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District Councillor Ganly is unable to attend because of Ewhurst & Staplecross Parish Assembly
County Councillor Jones is unable to attend because of Ewhurst & Staplecross Parish Assembly
Members of the public will be allowed to speak on matters on the agenda only - see agenda item below

  Annual Business
C08/09.1 Election of Chairman for the ensuing year and Declaration of Acceptance of Office.
C08/09.2 Election of Vice-Chairman for the ensuing year.
C08/09.3 Committees. To resolve that two executive committees are constituted for the 2008/9 year, ie Planning and Finance, together with a Crime & Safety Advisory Committee. To agree membership of the committees. (See attached)
C08/09.4 Working Groups. To defer consideration of working groups until after 01/07/08.
C08/09.5 Representatives. To resolve that the Council should be represented as follows:

Sports Association. Position vacant.
Rother Association of Local Councils (2).
Village Hall Trustee.
Environment Officer.
Tree Warden
Neighbourhood Watch.

C08/09.6 Schedule of dates and work. To resolve that the Schedule of Dates and Work is approved for the forthcoming year.
C08/09.7 Subscriptions. To resolve that the following subscriptions should be paid as they fall due:

Sussex Association of Local Councils
Rother Association of Local Councils
Action in Rural Sussex
Society of Local Council Clerks
Sussex County Playing Fields Association
Campaign for the Protection of Rural England.

  Ordinary Business
C08/09.8 To receive apologies and reasons for absence.
C08/09.9 Interests. Declarations of existence and nature of councillor's interests, whether personal or personal/prejudicial, with regard to items on the agenda. Members are reminded to repeat the declarations when the items are announced by the Chairman.

At this point, prejudiced members may make representation, answer questions or give evidence to the Council on agenda items after which they must leave the room if members of the public want to speak on the same subject.

C08/09.10 Public participation session. At the Chairman's discretion, members of the public will be allowed to make representation, answer questions or give evidence with regard to items on the agenda. Please note that names will be recorded and representations etc. minuted.
C08/09.11Link to Minutes of 11/03/08
Minutes. To Resolve: That the Chairman of the Council is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 11/03/08.
C08/09.12 Minutes of Meetings of Committees and Working Groups
Link to Planning Committee, 11/03/08
Planning Committee. To resolve that the Minutes of the Meetings of the Planning Committee held on 11/03/08 and 15/04/08 are received.
Link to Finance Committee Meeting 25/03/08
Finance Committee. To resolve that the Minutes of the Meetings of the Finance Committee held on 25/03/08 are received.
C08/09.13 Sedlescombe Playing Field and Recreation Ground Trust. To resolve: That, the Parish Council is willing to continue to be responsible for management, maintenance and insurance of the Sedlescombe Playing Field and Recreation Ground Trust property in its statutory capacity under the terms of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 section 19 and that this work will be funded entirely from the precept.
C08/09.14 Reports from representatives
14.1 Rother Association of Local Councils and Parish Conference.
14.2 Village Hall Trust.
14.3 Tree Warden.
14.4 Environment Officer.
Link to March 2008 noticeboard
Link to April 2008 noticeboard

Clerk's Report - please see noticeboards on Parish Council website (copies distributed to members)

To note that Trevor Elliott, District Secretary of Rother District Council is to retire in early June 2008.

C08/09.15 Replacement Trustees for Village Hall Car Park and Sportsfield. To receive the Clerk's Report.
C08/09.16 Finance.
16.1 Bank reconciliations. To resolve that the amended bank reconciliation at the end of February 2008 and the bank reconciliations at the end of March 2008 and April 2008 are received.
April 2008 cheque listMay 2008 cheque list
Cheques. To resolve that the payment of April 2008 cheques is ratified and payment of May 2008 cheques is approved.
16.3 Audit of 2007/08 accounts. To note that Valerie Bennett has attended the SALC Internal Audit training day and that matters arising from it will be considered by the Finance Committee at its next meeting. To resolve that the Chairman is authorised to sign the Statement of Accounts (page 2 of the Audit Form) and Annual Governance Statement (page 3 of the Audit Form).
16.4 Cost of By-Elections. To note that new legislation was brought in last year requiring electors with a post vote to complete a personal identifier within the postal vote "mailer" which, when returned, is scanned and checked against their original application. This has increased the cost of dealing with postal votes, which are more popular than ever. Extended polling hours and new postal rates have increased costs further. Rother has informed the Council that, in future, a stand alone by-election for a parish council will cost between £1,600 and £2,000.
16.5 Proposed Parish and Town Rother District Council Grant Support Scheme. To consider proposed changes to RDC's grant scheme. Currently there are two grant schemes: 1) Maximum of £5,000 for community capital projects and 2) Maximum of £50,000 for Village Hall & Community Centres.

