(Parish Council Terms of Reference for the Group -

To work with members of the Sedlescombe Sports Association to replace the dilapidated pavilion at the sportsfield)



From Parish Council - Cllr V Wright (Chairman of the Parish Council), Cllr A Rand (Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council), Cllr P Martin, Cllr R Dudman, Mrs P Raymond (Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer)

From Sports Association - J Cornford (Chairman & Sedlescombe Cricket Club), J Mitchell (Secretary), B White, P White, A Davey (Senior Football), K Doswell (Archery), D Mitchell (Junior Football and Groundsman)


SP07/08.1 Chairman. RESOLVED: That Cllr Rand be Chairman of the Working Group for the ensuing year.

SP07/08.2 Introductions. Introductions were given.

SP07/08.3 Parish Council Involvement. The Sports Association was informed that the Parish Council has agreed to work on a project to provide a pavilion at the sportsfield and that a series of resolutions were passed by the Parish Council at its meeting on 10/07/07.

SP07/08.4 Aims and Objectives. The Working Group noted that the Aims and Objectives of the Council will be as follows:

To build a replacment pavilion at Sedlescombe Sportsfield to encourage participation in sport by people of all ages and abilities and which will also be suitable for occasional public/village use.

Members of the Sports Association did not object to the idea of occasional public/village use.

SP07/08.5 Personnel. The Working Group noted that Cllr Rand has been appointed Project Manager by the Parish Council and that members of the Project Team and other appointments will be at the discretion of Cllr Rand and Cllr Wright.

SP07/08.6 Scope of the Project

  1. Provision of a portakabin. The Group supported the Parish Council's agreement to undertake the alternative portakabin accommodation project starting as soon as possible with the aim of installing a portakabin next to the old pavilion by the end of August 2007. It should be suitable for use for two football seasons. This is essential otherwise the Football Club will not be allowed to play League matches at the field this season starting at the beginning of September. Bryan White confirmed that a portakabin with a separate room for the referee and water will be acceptable to the East Sussex League. As long as the old pavilion is in place, the existing toilets can be used but as soon as the building project starts, alternative toilets will be needed, possibly in the form of portaloos, if toilets are not provided in the portakabin. On completion of the building project, proceeds from the sale of the portakabin will be used to reimburse the Parish Council. It was noted that the old pavilion has been vandalised further and is now in an even worse state of repair with doors off their hinges and another window smashed. Because of the urgency of the situation, it was suggested that an application should be made to Rother District Council for grant aid. Cllr Rand will carry out further research into provision of a portakabin and a site meeting will be held on Wednesday 18 July.
  2. Remainder of the project. Subject to funding, the Parish Council will undertake the building project to include demolition of the existing buildings, piling, construction of a new pavilion, completion of the new entrance and closure of the entrance by the bridge. The project is expected to start in April 2008, or when funding has been obtained. Completion will be achieved as soon as possible but, realistically, this may not be until the middle of June 2009. The Council had noted that it may also be necessary to include ground and pavilion surveys, depending on whether Football Foundation grant aid is to be sought.

Cllr Rand reported that last week he went with John Noonan to the Football Foundation workshop at Lancing. At the meeting, Anthony and John had been told that the existing plans for the pavilion are altogether not acceptable. This appeared to be contrary to a letter received by Jenny Mitchell from the Foundation's technical department in which they asked for three minor adjustments only to be made to the plans. The Working Group accepted obtaining a Football Foundation grant appeared extremely difficult and laborious, with ever-changing requirements and that grassroots junior football is not being well supported by the Foundation. It was, therefore, decided that the Football Foundation route would not be pursued but that other grant aid would be sought for a pavilion in accordance with the latest plans to be passed by Rother District Council. All representatives agreed that a pavilion to the proposed design would be acceptable to their clubs. Nothing will be done about a grounds' survey until the pavilion project is complete.

SP07/08.7 Financing the Project.

  1. It was noted that the Parish Council intends to keep the cost to the Sedlescombe Council Taxpayers as low as possible by applying for grant aid and obtaining funds from any available sources. Funding sources are currently being identified and its is planned that applications will be submitted by the Parish Council at least by the end of September 2007.
  2. It was noted that the Parish Council suggests that the Sports Association match funds the amount raised from Parish Council Tax. Currently the amount approved by the Council is £19,465. Representatives were asked to try to raise the necessary funds within two years. A casino night is planned for 28/09/07 and other ideas are in hand. Dave Mitchell, Groundsman, commented that all monies raised by the Sports Association are currently being put into the pavilion and nothing into the field itself.

SP07/08.8 Future of the new pavilion.

  1. It was noted and agreed that, on completion of the pavilion and associated work, the new pavilion will be handed over to the Sports Association for its running and maintenance in accordance with the Parish Council/Sports Association Lease dated 01/08/2005. No rent will be charged by the Parish Council and this will enable the Council to reclaim VAT on the building project.
  2. The Sports Association was asked to provide the Council, as soon as possible with a report showing how the future running/maintenance of the new pavilion is to be funded.

SP07/08.9 Any other pavilion business.

  1. The Group discussed the appearance of the proposed pavilion. The Chairman of the Sports Association expected the "weatherboard" to be plastic. The Group agreed that the appearance of the proposed pavilion is important.
  2. Councillors dealing with the funding should in the first instance contact Mrs Raymond for details.

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