PRESENT: Cllr P Martin (Chairman of the Committee), Cllrs C Wheatley, W Cameron, R Dudman, Cllrs V Wright (Chairman of the Council). Clerk: Mrs P Raymond


P07/08.45 Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Rand (away).

P07/08.46 Interests. Members were invited to declare the existence and nature of any interests on the agenda in accordance with the Code of Conduct adopted on 15/05/07. None declared.

P07/08.47 Public participation. No members of the public present.

P07/08.48 Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Committee authorises the Chairman to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Committee held on 04/09/07.

P07/08.49 Planning Applications

49.1 RR/2007/2335/P 2 Coach House Cottages, Hurst Lane, Sedlescombe. Erection of conservatory to rear of property. Cllr Martin reported on his inspection. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council supports approval of the application.

49.2 RR/2007/2199/P Park View, The Street, Sedlescombe. Demolition of Park View and outbuildings and erection of four detached dwellings and four bay garage building with provision of six parking spaces

Members were provided with the following information:

  1. Application RR/2004/3642/O submitted in outline was refused by Rother District Council because of the substandard width and visibility of the access road at its junction with the B2244 (only reason).
  2. It was allowed on appeal. The Inspector considered the central matter was the last lawful use of the appeal site which was a mixed use as a commercial coach depot and residential. He decided that, lawfully, the commercial depot could restart at any time and, if it did, the lawful use of the site could lead to grater potential to harm highway safety along the driveway and to damage the adjoining buildings than the proposed dwellings. He considered the visibility at the access to be satisfactory in both directions.
  3. The Inspector stated that the design of the buildings would need to be carefully controlled.
  4. In the absence of any objection from the Environment Agency, no flooding problems were envisaged.
  5. The Inspector stated it appeared to him that the development would not impinge on the access of any residents to their garages.

Mr Peter Scott, Agent for the developer, had attended the earlier Open Forum and had given the Council a brief outline of the proposals. He had said that Rother was broadly in favour of the scheme, that appropriate materials had been chosen, that the properties would be designed to ensure no overlooking of Tanyard Cottages or Kester House and that, although some trees would have to be lost in the development, other trees would be planted. Mr Scott had been informed that the Parish Council wished to be involved with the design of the replacement bus shelter.

Owners of neighbouring properties had written to Rother objecting to the development and their objections were considered by the Committee.

The Clerk provided photographs, both current and historical, to help with the Committee's considerations. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council should submit the following comments to Rother District Council:

P07/08.50 Appeals. None.

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