Consideration was given to the report of the Director of Services on Marley Lane, Road Junction Improvement.  Minute CB30/07/07 had authorised officers to work in partnership with the Highways Agency and East Sussex County Council in the implementation of a road junction improvement scheme at Marley Lane to stimulate economic activity in the locality and promote/improve the economic well-being of the area.

The Highways Agency had now approved the design that would allow the junction improvements to proceed without requiring additional land. The redevelopment of the commercial sites at Marley Lane was one of the Council’s Executive Priorities and this project was an important step that enabled development to take place.

A budget of £400,000 had been secured in principle out of which £250,000 would come from SEEDA through the East Sussex Area Investment Framework (AIF).  The project had received stage 1 approval and had been passed by SEEDA’s Project Advisory Board.  The AIF funding was time limited to the current financial year and therefore must be committed by the end of March 2008.  A further £150,000 had been committed in principle from the private sector contributors.

 A budget estimate of £755,000 had been received that exceeded the estimated budget previously placed against the project.  This left a funding shortfall of £355,000.  Members considered securing further estimates and potentially appointing an alternative lead agent to proceed with the project.

RECOMMENDED: That the sum of £755,000 to be incorporated within the Council’s Capital Programme, of which a minimum of £550,000 will be funded by the East Sussex Area Investment Framework and private sector partners.

                     RESOLVED: That:

  1. the Director of Services be authorised to enter into the necessary agreements with the Highways Agency and the private sector partners to implement and fund the road junction improvement scheme, this will include consideration of alternative lead agents; and

  2. the costs to be met from AIF (£400,000), from the private sector (£150,000) with the residual costs being shared between the District Council and other agencies, with the Council’s element being funded from the receipts anticipated from the Blackfriars development.


(The Appendices to this report were considered exempt from publication by virtue of 3 of Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972).

(Councillor C.R. Maynard declared a personal interest in this matter in so far as he is an elected Member of East Sussex County Council and in accordance with the Members’ Code of Conduct remained in the room during consideration thereof.)