been thrown into his field near the kickabout area. It was expected that a Report from the Chairman and Clerk would be submitted to the next Council Meeting.

The Clerk reported that the Parish Council's application to Rother District Council for an alcohol disorder zone at the kickabout area had been refused.

Cllr Mrs Glew reported on the East View and Conqueror Terrace Residents' Assocation meeting she had attended the previous evening in the Queen's Head. She had been the only person to be invited from the Council. She had been handed several letters from the youth which would be put before the Parish Council at its next meeting. The meeting had included discussion about use of the School swimming pool during the summer where £1580 was needed to be raised for chemicals and lifeguard cover. The Clerk reported that the Council would be considering a request at its next meeting from the headteacher for financial assistance for this purpose. Members were concerned to hear that the Residents' Association wished to restrict use to children from East View only. It appeared that the Residents' Association had not so far been able to open a bank account but should be able to do so in a fortnight's time. An open meeting was being planned for the Association at the end of May.


CS06/07.91 PC Jayne Cleverley's Crime Reports. The agenda included reports for February and March. Mr Atkins was interested to see that Operation Temptation had been run during the half-term holiday, that Stop Intervention Forms had been completed and some alcohol seized and disposed of. Was any action taken in Sedlescombe? Cllr Dellow would follow up.

CS06/07.92 Crime and Antisocial Behaviour Forum, 31/01/07. Nothing to report. Cllr Dellow planned to attend the next Forum on 02/05/07. One item on the agenda is "Is this meeting achieving its objective?"

CS06/07.93 Police Community Support Officer
93.1 PCSO Report.
None received.
93.2 PCSO Car. Car still not seen in Village. Inspector Keating very keen to retain the car.
93.3 PCSO Surgeries. Depsite our request for more, none have been arranged.
93.4 Meetings with PCSO Crotch. It was agreed with PC Cleverley and Cllr Dellow that monthly meetings of PCSO Crotch and members of the Crime & Safety Committee would be held. Only one so far has been arranged. Cllr Dellow would follow up.
93.5 PCSO Attendance at meetings. It was noted that PCSO Crotch had attended the Annual Parish Assembly, despite it being his day off. However, it was suggested that, as the dates of meetings are announced in good time, arrangements should be made for his days off not to clash with meetings such as the Parish Assembly and Crime & Safety meetings.


Mrs Dellow report that the AGM on 17 April had been very poorly attended with no-one other than four officers present. It had been reported that finances are in good shape. Rather than a newsletter, the AGM annual report and a covering notes would be sent to all co-ordinators. The Committee agreed to:

The Clerk would include these details in Welcome Packs.

CS06/07.95 Reports regarding the Speed Indicator Device, The Chairman thanked Cllr Mrs Glew who had made the arrangements for the campaign and also the twenty trained volunteers involved in March.
95.1 Attendance by PCSOs during the recent Campaign.
The attendance was good and much appreciated. PC Cleverly was thanked. One of the PCSOs from Ticehurst objected because other parishes did not ask for PCSOs to stand by the SID. Unfortunately, our PCSO was only able to attend for 15 minutes before being called away to Rye.

95.2 Results. Cllr Mrs Glew provided results showing a total of 472 vehicles exceeding 35mph over the 20 hour monitoring period. The highest speed recorded was 57mph and the driver slowed to 36mph as he passed SID. Committee members had mixed reactions to the usefulness of the SID Campaigns. It was agreed that the Parish Council should discuss whether further campaigns should be arranged (and insurance of the machine).

When the SID reached the County Council after our use, 2 screws and a pin were missing. One or two screws were already missing when the machine was collected from Udimore (it had been like that when Udimore collected from Winchelsea). The pin had been in the bag when it left Sedlescombe. Graham Beattie had decided not to allow parishes to pass it on from one to another in future because of these problems. Parishes would have to drive to Lewes twice and sign for the machine. All losses would be the responsibility of the parish.

CS06/07.96 Dates of forthcoming meetings. As part of an attempt to streamline meetings, the Clerk had scheduled future meetings of the Crime & Safety Committee every two months. The proposed dates were 2007 - 03/07, 04/09, 06/11 and 2008 15/01, 04/03, 06/05, 01/07, 02/09, 06/11 (members present were not able to attend some of these dates) and amendments would be made and members informed.

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