PRESENT: Cllr P Martin (Chairman), Cllrs R Dudman, C Wheatley, Cllr Mrs V Wright (Chairman of the Council), Cllr A Rand (Vice-Chairman of the Council). Clerk/RFO - Mrs P Raymond


P07/08.4 APOLOGY FOR ABSENCE. Cllr W Cameron (holiday).

P07/08.5 MINUTES. The Chairman was authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meetings of the Committee held on 01/05/07 and 15/05/07.

P07/08.6 PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. The Chairman invited members of the public to give notice that they wished to make representations, answer questions or give evidence on specific agenda items. The following notice was given:

P07/08.7 MEMBERS' INTERESTS. Members were requested to declare their personal/prejudicial interests in accordance with the Code of Conduct adopted by the Parish Council on 15/05/07. Any Members with prejudicial interests could give notice that, in accordance with para.12(2) of the Code, they wished to make representations, answer questions or give evidence on a specific agenda item and, afterwards, to withdraw from the meeting. None declared.


8.1 RR/2007/282/P. AMENDED PLANS Construction of Pestalozzi Garden including a strawbale classroom including rooflights, storage shed, greenhouse and formation of new vehicular access and pedestrian accesses. Pestalozzi Garden, Pestalozzi International Village, Sedlescombe. According to the Architect's letter, "The main changes to this application are the removal of the vehicular access in the southern edge which formed part of the estate management yard of a subsequent application, along with the revised location of the strawbale classroom, shed and greenhouse. These buildings have now been moved to the northern side of the garden to provide more distance between the proposals and the nearest residential property, as well as concentrating all built forms towards the centre of the site. Formal vehicular access to the garden is not required. However, in the event of deliveries or a disabled user of the garden, we propose to retain a small portion of the existing car park as shown on drawing number 1511/005."

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION - Mr Chapman informed the Committee that he agreed with the amended layout but would like increased evergreen, but not conifer, tree screening along Cottage Lane in order to reduce the problem of glare from the south-facing garden buildings.

The Committee considered the application and it was RESOLVED: That the Parish Council supports the amended plan but would request that additional evergreen, but not conifer, trees are planted along the boundary of Cottage Lane to reduce the problem of glare from the garden buildings, especially during the winter.

8.2 RR/2007/397/P AMENDED PLANS Part demolition of existing and construction of replacement buildings including improved conference, dining, administration and education facilities, accommodation including roof lights and associated works including parking and alteration to an existing access. Pestalozzi International Village, Sedlescombe. According to the Architect's letter, "These plans address two amendments to the application. The first of these is the landscape levels being adjusted to the area between the proposed car park and South Lodge. This has been given careful consideration, especially the views from South Lodge including their extension."

"The second change is the estate management yard and building being moved to the site of the former Inspiration House. The yard is located alongside the existing mature trees on the site of Inspiration House, and screened by a new orchard west of the building. Some of the activities within the building have been relocated to minimise the area of the yard. The refuse collection will be consolidated in the kitchen yard rather than providing duplicate facilities in the estate management area. To clarify, therefore, the estate management yard and building are now therefore not located at the south entrance of the site and have been moved to the former site (with a planning permission still valid) of Inspiration House."

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION - Mr Heap informed the Committee that the proposed bank between the car park and South Lodge raised to 2 metres would not only be an eyesore from his property but could create drainage problems. Mr and Mrs Heap would rather see a planting scheme to screen the car parking area.

In accordance with the Parish Council's Planning Code of Good Practice, Cllr Rand reported that he had, at the invitation of the residents living close to the site, inspected the proposed car park site and spoken with the residents.

Members discussed the application and it was RESOLVED: That the Parish Council supports the amendment, apart from the proposal to screen the car park from the view of South Lodge by building a 2 metre mound. A mound in this position would be unsightly and could create drainage problems for the neighbour. The Parish Council continues to oppose the provision of a car park in this position. It should be noted that the plan does not show the large extension to South Lodge which brings this property much closer to the proposed car park than it appears on the plan. The Parish Council requests that the car park is repositioned on the site of Swiss Hall (due to be demolished) with its longer edge parallel with the internal road and that as much as possible of the existing Trogen Centre car park opposite, mentioned in the Architect's RR/2007/282/P letter of 18 May, is retained. It is suggested that this would be a much cheaper option than the current proposal.

P07/08.9 PLANNING RESULTS. Members were provided with a copy of the planning list showing recent results. A full list is available online.

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