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Cllr Dellow (Chairman of the Committee), Cllrs Glew, Irwin, Wheatley, Cllr Wright (Chairman of the Council)
Mrs S Martin, Mrs J Dellow, Mr R Glew - co-opted members
Mrs P Raymond, Sedlescombe Parish Council Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer
Also present:
Sedlescombe Police Community Support Officer Demetrius Georghiou
PS Dan Russell


CS08/09.16 Apologies and reasons for absence. Apologies were received from Cllr Rand (working) and Mr Atkins (Orbit Housing Association (holiday).
CS08/09.17 Declarations of existence and nature of councillor's interests, whether personal or personal/prejudicial, with regard to items on the agenda. Cllrs Glew and Dellow declared their personal interests in agenda item CS08/09.22 by virtue of their membership of the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Watch Committee. In accordance with the Parish Council Code of Conduct, they remained in the room.
CS08/09.18 Public participation session. No public present.
CS08/09.19Minutes of Crime & Safety Committee, 01/07/08 Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Committee is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Crime & Safety Advisory Committee held on 1 July 2008.
CS08/09.20 Report from Sedlescombe's Police Community Support Officer

1) PCSO Demi reported that the main problem currently in Sedlescombe is anti-social behaviour by a younger group from East View Terrace. Cllr Wright reported that she had received calls on Saturday and yesterday from a resident of the East View flats complaining about a noisy group of youngsters who were congregating by the East View garages, throwing rubbish (rubbish dumped on Rother Homes land) and spitting. Demi knows these youngsters and has visited their homes in the past to give informal advice. If their behaviour continues, he will speak to them again and progress to the next stage - the issue of "stop forms". P/S Russell will accompany Demi and will also contact the Anti-Social Behaviour Officer to ascertain whether any ABCs would be appropriate. To date, Demi has not received much co-operation from Orbit HA about its tenants and Orbit will not take any action until stop forms have been issued.

Orbit Housing Association and Rother Homes have been advised about the dumped items on at least three occasions but neither social landlord has so far taken responsibility as the garage area is Rother Homes land but the perpetrators of the nuisance are thought to be Orbit HA tenants. The area near the garages has become a general dumping area where rubbish is being burned and white goods are dumped.

Rother Homes has been considering demolition of the garages because of anti-social behaviour but Demi would like to suggest to them that, in the absence of progress on the Scout Hut site, some of the garages are converted into a community centre. Demi will speak to the Youth Development Service.

The same youngsters have been causing aggravation to a lady living in The Street close to where the children wait for the school bus. The bus driver has been asked to stop at the bus stop or as close to it as possible. The lady now has a fence around her property and appears to be happier.

2) Anti-social behaviour in the form of bad language, drunkenness and fighting at the Clockhouse Bistro early one evening was discussed. The proprietor has been told only to serve alcohol with a meal. A further visit to the Bistro will be made by the PCSO/Police.

3) Although speeding cannot be eliminated, Demi regularly carries out speed checks in the 30mph speed limit through the Village.

4) Fly-tipping has been a problem in lanes around the Village. The Police often find that vehicle number plates do not show up on CCTV and, therefore, some owners are being asked to consider upgrading their CCTV systems.

5) Poaching is a problem in some areas of the Village.

6) Demi has met with the owner of "Mark Luck" lorries and has asked that Brede Lane is avoided at school times. Mrs Dellow reported that they appear to be avoiding Brede Lane altogether and, instead, using Hurst Lane which is not suitable for lorries.

CS08/09.21 Orbit Housing Association. No representative present. Although Orbit Housing Association officers are always invited to these meetings, it is some time since anyone attended. It was RECOMMENDED: That a special effort is made to get representatives from both Orbit Housing Association and Rother Homes to attend the next Crime & Safety Advisory Committee Meeting.
CS08/09.22 Neighbourhood Watch Report. Cllrs Glew and Dellow declared their personal interests by virtue of their being members of the Sedlescombe NHW Committee. In accordance with the Parish Council Code of Conduct, they remained in the room. Mrs Dellow reported that it has been a quiet period since the last Crime and Safety Meeting. However, the NHW Committee, with Demi, met with some residents who are concerned with certain activities in their road. The enquiries are ongoing.

The NHW Committee has agreed to send a letter to Acting Chief Inspector Keating in appreciation of the work that Demi does for the Village.

Mark Rendall is now the Force NHW manager for the area. It was confirmed to him that communications with Demi are very positive. Mr Rendall is aiming to establish best practice in NHW groups. He would like to attend the next meeting of the Crime & Safety Committee. A new system of communications is to be implemented which is probably a replacement for the "ring around" system.

CS08/09.23 Acting Chief Inspector Keating's July 2008 update. The Clerk highlighted various parts of the update as follows:
  • New victim contracts which Police Constables have to produce are being introduced. P/S Russell explained that the Police are welcoming this initiative as, with up to 23 cases assigned to each Constable, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of feedback to victims.
  • Welcome reduction in crime statistics.
  • PCSOs tasked with patrolling key areas to conduct reassurance and crime reduction initiatives in areas where there has been a burglary.
  • There is comprehensive advice on the Sussex Police website concerning vulnerable residents. Demi will be pleased to add anyone to the list of residents which he visits regularly. It was, however, mentioned by a member that not everyone wants help despite the fact that they appear to be vulnerable to others.
  • A priority is to reduce criminal damage and anti-social behaviour. Although it is stated that a significant percentage of criminal damage offences reported last year was to vehicles, Sedlescombe does not appear to suffer badly from this type of offence.
  • Neighbourhood policing panels. See below.
CS08/09.24 Identification of 3 local community safety priorities for every district ward in Rother (for this area this means Ewhurst and Sedlescombe) - letter from Acting Chief Inspector Keating dated 01/07/08 to Parish Council Chairman. Neighbourhood Specialist Teams have been set the task of identifying, through local consultation, the top three local community safety priorities for every district ward in Rother. This means that Sedlescombe will be linked with Ewhurst and three priorities identified for the whole area. The priorities will be identified by Neighbourhood Panels on a regular basis. The Panels are informal public meetings where members of the community can discuss issues that concern them with local police and partners. These meetings will be set up by the PCSO for the District Ward and the main part of the meeting will be taken up with discussion on community-identified issues nominated by meeting attendees. The Police do not appear to have funding for hire of halls. P/S Russell is the Police contact for the Neighbourhood Panels for the Battle area of Rother.

It was RECOMMENDED: That a member of Ewhurst Parish Council should be invited to the next Crime & Safety Committee Meeting.



Items from the Sussex Police Report given at the last Rother Association of Local Councils Meeting on 09/07/08 by Inspector Bright. The Clerk highlighted various parts of the Minutes including:

  • Local Policing Plan for Sussex 2008-9 available on Sussex Police website. (Link from spyglass on left)
  • Regular Sussex Association of Local Councils meetings with Chief Constable. Two meetings held each year. Parish Clerks are invited to suggest questions. It was RECOMMENDED: That the Clerk should put forward questions 1) regarding the non-continuity of staff and 2) the passing of letters sent to the Chief Constable down the line for reply.
CS08/09.26 Date of next meeting. The next meeting had been arranged for 04/11/08 but because of a local clerks' training day, the meeting was re-arranged to 28/10/08.
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