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Cllrs Cameron, Dellow, Glew, Irwin, Martin, Mitchell, Wheatley
Councillor Wright (Chairman of the Council), Councillor Rand (Vice-Chairman of the Council)



District Councillor Ganly invited to speak.

County Councillor Jones invited to speak.

C08/09.27 Apologies and reasons for absence.
C08/09.28 Interests. Declarations of existence and nature of councillor's interests, whether personal or personal/prejudicial, with regard to items on the agenda. Members are reminded to repeat the declarations when the items are announced by the Chairman.

At this point, prejudiced members may make representation, answer questions or give evidence to the Council on agenda items after which they must leave the room if members of the public want to speak on the same subject.

C08/09.29 Public participation session. At the Chairman's discretion, members of the public will be allowed to make representation, answer questions or give evidence with regard to items on the agenda. Please note that names will be recorded and representations etc. minuted.
C08/09.30Link to Minutes of 11/06/08
Minutes. To Resolve: That the Chairman of the Council is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 11/06//08.
C08/09.31 Minutes of Meetings of Committees
  1. Planning Committee. To Resolve: That the Minutes of the Meetings of the Planning Committee held on 13 May, 3 June, 11 June 2008 are received.
  2. Finance Committee. To Resolve: That the Minutes of the Meetings of the Finance Committee held on 13 May and 1 July 2008 are received..
  3. Crime & Safety Advisory Committee. To Resolve: That the Minutes of the Crime & Safety Advisory Committee held on 1 July 2008 are received, information is noted and recommendations approved.
C08/09.32 Reports from representatives
  1. Rother Association of Local Councils
  2. Village Hall Trust
  3. Tree Warden
  4. Environment Officer
C08/09.33 Clerk's Report


June 2008 cheque listJuly 2008 cheque list

  1. Bank reconciliations. To approve bank reconciliations at the end of May 2008 and June 2008.
  2. Cheques. To ratify June cheque list and to approve July cheque list.



Training. To receive a report on the usefulness of the Chairmanship Training Day held at Leeford Place.

Arising from the Training - To note the Clerk's report regarding the conduct of meetings with regard to the adopted Code of Conduct.

C08/09.36 Quality Council Re-Accreditation. To consider whether Sedlescombe Parish Council wishes to apply for re-accreditation. It should be noted that all parish councils applying for re-accreditation have to submit a full portfolio of evidence for all of the quality tests, as they would at initial accreditation, for assessment by Accreditation Panels. This is a change from what had been expected. Accreditation last four years.
C08/09.37 To note receipt of the following magazines/newsletters:
  1. Local Council Review.
  2. The Clerk (Society of Local Council Clerks).
  3. Clerks & Councils Direct.
  4. Rother Voluntary Action E-Bulletin (by e-mail).
  5. Battle Area Community Transport Summer 2008 Newsletter (by e-mail).
  6. Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee Newsletter (by e-mail).
  7. CPRE Sussex Review and Countryside Voice.
C08/09.38 Conferences
  1. AirS Rural Affording Housing Conference. 25/09/08 at The Adastra Hall, Hassocks, 0930 to 1300 (following by local produce organic lunch). There will be speakers and workshops on the following subjects: 1) Community Land Trusts; 2) Rural Housing: Delivering through Local Planning Policy; 3) Sustainable Rural Affordable Housing: How best practice can persuade the sceptics. 3 concurrent workshops will also take place on these subjects.
  2. Emergency Planning Conference. 28/10/08, East Sussex National Golf Course, 1800 to 2100. Cllrs Martin and Mitchell to attend on behalf of Sedlescombe. Travelling expenses to be approved.


