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Cllrs R Dellow P Glew, M Irwin, C Wheatley
Mrs S Martin, Mrs J Dellow, Mr R Glew (late arriving) - NHW members
Sedlescombe Police Community Support Officer Demetrius Georghiou
Mr C Atkins - Orbit Housing Association

Mrs P Raymond - Clerk to the Parish Council

CS08/09.1 Election of Chairman. RESOLVED: That Cllr Dellow be Chairman of the Advisory Committee for the ensuing year.
CS08/09.2 Apologies and reasons for absence. Cllr Wright (domestic commitment), Cllr Rand (working).
CS08/09.3Link to Crime & Safety Minutes of 04/03/08 Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Committee is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Crime & Safety Advisory Committee held on 04/03/08.
Dates and times of forthcoming meetings. It was agreed that the next two meetings would be held on 2 September and 4 November starting at 10am.
Report concerning Sedlescombe's Police Community Support Officer:

  1. Thanks. The Chairman expressed the Village's thanks to Demi for his good work and full reports. The Clerk reminded the Committee that the reports can be seen on the Home Page of the Council website under Demi's photo.
  2. April and May 2008 reports. The following incidents were discussed:
    1. Anti-social behaviour. Demi informed the Committee that, unfortunately, anti-social behaviour escalated in Sedlescombe at the beginning of June although some reduction had been noted towards the end of the month, probably due to Demi's action. He has spent many hours working with the young people to try to get them to adopt a more positive lifestyle. He emphasised that, in order to put to a stop to the unacceptable behaviour, reports must be made to the Police on the 0845 60 70 999 number as soon as possible. Any reports must include as many details as possible, preferably names, but also descriptions of the people and their clothing and what they were doing. Cllr Glew reported that Grant Burberry, landlord of the Queen's Head, has stopped the young people's use of a room at the pub on Wednesday evenings because of bad behaviour.
    2. Theft of motor mower. CCTV footage regarding theft of the motor mower in Hurst Lane. Although a particular vehicle is suspected, no direct evidence has been found that this vehicle was involved with the theft. The importance of the position of CCTVs so that number plates can be seen clearly was stressed.
    3. Speeding. Demi reported some success in slowing cars down through the Village. When he first started speed watch three months ago, speeding cars were noted every 1-2 minutes. Now, one speeding car is noted every 12-15 minutes. Demi uses the speed camera at different times of the day and has noted that cars travel through the Village quickly between 18:00 and 18:30. Cars driving through at around 23:30 drive the fastest. As usual, it was noted that many speeding vehicles were local. Lorries do not seem to be speeding although their bulk and noise give that impression. Demi offered to take any member of the committee with him on a speed watch.
    4. Lorries. Demi reported a successful outcome with the lorries. He had met the haulage companies and asked that school hours are avoided and that lorries should not come through in convoy.
    5. Cold caller. Demi reported a successful outcome with the Cold Caller being sent on his way. He said that this was a good example of what can happen if the matter is reported at once.
    6. Shop lifting. Two arrests are expected regarding shop lifting at Sedlescombe Stores.
    7. Drug dealing and drink driving. Demi reported his investigations regarding these matters.
    8. Demi suggested a multi-agency meeting with Rother Homes, Orbit Housing Association, the Parish Council and the Police to discuss the anti-social behaviour at East View. The Clerk warned of possible overlap with other similar meetings and agreed to speak to Craig Atkins of Orbit Housing Association. A possible date of Monday 14 July at 15:30 was put forward as suitable for all those present.
  3. Success of coffee mornings (see CS07/08.41.3). Coffee mornings, arranged by Anthea Post, are still being held in the Queen's Head every Friday morning although attendance has been low. They were set up to give residents the opportunity to meet with Demi but he is not able to attend every week, although he does so when he can.
  4. Use of speed gun (CS07/08.42). Demi reported earlier.
  5. Incidents in Sedlescombe. As well as the incidents reported by Demi, the Clerk informed the Committee that she had received complaints about anti-social behaviour at and around the tennis courts and an unacceptable amount of litter outside the Post Office and Pumphouse. One complainant suggested that, as the litter mostly came from the Village Shop, it should be their responsibility to clear it up. This idea was not supported by the Committee. The Chairman said that two volunteers do a large amount of litter collection and that, in his opinion, the litter situation is better than it ever has been between Blacklands and the Pumphouse. It was agreed that, as the litter-picking team is two short, attempts should be made to fill these places. A comment was made that the litter bins at the Pumphouse are often full. The Clerk spoke about the use of bins for items other than proper "litter" but it appeared that the bins were mostly filled with plastic bottles of one type or another. The situation will be monitored.
Reported incidents and follow-through. The Committee had always been keen to receive follow-up reports on incidents in the Village and Demi is pleased to provide what information he can. However, he made it clear that, if full follow-up details of all past incidents are wanted, he would have to spend a lot of time in research rather than being out on the street and highly visible. Demi visits anyone who has suffered a burglary or been the victim of some other crime. He had not been able to see the lady from Old Chapel about youths waiting for the bus to school outside her home although he had tried and had spoken to her twice on the phone. The Chairman suggested putting a PCSO card through the door if someone is out. Demi mentioned that his patch had now changed to the Ewhurst and Sedlescombe ward (not now Whatlington or Moutfield) and that he is very busy.
CS08/09.7 Keeping other agencies, eg Orbit Housing Association, informed. (See CS07/08.40.3). Nothing to report.
CS08/09.8 Report from Orbit Housing Association. No representative present.
CS08/09.9 Break-ins to farm buildings and sheds. (See CS07/08.36.1). Mrs Martin reported that she had written to eight farmers listed as living in the Sedlescombe postal area asking if they would like to join the NHW by e-mail system. One farmer will be joining. Two others have replied that they already receive the information. Although there is not an official "Farm-watch" scheme in this area, farmers ring around their neighbours to alert them if necessary.



