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PRESENT: Cllr Glew (Chairman), Councillors Irwin, Martin
Councillor Rand (Vice-Chairman of the Council)


Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer: Mrs P Raymond


F08/09.50 Apologies and reasons for absence. Cllr Wright and Cllr Dellow (other commitments).
F08/09.51 Disclosure by Members of personal interests in matters on the agenda, the nature of any interest and whether the member regarded the interest as prejudicial under the terms of the Code of Conduct. None disclosed
F08/09.52 Representations by prejudiced members. None.
F08/09.53 Public participation session. No public present
F08/09.54 Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Committee is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Finance Committee held on 02/12/08.

2008-9 Budget Monitoring and approval of first draft accounts for 2008/09. RESOLVED: That the statement of 2008-9 Budget Monitoring and approval of first draft accounts for 2008/09 is received.

It was also RESOLVED: That the Council approves regular expenditure in 2008/09 of the follows:

Payee Purpose £
Information Commissioner Data Protection Registration
P Raymond Website domain name renewal
P Raymond Website hosting
P Raymond Payroll Manager annual fee
Playsafety Ltd. Professional playground inspection
Sedlescombe Village Hall Hall hire throughout year

NB The payment of these cheques has already been approved by the Council.


The RFO reported that the statement at the end of the 2008-09 financial year will be amended and presented to the Council at the Annual Meeting on 12 May 2009.



2009-10 Budget and Council Tax. Members were reminded of the 2009-10 Budget and were informed that, despite the Band D Council Tax increasing to £47.61, Sedlescombe has held its position at 16 in the Rother Council Tax table relevant to other parishes in the District. The highest Band D Council tax in Rother is Catsfield at £71.73 and the lowest is Guestling at £6.29.

Clerk's Salary 2008-9. Members were informed that details of the final salary award for Local Council Clerks from 01/04/2008 had been received from The National Joint Council for Local Government Services. The new figures reflect an increase of 2.75%. RESOLVED: That the Clerk's Salary for 2008-9 should be as follows:

Spinal Column Point 30 = £13.108/hour

20 hours/week = £262.16/week or

£1,136.03/month or

£13,632.32 p.a.


Minute C08/09.72 records amendment of the Clerk's Salary for 2008-9 year to £13,592.43 p.a. in accordance with the NJC for Local Government Services agreement, pending arbitration. This now needs to be amended to £13,632.32 ie an additional payment of £39.89 in accordance with the 2008/9 National Final Salary Award for Local Council Clerks.


Allowances and expenses 2008/09. The RFO reported that details of all allowances and expenses for 2008/09 are available on the Parish Council Freedom of Information Publication Scheme section of the website. The only councillor to claim an allowance in 2008/09 was The Chairman who claimed the £200 Chairman's Allowance and also one travel claim of £12.


The Clerk has claimed a total of £169.44 for travel expenses for the year which includes six payments for monthly travel of £17.33. From October 2008, the Clerk has not claimed a monthly travel allowance and has agreed with the Council that letters should be sent to them through the post rather than delivered by hand. This has resulted in a saving for the Council.

F08/09.59 Contracts awarded 2008/09. The RFO reported that details of all contracts awarded for 2008/09 are available on the Parish Council Freedom of Information Publication Scheme section of the website.
F08/09.60 Grants given and received 2008/09. The RFO reported that details of grants given and received during 2008/09 are available on the Parish Council Freedom of Information Publication Scheme section of the website. Grants were made to Sussex Air Ambulance Fund (£50), East Sussex Association for the Blind (£25) and Battle Area Community Transport (£75). Grants have been received for the pavilion rebuild and to and from the Playing Field and Recreation Ground Trust.

Jobs Update.

10 EVT kickabout hedge. Cut by R Wood.

11 EVT chainlink fence repair. Cllr Dellow has sourced some green plastic covered chainlink of a suitable size which will cost £10. RESOLVED: That the repair by Cllr Dellow of the broken chainlink fence at the kickabout area is authorised.

