PRESENT: Cllr P Martin (Chairman of the Committee), Cllrs Wheatley, Dudman and Cameron. Clerk/RFO: Mrs P Raymond. No public present.


P07/08.35 Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Wright (holiday) and Cllr Rand (working).

P07/08.36 Minutes. The Chairman was authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Committee held on 24/07/07.

P07/08.37 Interests. Members were invited to declare their personal and personal/prejudicial interests in accordance with the Code of Conduct adopted by the Parish Council on 15/05/07. None declared.

P07/08.38 Matters arising from the Minutes. None.

P07/08.39 Planning Training. The Clerk and Cllr Glew had attended the Rother Planning Seminar in July and had found it very useful. The Clerk had obtained a copy of the Chief Planning Officer's presentation. RESOLVED: That Cllrs Martin, Wheatley and Cameron would be shown the Planning Powerpoint Presentation at Woodland Cottage on Tuesday 25 September at 20:00. Cllr Dudman to be sent a copy for his own perusal.

P07/08.40 Planning Applications

40.1 RR/2007/1901/P Sedlescombe Village Hall. Erection of height barrier and gate to restrict vehicular access to village hall car park. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council supports approval of this application.

40.2 RR/2007/2169/P 1 Gorselands, Sedlescombe. Proposed first floor extension. Cllr Cameron reported on his inspection. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council supports approval of this application. The pink planning notice was not in place.

40.3 RR/2007/2254/P Marley Lane Business Park - Plot adjoining Block B, Marley Lane, Sedlescombe. Proposed detached office building replacing matching floorspace granted under planning permission RR/2005/2847/P (NB this is the incorrect number - should be RR/2006/3234/P. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council supports approval of this application but insists that the proposed tree planting is carried out this planting season.

40.4 RR/2007/2331/FN Lower Jacobs Farm, Brede Lane, Sedlescombe. Erection of barn for storage of organic hay and straw and farm machinery. This is a farm notification and for information only. The Committee looked at the plan and noted the position and size of the proposed barn. No problems envisaged.

40.5 RR/2007/2199/P Park View, The Street, Sedlescombe. Demolition of Park View and outbuildings and erection of four dwellings and garage building with provision of six parking spaces. This planning application, in its entirety, will be considered by the Parish Council Planning Committee on 11/09/07.

The Committee was asked to consider the implications of the County Council's requirement for improvements to the bus stop. Members were provided with a copy of the Clerk's briefing note on the bus shelter outside Pollards, the replacement of which the County Council had confirmed would be part of what was required of the developer, along with lowering the kerb. It was expected that the Agent for the developer would attend next Tuesday's Open Forum. The Council intended to use this opportunity to inform the developer through his Agent of the Parish Council's wishes concerning replacement of the bus shelter. The Clerk's proposal as listed at paragraph 11 in the briefing note was amended with the recommendation agreed as follows:

To remove existing bus shelter and replace with a Littlethorpe wooden shelter. The shelter named "Rettendon" is the Council's preferred option (size 2.48mx1.28m, roof size 3.1mx1.6m) with toughened glass panels in the two ends, a bench seat, a flag bracket to take the bus stop plate, a metal display case for the timetables, a litter bin and a permanent "No Smoking in this shelter" sign affixed to the shelter or incorporated into the display case. No lighting will be required.

P07/08.41 10 Park Shaw, Sedlescombe. Erection of fence. The erection of a new fence, at 10 Park Shaw had been reported to the Enforcement Officer.

P07/08.42 Appeals. None.

P07/08.43 Planning results.

RR/2007/1840/P Tresco Hurst Lane, Sedlescombe Alterations and building works to an outbuilding of single storey timber construction (retrospective) Planning permission granted by Rother DC
RR/2007/1745/P The Haven, Sandrock Hill, Sedlescombe Formation of vehicular access for off-road parking Planning permission refused by Rother DC (would introduce hazards on B2244 by slowing, stopping, turning and reversing traffic

P07/08.44 Regional Spatial Strategy for the South East (The South East Plan). The Panel Report has now been published. A CD format copy has been received and the Report can also be seen on the GOSE website. It is, however, for information only and representations are not invited on its recommendations.

The next stage is for the Secretary of State to consider the Report, along with all the representations previously submitted. Towards the end of the year, it is expected that the proposed changes will be published to be followed by a 12-week consultation period. Autumn 2008 is expected to be the date for final publication of the Regional Spatial Strategy.

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