Rother proposes to merge the two schemes in a new programme with total annual funding for the District of £65,000. The following is proposed:

Year 1: RDC to match the local Parish/Town Council contribution to capital costs. Maximum grant £25,000.
Years 2 & 3: RDC to match the local Parish/Town Council contribution to annual running costs. Maximum grants of £5,000 for each year.

It will not be essential for schemes to be included in Local Action Plans although, if they are, local support will have been demonstrated.

There is a list of grant criteria which applications will have to meet.

Schemes to be assessed by panel of RDC officers with support and advice from Action in Rural Sussex. Final decision to be made by Rother's Cabinet.

Comments on the proposed scheme to Rother by 06/06/08.  




  • To consider future training needs (see attached Schedule and Programme for Training by Three Counties Training).
  • To approve attendance at Chairman's Course on Tuesday 10 June 2008 at Leeford Place, Whatlington. Course Fee £60 each.
C08/09.18 Aim 1 To achieve an Informed and Participating Sedlescombe Community
18.1 Welcome Packs. To remind members to let the Clerk know of new residents.
Link to 2008 Annual Parish Assembly Minutes
To consider matters arising from 2008 Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting.
18.3 Proposed Art Exhibition. To note that, because of problems of insurance, the proposed Art Exhibition is unlikely to be held in Sedlescombe but might be held at Hastings Museum.
18.4 To consider whether the Parish Council should be involved with the Celebration of Sussex Day on 16 June.
18.5 To note that Sussex Tourism Partnership will be arranging Big Sussex Week, 16-22 June 2008. Further details will be available on www.bigsussexweek.co.uk from 16 May.
C08/09.19 Aim 2 To achieve a Safe and Healthy Sedlescombe Community
19.1 Proposed footway, Sandrock Hill. To consider - Deferred at last meeting. See Minute C07/
19.2 Parish Maintenance Team. To note that the team was in Sedlescombe from 1-7 April (excluding weekend) and that two seats were painted, signs cleaned, drains cleared, footways sided back, brambles removed from top Church Hill and litter bin re-installed outside Old Hall House.
19.3 Dog Control Orders. To consider Rother District Council's formal consultlation on Dog Exclusion Control Order. See Minute C07/
19.4 Amalgamated Playground Inspection Reports. To note report.
19.5 Double White Line System, B2244, Church Hill. To note that the County Council has discussed the idea of a double white line system on Church Hill adjacent to the parish church with the Sussex Police Traffic Management Officer, but the criteria requirements are not met and there is no crash history relating to overtaking that would support a departure from these criteria requirements. (In addition, at the site meeting in January, it was pointed out that parking would not be allowed opposite the double white lines.
19.6 Vehicle-Activated Signs. To note that the County Council is waiting for EDF to install the power supply so that the signs can be switched on at the same time as erected. It is expected that the existing "road narrows" sign at the southern end will be relocated to the same post as the vehicle-activated sign. At the north end, the post for the sign is currently restricting the footway width causing problems for people using mobility scooters and zimmer frames. The County Council is arranging the the post to be relocated.
C08/09.20 Aim 3 To help provide Amenities and Services in Sedlescombe
20.1 Sports Pavilion. To consider the current funding situation.
20.2 Youth Club Project. To note current situation.
20.3 Tennis Courts. To note that Languard has treated the moss on the tennis courts at no extra cost.
20.4 Footpaths. To note that there are three wooden kissing gates and one wooden gate to be erected to complete the easy-access work on Sedlescombe's public footpaths. East Sussex County Council maintenance team will do this outstanding work with the help of Jonathan Vine-Hall and possibly other local help.
20.5 Brede Lane Car Park. To note the alterations to the Brede Lane Car Park to improve the flow of traffic and increase parking spaces.
20.6 Replacement Bus Shelter. To note that the land on which the shelter stands has been transferred by Paul Thomas to the Parish Council at no cost, apart from legal fees.
20.7 Removal of three payphones from Sedlescombe. To consider the Parish Council's response to the current consultation on BT's proposal to removal all three of Sedlescombe's payphones because of lack of use (other payphones across the area are also expected to be removed).
C08/09.21 Aim 5 To Protect and Enhance Sedlescombe's Built and Natural Environment
21.1 Damage to Village Green and grass verges. (See Minute C07/08.97.4)
21.2 Pestalozzi's replacement garden and work to the boundaries in Cottage Lane.
21.3 Boundaries to Red Barn Field Nature Park and private gardens.
21.4 Management of Red Barn Field meadow.
21.5 School Competition.
21.6 Protection of wildflower areas. See Minute C07/08.97.6.
21.7 Proposed composting event. See Minute C07/08.97.7.
  Clerk P J Raymond 7 May 2008