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PRESENT: Cllr R Dellow. Co-opted non-voting member: Judy Torrance. Mrs P Raymond (Clerk to the Parish Council and Responsible Financial Officer)


Member of the public: David Torrance (Treasurer of the non-Parish Council Pavilion Fund-Raising Committee)


TERMS OF REFERENCE OF PAVILION FUND-RAISING COMMITTEE: To run events held on Sedlescombe Village Green to raise money for the proposed Sedlescombe sports pavilion (terms of reference approved at Emergency Council Meeting on 29/07/08)

PAV08/09.11 Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Wright (other commitments) and Cllr Rand (away).
PAV08/09.12 Declarations of existence and nature of a councillor's interests, whether personal or personal/prejudicial, with regard to items on the agenda. Cllr Dellow declared his personal interest by virtue of him being a member of the Pavilion Fund-Raising Committee (non-Parish Council).
PAV08/09.13 Public Participation. The Chairman agreed that Mr Torrance could, during the meeting, make representation, answer questions or give evidence with regard to the items on the agenda.
PAV08/09.14 Minutes. The Chairman signed the Minutes of the Meeting of the Pavilion Fund-Raising Committee held on 04/08/08.
PAV08/09.15 Schedule for the proposed Village Fayre on the Sedlescombe Village Green on 27/09/09. Cllr Dellow provided a draft Schedule which was discussed and amended/approved as follows:
  1. Entertainment -
    1. "Band of Two" - Grant to arrange - in Queen's Head Garden and not, therefore, involved with Parish Council insurance. To be sited near the roadside of the garden so that they can be heard from The Green.
    2. Belly Dancers - Judy to arrange. Awaiting reply.
  2. Stalls
    1. Tool Stall Plus - Ralph to arrange. Only few tools belonging to John Cook left to sell but other items will be included.
    2. Face painting - Ralph in contact with Jacqui Post, awaiting confirmation.
    3. Roselands - Ralph confirmed. Whether being charged or to make a donation to be decided.
    4. Key Game - Ralph confirmed.
    5. Silent Auction - Judy to arrange. Approximately six items needed. Ralph to provide at least one item and Judy has another in hand from an earlier event.
    6. Cakes - Ralph confirmed Jean Dellow will arrange.
    7. Nail & Sand Game - Judy confirmed that Sandra Davies will arrange.
    8. Tombola - Judy confirmed that Margaret Hudson will arrange.
    9. Water to Wine - Roxy Waddell - Judy to confirm.
    10. Plants - Hope Gosse - Judy to confirm.
    11. Raffle - David & Pauline Green - Ralph/Bob to confirm.
    12. Bric-a-Brac - Audrey Harris/Steel Brabants - Ralph/Bob to confirm.
    13. Books - Eve/Barry Bradbury - Ralph/Bob to confirm.
    14. Royal British Legion - Ralph/Bob to confirm.
    15. Bird Boxes - Ralph has made sixteen blue tit boxes which will, if sold, make £2 each. Reg Glew has agreed to provide samples of other bird boxes that can be ordered.
  3. Other
    1. Splat the Rat - Ralph/Bob to confirm.
    2. Bouncy Castle - Judy confirmed - in Queen's Head Garden and not, therefore, involved with Parish Council insurance.
    3. Stall Rental x 10 for Crafts. Judy has drafted the letter. Will include a note about parking in the public car park in Brede Lane. Craft stallholders expected to bring their own tables, chairs and gazebos if required. The Clerk agreed that these can be used on The Green and that, unless very wet underfoot, the lower part of the Green may be used as well as the upper two parts.
    4. Honey - Chris Hone has offered to sell honey from his bees which will be accepted.
    5. Pavilion Information Stand - Judy to ask Cllr Rand or, if unavailable, another parish councillor.
    6. "Buy a brick" - David Torrance agreed to run.
    7. Punch & Judy - Ralph to confirm.
    8. Story-telling - Ralph confirmed that Sophia would be doing. Decision to be made where to site this and when to have it bearing in mind the noise created by traffic, the Band and the bouncy castle.
    9. First Aider - Ralph confirmed that Jonathan Vine-Hall will do.
    10. Stewards - Ralph confirmed that two stewards would be on duty paying special attention to the safety of children.
    11. Police Community Support Officer - Ralph confirmed that Demi will attend despite it being his day off.
    12. Provision of floats and collection of money - David Torrance confirmed he would be in charge of the money.
    13. Advertising - Judy and Bob. It was confirmed that the words "Sedlescombe Parish Council" would be included on the advertising.
  4. Refreshments
    1. Barbecue - Carol & Andy Limpkin - Judy to confirm. In Queen's Head Garden and not, therefore, involved with Parish Council insurance. To be manned at all times.
    2. Tea & Cakes - Judy confirmed that Sylvia Beaney will arrange. In Queen's Head Garden and not, therefore, involved with Parish Council insurance. To be manned at all times.
    3. Organic ice-cream and waffles - Ralph to confirm. For safety, van to be parked beside the Green with the counter opening onto the Green. Was at the pavilion fund-raising boot fair but was not charged as did not make much money.
PAV08/09.16 Risk Assessment. Cllr Dellow agreed to provide a Risk Assessment for presentation to the Parish Council at its meeting on 9 September.
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