PRESENT: Cllr R Dellow (Chairman of the Committee), Cllrs V Wright (Chairman of the Council), Cllr Wheatley, Cllr Irwin (part), Mrs J Dellow, Mrs S Martin (co-opted members).

Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer - Mrs P Raymond

Also present for part of the meeting - PCSOs Peter Crotch and Tina Grevett. No members of the public present.


CS07/08.5 Opportunity for Public and Prejudiced Parish Councillors to speak. None present.

CS07/08.6 Apologies for absence. Cllr Glew and Mr R Glew (holiday).

CS07/08.7 Minutes. The Chairman was authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meetings of the Committee held on 01/05/07 and 15/05/07.

CS07/08.8 Members' declarations in accordance with the Code of Conduct 2007. None declared.

CS07/08.9 Matters arising from previous Minutes

9.1 Meeting with Inspector Keating. It was reported that, on 02/05/07, Cllrs Wright and Dellow and Mrs Raymond had had a brief meeting with Inspector Keating. The aim was to clarify some points with regard to extra policing. The options under discussion have been around for some time and are the possibility of a Special Constable, a Warden or an additional PCSO.

9.2 Special Constable request. The Parish Council had agreed that an advert be placed by the police for a Special Constable to be deployed in the Village. As far as the Council is aware, over the last year or more, this has not happened.

9.3 Proposed electric blanket testing. Because of the lack of availability of the Village Hall for the date required, testing will not take in Sedlescombe but at Northiam instead. "In Touch", formerly Moat Care & Repair, are offering free electric blankets to people on low incomes, subject to certain conditions. The offer was advertised in the recent Parish Council Bulletin. Two referrals have been made via NHW.

9.4 East View Kickabout Area. Members of the Parish Council and NHW members have received a number of e-mails over a long period from an East View resident complaining about noise, disturbance and anti-social behaviour at the Kickabout Area. The complainant has recently agreed that there is currently less noise than before. The youth shelter has been removed by Orbit Housing Association.

9.5 East View Terrace Residents' Association. Nothing has been heard of the Association recently. The Chairman of the Association is expected to be moving away soon. PCSO Crotch, together with Craig Atkins of Orbit, are trying to get the Association up and running. This is particularly important regarding the Scout Hut where the Youth Development Service is trying to find a group to take on the ownership so that young people can use it. The PCSOs are to do a leaflet drop at East View about the Residents' Association.

9.6 Operation Temptation in Sedlescombe. Neighbourhood Specialist teams and other officers will be working on this initiative to address anti-social behaviour over the school holidays including weekends. This will be a car patrol directed to "hotspots" of anti-social behaviour manned by a PC and a PCSO or 2 PCs. It was very successful last year.

PCSO Grevett reported that the PCSOs are having to cover Camber as well as their other duties.

9.7 SID Campaigns. It was reported that the Parish Council has decided not to undertake further SID Campaigns this year.

9.8 Amendments to dates of forthcoming meetings. As recorded at meeting on 15 May. Dates also available on the website.

9.9 Proposed letter to County Cllr Jones. No action to date. To await outcome of negotiation with Inspector Keating concerning the possibility of financing an additional PCSO.

10. Police Community Support Officer

10.1 PCSO Report. PCSO Peter Crotch reported that there had been a van break with tools stolen from Park Shaw overnight along with others in Robertsbridge and Kent Street. There had been no leads into who had painted white lettering on the surface of Hawkhurst Road about six weeks ago. The Clerk reported she had seen a man trying to remove mauve paint from under his car at the time mauve paint had appeared on the road surface of The Green. Although Peter had been on holiday in June/July, other PCSOs had carried out high visibility patrols. PCSO Grevett has passed her Police Driving Test and she now tries to visit Sedlescombe in the car every day. Unfortunately, the car is not well marked. Although crime in Sedlescombe has been low over the past few months, there were two thefts from unattended vehicles in Hurst Lane and at the Golf Club last month. The person thought to be a bogus EDF official had turned out to be a genuine sub-contractor working for EDF. Evening patrols continue with special attention being paid to the Riverside playground where there has recently been some expensive vandalism with damage being done to the metal gate and the Orbiter roundabout. Anyone in the playground after dark will be stopped and checked.

10.2 PCSO Car. Cllr Wright reported that SLM had not been happy with the current arrangements because the car was not being seen in and around Sedlescombe.

10.3 PCSO surgeries. One surgery was held earlier in the year and another at the June Fayre. The latter, with the CCTV van, was successful. It was unfortunate that the NHW was not informed about this attendance as they could have helped if they had known about it.

10.4 Meetings with PCSO Crotch. The Chairman reported that, at the meeting he had had in January with PC Cleverley and PCSO Crotch (details given to new members), it had been agreed that each month PCSO Crotch and one member of the Crime & Safety Committee should stroll around the Village together. This had happened in February but not since. It appeared there had been a misunderstanding about who should arrange these meetings. Cllr Dellow said it was better for PCSO Crotch to arrange because of his shift working.

10.5 PCSO attendance at meetings. PCSO Crotch was asked to ensure that he sent an apology if he or a deputy could not attend a 2-monthly crime and safety committee meeting.

10.6 PCSO Benefactor. The Parish Council, at its meeting held on 10/07/07, had agreed that further discussions should take place with Inspector Keating on this matter. No decisions had been made on whether an additional PCSO/part PCSO should be employed in Sedlescombe, partly-funded by the Council.

11. Neighbourhood Watch Report. Mrs Dellow reported that it had been a fairly quiet period. A shed break-in was reported from East View Terrace, the people concerned were visited by the crime prevention officer and shed alarms supplied. Motorbike nuisance had been reported from EVT and one of the riders sustained a minor injury. The bike had been held for further investigation. A report had been received that youngsters on motorbikes were meeting the School bus and taking children home on the pillions without crash helmets. A report had been made that the Youth Development Service had allowed motorcycling to take place at the Kickabout Area. The YDS had denied this but had said they had been in the area when a bike arrived and they asked the rider to leave, which he did. Home security visits so far 169, referral to East Sussex Fire & Rescue for home fire safety checks about 35, help with Lifeline 8, referrals to In Touch for free electric blankets 2.

12. Crime Prevention Officer. Sarah O'Shaugnessy had left and her duties have been taken over by Lee Harris who now covers Hastings and Rother.

13. Police Reports, April to June 2007. Reports available online on the crime and safety agenda, 17/07/07, website

14. Use of motorbikes. See NHW report above.

15. Riverside Playground Damage. Reported at 10.1 above.

16. Date of next meeting. 18/09/07.

Chairman............................................. Date.