NHW Report. Mrs Dellow (Chief Co-ordinator) gave her report of six incidents reported by NHW co-ordinators recently. Co-ordinators have been asked to inform Demi confidentially of vulnerable people in their areas. Sedlescombe NHW still offers home security and a contribution to installation of Lifeline. A lot of referrals have been made to the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service who are dealing with them very efficiently. Clive Walters has taken over as NHW Co-ordinator of Chapel Hill from Mr and Mrs Meredith. The Sedlescombe NHW AGM will take place next Monday.

The Clerk distributed a copy of a NHW sheet that is included in Welcome Packs. Members were invited to suggest amendments or additions.

CS08/09.11 Work of NHW co-ordinators including dissemination of information. Inspector Keating advises "positive messages" which Sedlescombe NHW always tries to give.
CS08/09.12 Proposed Neighbourhood Policing Panels. (See CS07/08.41.1). The Council had suggested that NHW co-ordinators could make up the proposed panels as they cover the whole parish. Inspector Keating had sent the Clerk requirements for identifying community priorities. It was noted that "local priorities must be reviewed, and either confirmed or changed, at least every 10 weeks (some areas may wish to make this more frequent)". The Committee thought that this would be difficult to achieve. To await further contact from Police.
CS08/09.13 Enforcement of Dog Control Orders. (See CS07/08.43). Rother District Council has, in the last few months, brought in legal Dog Control Orders whereby dogs are excluded from certain areas and owners are required to collect any dog faeces in others. It was noted that Sedlescombe Parish Council has one of only two remaining "dogs on leads" byelaws. Enforcement of the Dog Control Orders can be undertaken by certain Rother officers and the Parish Council has been pressing the Chief Constable to allow PCSOs (who have received the necessary training) to do the enforcement also. In order to inform Sedlescombe residents of the effect of the new orders, the Clerk had produced a short guide and copies will be distributed with the July Bulletin.
CS08/09.14 Review of the situation regarding matters raised by the public during the 2007 Autumn Parish Plan Survey. Concerns regarding crime and safety that were raised last year were included on the agenda. Demi had been made aware of these. It was agreed that improvements, particularly regarding the PCSO, had been made since last year. Parking, however, remained a problem. Demi is unable to give out parking tickets in Sedlescombe because of the lack of "no parking" lines and signs even if the parking is dangerous. He does, however, speak to the drivers and encourage them to park more sensibly.
CS08/09.15 Inspector Keating. Although the agenda stated that Inspector Keating had taken over sole responsibility for setting up neighbourhood panels and for all matters relating to community policing both in the rural area and Bexhill (information from District Commander's Report, May 2008), she had recently informed the Clerk that she is, for the next three months, Acting District Commander while Steve Brookman is working for HQ in the Communications Department. Inspector Mark Bright is covering temporarily. Members expressed their disappointment that there has to be so many frequent changes in the Sussex Police Force.
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