Aim 1 To achieve an Informed and Participating Sedlescombe Community
  1. Welcome Packs.
  2. To consider the Clerk's Briefing Note re the Parish Plan Survey of autumn 2007 and to agree the next step.
  3. To note that Rother District Council is planning to visit Sedlescombe during the week beginning 22/09/08 to promote their Contact Centre and Web Services.
  4. To consider making a nomination for "The 2009 Queen's Award for Voluntary Service". Nominations are invited to recognise an excellent and dedicated group that is making a difference to people's lives in this community. [NB Battle Area Community Transport have received an award in 2008.]
  5. To note arrangements for advertising village events.
C08/09.40 Aim 2 To achieve a Safe and Healthy Sedlescombe Community
  1. To receive a report on the repair/replacement of bollards B2244 at its junction with the A21 - problems of who is responsible.
  2. To note that East Sussex Highways is carrying out patching on the B2244 Compasses, Hawkhurst Road, The Street together with essential Microasphalt Application (Gripfibre) on various roads in the eastern area of East Sussex. Due to the nature of the road layout and size of the plant required to carry out the the works, temporary road closures and temporary speed restrictions have been approved between 14 July and 13 August 2008.
  3. To receive a report on hedge-cutting adjacent to roads and footways:
    1. Chapel Hill, Sedlescombe - Old Orchard.
    2. B2244 - opposite junction with Chapel Hill.
    3. Twitten between Brede Lane and Gorselands - hedge on both sides of this tarmac path which is a part of public footpath 6.
  4. Dogs.
    1. To consider further distribution of a "What you need to know as a Dog Walker in Sedlescombe" Leaflet.
    2. To consider whether the Parish Council should support -
      1. the introduction of a dog control order by Rother to replicate or alter the existing "Dogs on Leads" controls (currently in place on part of Bexhill Promenade for part of the year and also in Sedlescombe Sportsfield);
      2. the introduction of a dog control order limiting the number of a dogs which a person may take onto any land.
C08/09.41 Aim 3 To help provide Amenities and Services in Sedlescombe
  1. Sedlescombe Lift Scheme. To note arrangements for free parking for voluntary car scheme drivers.
  2. Street signs. To consider conducting a survey of street name signs.
  3. To receive a report regarding public rights of way.
    1. Footpath 5d - Flooded path caused by overflow from neighbouring pond making public footpath impassable. Adjacent landowner to install an overflow from pond in July/August.
    2. Footpath 1 - Garden fence at new property has narrowed the footpath to an unacceptable extent. No recorded width so little that can be done.
    3. Rights of Way Network Survey. Chris Tweed (formerly Rights of Way Volunteer Officer) has been appointed Survey Manager. A replacement for his ROW Volunteer Officer is to be sought.
    4. Replacement of stiles with gates to make easy-access footpaths.
  4. To consider youth service provision.
  5. To consider deferred matter. Provision of footway at Sandrocks.
  6. To note that Rother District Council has forwarded comments made by parishes on the removal of payphones to BT. The following points have been made by parishes and district councillors about the proposed removal of phones in the Rother area: despite low general use, phone boxes needed for emergencies including coastguard; mobile signals poor at times or even non-existent in parts; population, particularly the elderly, do not always have mobiles; some people are "electro-sensitive"people and cannot use mobiles; visitors need phones; presevation orders wanted on red phone boxes as important part of street scene; phone boxes needed when own phone out of order; remote locations; use of phone box as a farmer's "office". A minority of parishes and councillors agreed that the boxes will have to be removed because of falling use.
  7. To note playground inspection reports and to approve any action necessary.
  8. Sedlescombe pavilion. To approve action as agreed by the Council. (Borrowing approval from the Department of Communities and Local Government has been obtained dated 25/06/08. This means that a loan must be taken up by Christmas Day 2008 or the approval will lapse.)
  9. To consider use of Village Green for fund-raising activities and whether the Parish Council should run a fund-raising Fayre on the Village Green on Saturday 27 September to raise money for the pavilion.
C08/09.42 Aim 5 To Protect and Enhance Sedlescombe's Built and Natural Environment
  1. Biodiversity Action Plan update:

    To approve additional action - 2. Work with the school to encourage knowledge of and care for trees.
    Highlight importance of trees through regular entries in Sedlescombe News.

  2. Archaeological remains at Park View. To note that, according to the County Archaeologist, there are archaeological remains on the site and that, in due course, the Parish Council will be fully informed of all discoveries and new information about the site.

  3. Rother and Romney Draft Catchment Flood Management Plan. To note that the draft policy for rural Rother is to "Take action to increase the frequency of flooding to deliver benefits locally or elsewhere". The text further explains that it will ensure that any action taken does not increase the risk of flooding to people or infrastructure and communicating this effectively to stakeholders. There are opportunities to set back flood banks on the rivers Brede, Tillingham and Rother to return to a more natural flood mechanism and for environment enhancement.

    Rother's Cabinet commented on this draft policy: "that providing there is an assurance that there would be no increase in risk of flooding to people or infrastructure, particularly with regard to Chick Hill (Pett Level), Winchelsea, Bodiam, Peasmarsh, Three Oaks, Sedlescombe and Battle, then the policy would appear adequate". It was further noted that "some of the proposed policies are a significant departure from existing practices. Some are likely to involve removing existing defences, where appropriate, with a move towards more naturalised drainage systems. Farming practices could change with more afforestation (to help absorb more water). In many instances within the High Weald area the level of flood risk could be reduced by increasing flooding in low risk upstream areas. Because of these proposed radical changes, including those to the landscape, the Council (Rother) would wish to be consulted on any significant individual schemes."  

  4. To note the County Council reaction to the complaint about cutting of wildflowers on the grass bank in Brede Lane.
  5. To note information received from weedkilling contractor regarding treatments carried out in Sedlescombe in June.
  6. To note a resident's complaint regarding the untidy state of the RN French site in The Street.
  Clerk.......................................... Date. 1 July 2008