12 EVT chainlink behind hedge - review fence hay ingress. No action.

17 Brede Lane car park trees by toilets. Dead tree removed.

18 Brede Lane car park signs on approach to car park. For cleaning by Rother.

19 Brede Lane car park dog bin lid. The RFO had obtained the lid. Cllr Rand offered to fix it to the bin.

21 Brede Lane car park broken drain cover outside toilets. Rother.

22 Brede Lane Car Park toilet lights being left on continuously. Rother.

27 Church Hill middle plastic seat. For cleaning by PMT.

29 Sportsfield Pavilion rebuild. Pavilion rebuild complete. Keys to be handed over to the Sports Association tomorrow.

30 Sportsfield Pavilion additional work. The disabled car parking area is complete. Works to close off the field gate by the bridge are in hand and other works to tidy up the area at the rear of the new pavilion will be undertaken. RESOLVED: That the RFO is authorised to contact a solicitor concerning a deed of variation on the Parish Council/Sports Association lease as appropriate now that an expensive building has been provided.

31 Sportsfield Disposal of portacabin. The Council had heard that the Youth Group is not willing to pay £5,000 for the 40'x10' portacabin. Members and the RFO plan to attend a meeting with the Youth Group and Sports Association in the Hall tomorrow. Further work will take place regarding the legal sub-letting position. A sub-let has to be approved by the Parish Council.

34 Sportsfield Car Park dustbin. Removed.

43 Riverside Playground pedestrian/vehicle gate. Difficult to close and needs Spring. Cllr Rand will deal.

45 Riverside Playground timber picnic table. No action.

46 Riverside Playground equipment ropes. Lifted.

47 Riverside Playground toddler slide. For replacement wheel - no action.

48 Riverside Playground springers. For cleaning by R Wood.

49 Riverside Playground fence repair between play area and path. Complete.

50 Riverside Playground fence between play area and river. Spile loose near Amazon Basin. Monitor.

51 Riverside Playground wooden seat. Repair completed by R Wood.

54 Tennis courts. Sweeping. Action as required.

55 Tennis courts nets. No action.

56 Tennis courts surrounding netting. Repaired.

57 Car Sales area. The area has been let by the owner to another car dealer. It would have been an ideal car parking area for the tennis courts, playground and sportsfield if the Council could rent or buy it.

58 Village Green pictorial sign post. R Wood to clean.

59 Village Green 3xLister seats for washing with soapy water to remove algae. Cllr Rand will deal.

61 Village Green worn edges. No action.

62 Village Green Give-way sign. For cleaning by PMT.

63 Village Green Pumphouse 2xoak benches. For replacement/repair, Heritage Lottery Fund. The RFO reported that she has made a start at producing an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

64 Village Green Pumphouse roof and tiles. Cllr Rand to inspect.

65 Village Green Pump and metal protective cage, Heritage Lottery Fund. Part of Job No.63.

66 Queen's Head path. ESCC installed extra dropped kerb to help less mobile.

67 Noticeboard. For treatment by PMT.

68 Red Barn Field thistles and bracken etc.Red Barn Field Briefing Note The RFO reported her discussions with Cllr Dellow and Mr Boyd concerning the maintenance of Red Barn Field this year. RESOLVED That the 2009 Red Barn Field Action Plan is approved including hire of a brushcutter if required and purchase of barley straw.

69 Red Barn Field preservative on case of GRP info board. Cllr Dellow to deal.



70 Village Green drain - cleared by AR.

71 Riverside Playground - Need for mole deterrents. Cllr Rand to inspect.

72 EVT - holes. Filled by D Mitchell.


Future expenditure not allowed for in the 2009-10 budget.

  1. Contribution to repair of the Pestalozzi road up to the sportsfield entrance. The RFO reported that the Pestalozzi road is in a poor state of repair and that the Council is obliged to contribute towards its repair "according to user". The contribution will need to be negotiated if a request is received from the Pestalozzi International Village..
  2. Repair/replacement of bus shelter. The Chairman reported that, currently, the bus shelter appears to be in reasonable order and that no major expenditure is envisaged. The Council had been relying on the replacement of the bus shelter by the developer of Park View as part of a Section 106 Agreement. However, this development is currently on hold.
F08/09.63 Clerk's financial reports to the Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting. A report had been included in the 2009 Annual Report and Directory to be delivered throughout the parish. An update will be given at the Assembly.


Risk Management Report. RESOLVED: That the 2008-9 Risk Management Report is approved.



Asset Register 2009. The Asset Register had been amended following writing off of goods at the Village Hall. Tools have also now been included. The RFO had produced a summary list. RESOLVED: That the Asset Register 2009 and the Asset Summary List 2009 are approved.
F08/09.66 Insurances. Parish Council insurances are due for renewal on 1 June 2009. RESOLVED: That a quotation for Parish Council insurance should be obtained from Norwich Union through Came & Company for consideration with the Allianz Cornhill quote at the Annual Meeting in May.
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