PRESENT: Cllr P Glew (Chairman of the Committee), Cllrs M Irwin, R Dellow, P Martin, Cllr V Wright (Chairman of the Council)

Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer: Mrs P Raymond


F07/08.4 No public present and no prejudiced members.

F07/08.5 Apology for absence was received from Cllr A Rand (working).

F07/08.6 Minutes. The Chairman was authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Committee held on 26/06/07.

F07/08.7 Declaration of Interests. None declared.

F07/08.8 Transfers between funds. RESOLVED: That the following movements between funds in accordance with the budget are approved:

  1. £1020 from General Funds to Clerk's Gratuity Fund to make £26,520.
  2. £725 from General Funds to Tennis Courts Fund to make £5,000.

F07/08.9 Sportsfield Fund. Members received current details.

F07/08.10 Opening of new accounts. RESOLVED: That the following accounts are opened:

  1. Bank of Scotland Community Guaranteed 1-year Fixed Deposit Account (current interest rate 6.21%) for the Clerk's Gratuity Fund.
  2. Barclays Bank Everyday Saver Account (current interest rate 3.35%) for the Sportsfield Fund - the Clerk/RFO had opened this account (no deposit required or made).

F07/08.11 Transfer between accounts. RESOLVED: That the following transfers are made:

  1. £3,000 from West Bromwich BS to Barclays Current Account in September for normal running expenses.
  2. 30-day notice to Alliance and Leicester as soon as possible to transfer £28,700 to Barclays Community Account (letter signed by Cllrs Wright, Irwin and Dellow).
  3. Deposit £26,520 into the new Bank of Scotland Account for the Clerk's Gratuity Fund at the beginning of October (after half precept has been received from Rother DC).
  4. Deposit £16,735 (amount to be adjusted to take account of portacabin fitting out expenses) in Barclays Everyday Saver Deposit Account for Sportsfield Fund at the beginning of October.

By moving the funds around and opening the two new accounts, the Council should avoid any one account exceeding £35,000 which is the total amount that can be compensated under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme if a bank or building society collapses. If the maximum of £35,000 is held, payments under the scheme are limited to 100% of the first £2,000 and 90% of the next £33,000. The maximum payments to any one depositor would be £31,700 (a maximum loss of £3,300).

F07/08.12 Pavilion Update. Meetings of two working groups - 1) Pavilion 16/07/07 and 2) Pavilion Funding 14/08/07 had been held. Members had received copies of the notes of the meetings. RESOLVED: That the actions reported in the notes of the meetings of the working groups on 16/07/07 and 14/08/07 are approved.

The portacabin had been delivered to the sportsfield on 16/08/07 and paid for by Fleetmark Services Ltd. who had also purchased materials from Stamco (at reduced cost) for fitting out the portacabin for sportsfield use.

RESOLVED: That the Council purchases the portacabin from Fleetmark Services Ltd. and reimburses the cost of delivery - total cost £3,207.75, including VAT. [From Parish Council Sportsfield Fund]

RESOLVED: That the Council reimburses Fleetmark Services Ltd. for the cost of materials for the interior of the portacabin purchased to date and authorises further purchases of materials as required. [From Parish Council Sportsfield Fund]

RESOLVED: That the Council authorises connection of services to the portacabin. [Cost from Parish Council Sportsfield Fund]

RESOLVED: That the Council approves property damage insurance cover of £2,000 arranged with Allianz Insurance plc at the cost of £54.25 for the remainder of the year ending 31/05/08. [From Parish Council Sportsfield Fund]

Two quotations for a pitch survey had been received. In answer to Cllr Irwin's question regarding why a County Council or District Council surveyor could not undertake the pitch survey, the Clerk/RFO replied that Total Turf Solutions and Agrostis had been recommended by the Football Foundation who would contribute towards their employment.

RESOLVED: That either the quotation for a pitch survey received from Total Turf Solutions or from Agrostis, depending on Football Foundation advice, is approved if the Football Foundation insists that this is carried out.

Cllr Rand had reported that he has an appointment with Andrew Gerken (Architectural Technician) tomorrow to discuss alteration of the plans to meet the requirements of the Football Foundation.

The Committee noted that the Pavilion Work Schedule will slip behind as the Football Foundation application will not be submitted by the beginning of September because of outstanding matters [Pitch survey, Plans, Accounts and any other matters raised by Stuart Lamb of the Football Foundation].

F07/08.13 Funding Applications. It had been agreed by the Council that applications for funding should be approved by the Council/Finance Committee before submission to the relevant body. The Funding Group had been investigating funding opportunities as summarised below.

Funder Position Applications etc. approved
by Finance Committee
Football Foundation Pre-application report submitted on 15/08/07 [PR] £142,500 (75%)
Rother District Council Community Grant Application already submitted to meet deadlines [PR] £5,000 (retrospective approval)
Sussex Police Awaiting PC Jayne Cleverley [RD] £500
Battle Partnership Form obtained [PR] £2,000 (maximum grant)
Henry Moore Foundation, Charles Hayward and Goldschmied Letters sent by RD to find out whether appropriate As applicable
Reaching Communities Lottery Fund Pre-application form submitted. Initially refused and re-submitted [VW] £50,000 (maximum grant)
Local Action Plan Grant Form completed by VW £2,000 (maximum grant)
SportEngland Registered [VW] Hold unless other applications fail
Other charities RD sent letters to about 25 charities and is awaiting replies. He will research the "David Beckham Charity" and the "Lord Lieutenant's Charity" As applicable
Landfill Community Fund Application up to £50,000 could be made by a body registered with ENTRUST (not the Parish Council) [RWD] Hold unless other applications fail
Fund-raising RD arranging various - see Pavilion Funding Working Group notes To Sedlescombe Societies Association after Fayre on Green on 22/09/07. [RD]

Arrange rolling programme of fund-raising over the next year [RD]

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