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PRESENT: Cllr Martin (Chairman), Councillors Cameron, Wheatley, Mitchell
Cllr Wright (Chairman of the Council), Cllr Rand (Vice-Chairman of the Council)

Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer: Mrs P Raymond
2 members of the public were present

P08/09.134 Apologies and reasons for absence. None, all members present.
P08/09.135 Disclosure by Members of personal interests in matters on the agenda, the nature of any interest and whether the member regarded the interest as prejudicial under the terms of the Code of Conduct. The following interests were declared: Cllr Wheatley declared a personal interest in P08/09.138.3 as she is a friend of the applicants.
P08/09.136 Public participation session. Mr R Harris and Mr K Beswick attended the meeting and spoke of their objections to the proposed development in the garden of Springfield Cottage, Brede Lane (P08/09.138.1). They had both put their objections in letters to Rother District Council which can be seen on the Rother District Council website.
P08/09.137 Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Committee is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning Committee held on 27/01/09 after substitution of the word "allow" for "all" in Minute P08/09.133, Section 12, Box 33.
P08/09.138 Planning Applications

RR/2009/162/P Springfield Cottage, Brede Lane, Sedlescombe TN33 0YE

Outline: erection of a pair of semi-detached cottages adjacent to existing semi-detached cottage with amended car parking provision.


Cllr Mitchell reported on her inspection. The development has been opposed by several residents who live in the neighbourhood of the proposed buildings. Their letters can be seen on the Rother District Council website. In addition, the Clerk had provided members with a summary of the objections made. It was noted that the County Council had not opposed the application on highway grounds and, therefore, objections concerned with parking at schooltime in Brede Lane are not likely to be used.


RESOLVED: That the Parish Council supports refusal of this application for the following reasons:

  1. The proposed three-storey development would not be in keeping with the character of its surroundings in terms of size, style and design.
  2. The amenities of neighbouring properties would be harmed in that the proposed properties would overlook them - the surrounding properties are much closer than they appear on the plan.
  3. The proposed development would be visible from several existing properties not only in the immediate vicinity.
  4. The proposed development would maximise rather than minimise the risk of flooding from the small stream at the rear of the site. The area, including the site, is already marshy and the removal of another flood soak area would exacerbate the situation to the detriment of surrounding properties.

Other comments to be made: That Sedlescombe Footpath 6 is adjacent to the site on two sides and should be shown on the plans, that one of the pink planning notices was put inside the garden of Springfield and cannot be read without trespass. If the development is approved, a tree survey should be provided in accordance with the planning application form.


RR/2009/160/P 18 Park Shaw, Sedlescombe TN33 0PP

Proposed extensions, alterations and conversion of garage to habitable room

Cllr Wright reported on her inspection.

RESOLVED: That the Parish Council supports approval.


RR/2009/115/P Stream Farm, Stream Lane, Sedlescombe TN33 0PB

Proposed single storey rear extension.
Cllr Wheatley declared her personal interest in that she is a friend of the applicants.

Cllr Martin reported on his inspection.

RESOLVED: That the Parish Council supports approval.

P0809.139 Appeals. None

Results. Members were informed on the following results:

RR/2008/3085/P and 2008/3087/L Sherrald, The Street, Sedlescombe. First floor extension. REFUSED

RR/2008/3237/P Rear of Queen's Head, Sedlescombe. 3 new properties. APPROVED

RR/2008/3509/P Manorside, The Street, Sedlescombe. Extension. APPROVED

RR/2008 3493/P Hurst House, Hurst Lane, Sedlescombe. Pool room. APPROVED


The Clerk reported a phone call from Paul Thomas of Pumphouse Yard expressing his surprise at the approval of the RN French site for housing development.


Cartref, The Street, Sedlescombe. Proposed development by Westoak Homes. Following attendance at the last Planning Committee Meeting and the comments made by Sedlescombe Parish Councillors, Shaun Berry had provided revised drawings showing the proposed terrace for plots 1 to 5 divided into two blocks of two and three houses. In addition, the bin store has been re-located away from the rear of the house in Eaton Walk. Mr Berry sought the Parish Council's approval to the changes.

RESOLVED: That the Parish Council is satisfied with the changes to the plan for erection of 12 homes on the site of Cartref, The Street, Sedlescombe.

P08/09.142Clerk's Briefing Note e-consultation

Planning Portal e-consultation. Following the Planning Portal presentation at Rother's Town Hall on 29/01/09, the Planning Officer is asking parish councils for their comments on how they would manage without paper planning applications. Please see the Clerk's Briefing Note.


RESOLVED: That Sedlescombe Parish Council could cope with the loss of paper plans with the following provisos:

  1. Plans involving minor developments are reduced in size so that it is possible to print them out on A4 or A3 size.
  2. Plans for major developments remain available in paper format on request from Parish Clerks "on the click of a button" on the website.

The importance of members looking at the planning website before a meeting was stressed. This not only gives all of them the opportunity to look at the plans but they can also see comments made by statutory consultees, neighbours etc.


The Clerk was asked to raise with the Village Hall Committee the idea of the village hall having a broadband connection. This would allow the Rother website to be accessed at Planning meetings if required.


Members also considered the Sedlescombe's current policy of a councillor being assigned to inspect an application site prior to the Committee Meeting. It was agreed that, on some occasions, the site can easily be viewed without entering the site but, if the site cannot be seen from the road or footpath, an appointment should be made through the Agent for the parish councillor to visit the site. This system works well and provides the necessary information for the Committee to come to an informed decision on the application. It is also considered that local residents appreciate the member knows what he/she is talking about.

P08/09.143 Rother Planning Seminar, December 2008. Rother had provided print-outs of the presentations made at the latest Planning Seminar and the Clerk informed members that these are now available.


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