Members present

Councillor Martin (Chairman), Councillors Cameron, Wheatley

Councillor Rand (Vice-Chairman of the Council)


Clerk/RFO present


Mrs P Raymond


Tuesday 12 February 19:30 to 20:05


Sedlescombe Village Hall, Committee Room 2







Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Wright (holiday). 



Declarations of existence and nature of councillors’ interests, whether personal or personal/prejudicial, with regard to items on the agenda.   NONE



Public participation session, at the discretion of the Chairman, with respect to items on the agenda.  NO PUBLIC PRESENT



Minutes.  RESOLVED:  That the Chairman of the Committee is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Committee held on 29/01/08.



Planning Applications


RR/2008/113/P Park View – land adj. The Street, Sedlescombe.  Temporary haul road to access site approved under RR/2007/2199/P including diversion of footpath.

Cllr Martin reported on his inspection.

RESOLVED:  That the Parish Council objects to this proposal for the following reasons:

1. Although the Parish Council remains opposed to the access between Kester House and Tanyard  Cottages, development of the Park View site, including the access, has been established by a Planning Inspector (RR/2004/3642/P).


2. The Parish Council agrees with the County Archaeologist who has stated that construction of a haul road could cause destruction of highly fragile and vulnerable archaeological remains which would be contrary to PPG16.


3. The Parish Council agrees with the Planning Inspector (RR/2003/1617/P) who stated that construction of a road would harmfully alter the character of that end of the Village in the AONB and would spoil the Village's landscape setting.  In this case, it would be at least temporarily but at worst in the long-term as the Parish Council is concerned that if the temporary road is allowed, there will be pressure for it to become a permanent feature.


4. The Inspector also stated that a road would spoil countryside views from the B2244 and would be harmful to the character and appearance of the Conservation Area.


5. Construction of the road would necessitate unnecessary diversion of a public right of way.


6. The Brede Valley Site of Special Nature Conservation Interest should be given special protection.



RR/2008/114/P Bulmer Lodge, The Green, Sedlescombe.  Revised proposals for the erection of detached dwelling with provision of two parking spaces previously approved under RR.2007/644.P.

Cllr Cameron reported on his inspection. RESOLVED:  That the Parish Council supports this proposal.



RR/2008/195/P R N French Building, The Street, Sedlescombe.  Demolition of existing workshop/storage building and erection of a terrace of four cottages with communal parking.

Cllr Wheatley reported on her inspection.

RESOLVED:  That the Parish Council objects to this proposal for the following reasons:

1. This appears to be an over-intensive development of the site.


2. The height of the proposed properties could make them appear over-dominant on rising ground and could unreasonably harm the amenities of adjoining properties contrary to Policy GD1 ii). 


3. There is concern that existing facilities at the local primary school and at the Doctors' surgery may not be able to assimilate four extra families which would be contrary to Policy GD1 (ix) and GD2 and could encourage additional travelling.


4. The Parish Council is not aware that the commercial potential of the site has been thoroughly investigated and the proposed loss of buildings that could provide local employment is of concern.


5. The visibility when leaving the site is poor to the north.  It is made worse by parking that takes place on the B2244 opposite the entrance which forces vehicles turning right out of the site to travel blind on the wrong side of the carriageway.



Appeals.  NONE





RR/2007/3532/P The Queen's Head, The Green, Sedlescombe

Erection of smoking shelter (Retrospective Application)



RR/2007/3391/P Candles, Swailes Green

Demolition of glazed extension/porch construction and kitchen extension7CONDITIONAL PLANNING PERMISSION GRANTED BY ROTHER DISTRICT COUNCIL