Please note: before acting as a councillor, all persons elected to Sedlescombe Parish Council must declare their acceptance of acceptance of office and undertake to observe the Code of Conduct of Sedlescombe Parish Council, whatever that may be.


C07/08.1 Annual Business

  1. To elect the Chairman of Sedlescombe Parish Council for the ensuing year and to receive his/her declaration of acceptance of office. If the Chairman is absent, to decide when the declaration shall be received.
  2. To elect the Vice-Chairman of Sedlescombe Parish Council for the ensuing year.
  3. To appoint Planning, Finance and Crime & Safety statutory committees and appoint membership thereof. To agree Terms of Reference in accordance with Handbook.
  4. To appoint working groups and membership thereof. To agree Terms of Reference in accordance with Handbook.
  5. To approve schedule of dates and work in accordance with Handbook.
  6. To consider the payment of any subscriptions falling to be paid annually.
    1. Sussex Association of Local Councils [£338.56 for 2007-8 (29% increase)]
    2. Rother Association of Local Councils [£35 2006-7]
    3. Action in Rural Sussex [£40 2006-7]
    4. Society of Local Council Clerks £120 2007]
    5. Sussex County Playing Fields Association [£15 2006-7]
    6. Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (£27 2006-7]

C07/08.2 Ordinary Business

  1. To receive apologies for absence.
  2. Minutes of the last Meeting. To authorise the Chairman to sign the Minutes of the Emergency Meeting of the Council held on 03/04/07.
  3. Revised Code of Conduct
    1. To consider whether the non-mandatory paragraph 12(2) should be included in the revised Code of Conduct for Sedlescombe parish Council
    2. To adopt the revised Code of Conduct in one of the following ways:
      1. To resolve: That, with immediate effect, Sedlescombe Parish Council adopts the Model Code of Conduct deleting all the non-mandatory provisions for parish/town councils save for paragraph 12(2) which has been included.
      2. To resolve: That, with immediate effect, Sedlescombe Parish Council adopts the Model Code of Conduct deleting all the non-mandatory provisions for parish/town councils.
    3. If 3.2.1 is adopted, to review relevant Standing Orders.
    4. That a copy of the revised adopted Code of Conduct should be displayed on the Noticeboard at Sedlescombe Stores and on the Parish Council's website.
    5. That Sedlescombe Parish Council wishes to be included in a composite notice to be published in May by Rother District Council in local newspapers on bahelf of councils in the District which have adopted the Code.
  4. To remind members to disclose interests as they arise.
  5. To receive notice from members of the public that, at the appropriate time on the agenda, they intend to make representation, to give evidence or answer questions regarding one or more items on this agenda.
  6. To receive and consider reports and minutes of committees and working groups as follows:
    1. Planning Committee, 13/03/07, 03/04/07, 17/04/07, 01/05/07.
    2. Finance Committee, 27/03/07.
    3. Crime & Safety Committee, 01/05/07.
    4. Emergency Planning Working Group, 10/04/07.
    5. Environment Working Group. Verbal rereport from Cllr Dellow.
    6. Pavilion Working Group.
      1. Notes 03/04/07.
      2. Clerk's Briefing Notes on the Pavilion.
  7. Bank Reconciliation at end March and April 2007.
  8. Ratification of payment of April cheques and approval of May cheques - NB Allianz Cornhill cheque held over until agenda item 19.1.3.
  9. Proposal to revert to monthly Council meetings (at request of Cllr Cameron).
  10. Audit of 2006/7 accounts.
  11. Approval of Governance Policy Statement as detailed in Handbook.
  12. Approval of Bank Mandate.
  13. Circulation of documents to councillors (at request of Cllr Mrs Wright).
  14. Training.
  15. NALC Annual Conference & Exhibition 5-7 October 2007 at the Bournemouth International Centre - Clerk has booking forms for the conference and accommodation. Cost £340.75 weekend rate, plus accommodation, conference dinner, travelling.
  16. To receive reports from representatives.
  17. To receive the Clerk's Report.

The remainder of the agenda is produced under the Aims of the Sedlescombe Parish Plan 2002-2007

C07/08.18 AIM 1 To achieve an Informed and Participating Sedlescombe Community.

