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PRESENT: Cllr R Dellow. Co-opted non-voting members: Judy Torrance, Bob Harris, Grant Burberry. Mrs P Raymond (Clerk to the Parish Council and Responsible Financial Officer)


TERMS OF REFERENCE OF PAVILION FUND-RAISING COMMITTEE: To run events held on Sedlescombe Village Green to raise money for the proposed Sedlescombe sports pavilion (terms of reference approved at Emergency Council Meeting on 29/07/08)

PAV08/09.1 Chairman of the Committee for the ensuing year. Cllr Dellow was elected Chairman of the Committee by default as a parish councillor must be Chairman.
PAV08/09.2 Composition and terms of Parish Council Committee. This Committee was appointed by the Parish Council at its meeting on 29/07/08. Membership is three parish councillors (one must attend every meeting) and non-voting co-opted membership of Judy Torrance, Bob Harris, Paul White, Ashley Davey and Grant Burberry. The quorum is three. All meetings of the Committee are to be open to the public and to include an item allowing the public to speak on matters on the agenda.
PAV08/09.3 Apologies and reasons for absence. Apologies for absence had been received from Cllr Wright and Cllr Rand (other commitments) and co-opted members Mr White and Mr Davey.
PAV08/09.4 Declarations of existence and nature of a councillor's interests, whether personal or personal/prejudicial, with regard to items on the agenda.

Cllr Dellow declared his personal interest by virtue of him being a member of the Pavilion Fund-Raising Committee (non-Parish Council). He remained in the room.

PAV08/09.5 Public participation session. No public present.
PAV08/09.6 Parish Council's public liability insurance cover. This event will be covered by the Parish Council's £10,000,000 public liability insurance cover with Allianz. An event risk assessment will be produced by the Committee for approval by the Parish Council at its meeting on 09/09/08.
PAV08/09.7 Consideration and approval of the programme for the proposed Fayre to be held on Saturday 27 September 2008 on Sedlescombe Village Green. It was agreed that the Fayre would be on roughly the same lines as in 2007. The following draft programme for the Village Green was approved and various members agreed to make the necessary arrangements:
  • Belly Dancers. Low Risk. An area of level ground to be allocated for this activity.
  • Story Telling and Punch & Judy. Low risk. Arrangements to be made for 2 x 15 minute story-telling sessions. An area as far away from the band as possible to be allocated.
  • Tools Stall. Low Risk. Sales to be restricted to adults, points of tools to be wrapped with sellotape.
  • Face-Painting. Low Risk.
  • Roselands. Low Risk.
  • Key Game. Low Risk.
  • Silent Auction. Low Risk.
  • Cake Stall. Low Risk.
  • Nail and sand game. Low Risk.
  • Tombola. Low Risk.
  • Water to Wine. Low Risk.
  • Plant Stall. Low Risk.
  • Raffle. Low Risk.
  • Bric-a-brac. Low Risk.
  • Books. Low Risk.
  • Royal British Legion. Low Risk.
  • Splat the Rat. Low Risk.
  • Stall rental for crafts and specialist food. Low Risk.
  • Pavilion information stand and "Buy a Brick". Low Risk.

Bunting to be placed around the Green to form a barrier between activities and the surrounding roads.

Risk assessment to be drawn up after confirmation of the attractions attending has been obtained and the Layout Plan has been agreed.

The following draft programme for the Queen's Head garden was approved:

  • Band of Two.
  • Bouncy Castle. Medium Risk. Operator has own insurance and provides supervision.
  • BBQ. Medium Risk. Must not be left unattended.
  • Tea and cakes. Barriers to restrict access to hot water boiler.

A first aider will be on duty both during the event and when the Fayre is being set up and taken down.

Stewards with high viz jackets will be on duty throughout the afternoon.

Advertising will mainly be local plus Southern FM as they read out all events over the air every week. For £10, John Mainwood is willing to put a flyer in every paper sold in the shop.

PAV08/09.8 Contingency plans in the event of bad weather. No hire of village hall. It was agreed that in the event of torrential rain the event will have to be cancelled or postponed although the Band of Two will go ahead. However, if light rain is forecast, marquees will be erected and the event scaled down. There will be full use of the Queen's Head. It was noted that additional labour would be needed in the event of bad weather to put up the marquees.
PAV08/09.9 Finance. Money will be collected by David Torrance and the profit, once expenses have been deducted, paid into the Parish Council's bank account as soon as possible.
PAV08/09.10 Date of next meeting. Tuesday 26 August 2008 at 12 noon.
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