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Cllr Dellow (Chairman of the Committee), Cllrs Glew, Irwin, Wheatley, Cllr Wright (Chairman of the Council)
Mrs J Dellow, Mr R Glew
Mrs P Raymond, Sedlescombe Parish Council Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer
Also present:
Sedlescombe Police Community Support Officer Demetrius Georghiou
Mr Mark Rendall, Neighbourhood Watch Manager

Cllr David Young, Ewhurst Parish Council Chairman (up to and including CS08/09.35 only)


CS08/09.27 Welcome to visitors. The Chairman welcomed our PCSO Demi, Mr Mark Rendall, NHW Manager, and Cllr Young (Chairman of Ewhurst Parish Council) to the meeting.
CS08/09.28 Apologies and reasons for absence. Apologies were received from Cllr Rand (working) and Mrs Martin (family business).
CS08/09.29 Declarations of existence and nature of councillor's interests, whether personal or personal/prejudicial, with regard to items on the agenda.
CS08/09.30 Public participation session. No public present.
CS08/09.31 Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Committee is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Crime & Safety Advisory Committee held on 2 September 2008.
CS08/09.32 Anti-social behaviour at East View Terrace garage area. The Committee noted that, following a reduction in the amount of anti-social behaviour at East View Terrace garages, representatives from Orbit Housing Association and Rother Homes are not attending this meeting. However, they are willing to attend another meeting if the situation changes.

Local Crime and safety problems. PCSO Demi reported that he has been following up incidents of poaching in local woodlands. He has seen a great improvement in the level of general anti-social behaviour in the Village during the past month after spending a vast amount of time with the youngsters in the street. He has seen the parents of the youngsters involved with letting off fireworks in the street and putting stink-bombs through letterboxes. Some people have felt threatened by the large number of children waiting for the school bus outside their properties. Demi has spoken to the youngsters, has been to the school and is regularly visiting the complainants, although it appears that their fears are ungrounded.

Mr Glew asked whether anything can be done about the large amount of litter that is being left around the Pumphouse now that this is the chosen meeting place in the Village. Demi regularly encourages youngsters to pick up their rubbish and several residents spend time collecting it as well.

E-mail scams were discussed.

CS08/09.34 Halloween and 5 November arrangements. Demi will be on duty both on Halloween and and 5 November when there is an event at the Queen's Head Public House. He has been distributing leaflets and advising vulnerable residents how to prepare for Halloween.
CS08/09.35 Neighbourhood Panels. Unfortunately, P/S Dan Russell is on annual leave. He had left Demi the job of arranging a Ewhurst and Sedlescombe Ward Neighbourhood Panel meeting. In order to help Demi, Cllrs Dellow, Wheatley and Irwin are willing to meet with P/S Russell and a Ewhurst Parish Councillor regarding setting up a Neighbourhood Panel although the general feeling of the meeting was that Neighbourhood Panels are a totally unnecessary additional meeting, accountable to no-one. There are already parish councils throughout Rother District except Bexhill, the Rother Association of Local Councils and the Rother Crime and Safety Forum. Sedlescombe Parish Council also has this Crime & Safety Advisory Committee. It appears that the system is being rolled out across the country because many areas do not have any form of communication between the Police and the people. Sedlescombe Parish Council had previously written to Insp Heather Keating suggesting that, if the Police consider that Neighbourhood Panels with local people are essential in Sedlescombe, Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators would be the ideal participants.

Neighbourhood Watch. Sedlescombe's Chief Co-ordinator Jean Dellow reported that she had received very few calls in the last couple of months. NHW was involved with Demi concerning the burglary of a house in Sandrock Hill, mainly trying to find a relation or friend who knew where the occupants were on holiday.

A reminder had been placed in the Sedlescombe News this week to remind residents that the hours of darkness are longer which give the thieves more opportunities to do their "work". NHW still has a few light timers at £1.50 each.

NHW would like to invite local residents to a Friday morning coffee morning to talk about burglary prevention.

Demi is always willing to visit vulnerable residents and to keep an eye on houses when the occupants are away.

Putting the burglary sign on the Green was thought to have been good idea.


Neighbourhood Watch Manager. Mr Rendall has been appointed by Sussex Police to be responsible for liaison between Sussex Police and the Sussex NHW Federation and for getting both East and West Sussex NHW groups working in the same way. A company has been appointed to produce a databank with every co-ordinator's contact details. NHW members will have the option of receiving more specialised e-mail information linked to up to three local postcodes while the Community Contact e-mail messages for the general public will become less specific and will incorporate additional crime prevention messages in order to restrict the spread of the fear of crime.

Membership of a NHW scheme gives Home Office public liability insurance cover. It is planned that the Sussex NHW Federation will provide local NHW groups with insurance cover for charity events. Mr Rendall mentioned that NHW groups setting up stands in the entrances to supermarkets are not covered by insurance. Sedlescombe NHW has some insurance cover. Mr Rendall advised that the small print should be checked.

PCSOs will be used to follow-up expressions of interest in NHW schemes. In time, it is hoped that this task can be referred to local co-ordinators.

There is a disparity between payment for NHW signs in East and West Sussex which is being addressed.

Mr Rendall admitted the importance of putting out information to all vulnerable people, whether or not they have computer access.

The use of crime-stoppers is being encouraged.

The Police are trying to find out why the general public are reluctant to telephone "999" but instead use the 0845 60 70 999 number to report crimes to the Police. Mr Glew commented that, in his opinion, there should be one number to phone for all Police matters and it should be the responsibility of the Police operator to decide whether it is an emergency or not. At present, non-qualified people are being asked to make decisions about emergencies.

CS08/09.38 Date of next meeting. 6 January 2009
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