  1. Welcome Packs.
  2. Matters arising from the 2007 Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting.
  3. Entries for the following competitions: Website of the Year, Newsletter of the Year and Annual Report of the Year.

C07/08.19 AIM 2 To achieve a Safe and Healthy Sedlescombe Community

  1. Speed/traffic calming
    1. Cllr Mrs Wright to give an update on the Conference she attended at Uckfield at 04/04/07.
    2. Council to consider adoption of the draft Sedlescombe speed/traffic calming policy.
    3. Council to consider whether it should support further campaigns in 2007-8 using the speed indicator device borrowed from East Sussex County Council. NB If Council decides "yes", the machine will need to be included in the Council's insurance renewal amount.
  2. Highways
    1. Council to review oustanding matters.
    2. To note work being undertaken by ESCC Parish Maintenance Team in Sedlescombe.
  3. Village Security
    1. Council to consider employment of a PCSO or warden to improve Sedlescombe residents' sense of security using funding offered to the Council.
  4. Recreation
    1. Amalgamated Playground Inspection Reports.
    2. Sedlescombe Public Playing Field and Recreation Ground Trust. Information from Charity Commission.
    3. Dog walking at the sportsfield.
  5. Health
    1. "Creating a NHS for the Future" - public consultation on the future of local NHS services particularly maternity, speciality baby care and gynaecology. There has been a lot of correspondence sent to parish councils regarding the proposals. The following letters are relevant:
      1. Letter dated 01/05/07 from NHS. This letter draws attention to Option 5 being proposed by the Save the DGH and Hands off the Conquest campaign. See website for further details or ask Clerk for copy of booklet on Option 5.
      2. Letter from Rother District Council with the information that the subject is to be included on the agenda of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting to be held at Robertsbridge College on Monday 11/06/07 at 18:30. Details of any questions should be submitted to Rother by Friday 01/06/07.
      3. Newsletter from East Sussex County Council. Views to be submitted to Sam White on 01273 481581 or

C07/08.20 AIM 3 To help provide Amenities and Services in Sedlescombe

  1. Sports
    1. Council to consider request from Sedlescombe Sports Association for the Parish Council to take over financing a new sportsfield pavilion. Clerk's Briefing Note.
  2. School
    1. Council to consider request from Sedlescombe School headteacher for Parish Council to provide financial help towards employment of a lifeguard for the school swimming pool when being used by youth and playgroup during the summer term. Suggestion is to open for a total of 5 hours/week for 10 weeks as follows: two evenings/week for the youth and one morning a week for the playground @ a weekly cost of £75 (£750 in total).
  3. Youth
    1. Council to consider letters from "youth of the Village/East View Terrace".
    2. East View Terrace Kickabout Area. See Clerk's Briefing Note.
    3. Draft Rother Children and Young People's Play Policy and Strategy consultation.
  4. Village Hall
    1. Council to consider retrospective approval of the height barrier etc. at the entrance to the village hall car park.
  5. Footpaths
    1. Easy-walking footpaths. Installation of gates instead of stiles.
    2. Other footpath problems.
    3. New arrangements for maintenance of paths at East Sussex County Council.
  6. Housing
    1. Rother District Council draft Housing Strategy 2007-12 (closing date 30/07/07) DEFER TO JULY MEETING.

C07/08.21 AIM 4 To support Business and Rural Employment in Sedlescombe

  1. Parking problems for local business. A copy letter to East Sussex County Council has been received from Dennis Thomas Builders Ltd. re problems caused by parked cars obstructing the entrance to Pumphouse Yard.
  2. Day workshop on setting up a social enterprise to benefit your community. Cost - free. Venue Heathfield Community Centre TN21 8LD. Date 18/06/07, 1000 to 1600.

C07/08.22 AIM 5 To protect and enhance Sedlescombe's Built and Natural Environment

  1. CPRE Sussex Skills Seminar "The Planning System - How it Works". "Back to Basics" Workshop designed for parish councillors and clerks limited to 2 persons/group. Cost £25 each. Venue Rother Village Hall, North Street, Rotherfield TN6 3LX. Date 17/10/07, 1000 to 1600.
  2. Wildlife gardening leaflet.

P Raymond

Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer, Sedlescombe Parish Council

8 May 2007

01424 870508