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Councillor Wright [VW] (Chairman of the Council), Councillor Rand [AR] (Vice-Chairman of the Council)
Councillors Dellow [RD], Glew [PG], Irwin [MI], Marland [JM], Martin [PM], Mitchell [JM], Wheatley [CW]

Open Forum
County Councillor Jones invited to speak
District Councillor Ganly invited to speak

C09/10.16 To elect the Chairman of the Council for the ensuing year and to receive his/her declaration of acceptance of office.
C09/10.17 To elect the Vice-Chairman of the Council for the ensuing year.

Committees for 2009/10

  1. To receive an annual report of the work of the Committees during the past year Annual Committee Report
    1. Planning
    2. Finance
    3. Crime & Safety Advisory
    4. Pavilion
  2. To approve formation of committees with their terms of reference and annual schedule: 1) Planning; 2) Finance; 3) Crime & Safety Advisory; 4) Other.
  3. To agree membership of Committees including co-options.

NB Link to 2008-9 list of Council resolutions


To appoint representatives of the Council as follows:

  1. Rother Association of Local Councils - 2 representatives
  2. Village Hall Trustee
  3. Sedlescombe Sports Association - 1 representative
  4. Environment Officer
  5. Tree Warden
  6. Neighbourhood Watch representative

To approve subscriptions for payment as they fall due:

  1. Sussex Association of Local Councils + 1 copy of The Review. SALC £254.38, NALC £56.85 (plus £56.85 VAT), 4 copies of The Review £13.50). Total of £324.73 excluding VAT.
  2. Rother Association of Local Councils. £35.
  3. Action in rural Sussex (£40 last year)
  4. Society of Local Council Clerks (£133 last year)
  5. Sussex County Playing Fields Association (£15 last year)
C09/10.21 To review Sedlescombe Parish Council's wish and ability to qualify as a parish council eligible to exercise the power of well-being. This would require the Clerk completing the well-being module and for 80% of councillors to undertake the relevant training.
C09/10.22 To agree to submit a request for dispensation for the Cllr Marland to allow him/her to discuss matters relating to the Sedlescombe Playing Field and Recreation Ground Trust which normally would require him to declare a personal/prejudicial interest.
C09/10.23 Apologies and reasons for absence.

To remind members to update their Financial Interest forms.


Declarations of existence and nature of councillor's interests, whether personal or personal/prejudicial, in accordance with the adopted Code of Conduct 2007, with regard to items on the agenda. Members are reminded to repeat the declarations when the items are announced by the Chairman.
Prejudiced members may make representation, answer questions or give evidence to the Council on agenda items after which they must leave the room if members of the public want to speak on the same subject.

C09/10.25 Public participation session. At the Chairman's discretion, members of the public will be allowed to make representation, answer questions or give evidence with regard to items on the agenda. Please note that names will be recorded and representations etc. minuted.
Minutes. To resolve: That the Chairman of the Council is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Emergency Meeting of the Council held on 5 May 2009.
C09/10.27 Committees
  1. Planning Committee. To Resolve: That the Minutes of the Meetings of the Planning Committee held on 10 March and 7 April are received.
  2. Finance Committee. To Resolve: That the Minutes of the Meetings of the Finance Committee held on 31 March are received.
C09/10.28 Reports from representatives. To receive reports as follows:
  1. Rother Association of Local Councils
  2. Village Hall Trust
  3. Sports Association
  4. Environment Officer
  5. Tree Warden
  6. NHW representative

To receive the Clerk's Report.

  1. To receive a report on the recent "Celebrate Spring in Sedlescombe" week.
  2. To receive details of the complaint regarding hedge-cutting in Balcombe Green.
  3. To note a complaint that drivers are ignoring the 30mph speed limit when approaching Sedlescombe from the A21 and that Spar lorries are using B2244 as a 'rat run'.
  4. To note that temporary speed restrictions are to be imposed during road surface dressing. Road surfacing work is planned throughout the county between 18/05/09 and 31/07/09. Prior notice of the works will be placed on each road. Notification has been received that Hawkhurst Road between the B2244 junction with the B2165 Staplecross Road in a southerly direction to the entrance of the Village Hall has been included in the surface dressing programme and will have a 40mph speed limit and a 10mph speed limit over the length of the actual roadworks.
  5. To note that Sedlescombe should be receiving a pay out in connection with its Quality Council accreditation. The amount and purpose has not yet been announced.
C09/10.30 Finance
  1. To approve the Final Accounts for 2008-9. To authorise the Chairman to sign the Annual Return to the Auditors (details included in the Final Accounts).
  2. Bank Reconciliations. To approve bank reconciliations at the end of March and April 2009.
  3. To approve renewal of Data Protection Register Entry £35.
  4. To approve insurance cover 2009-10 from 1 June 2009. Two quotations have been received.
  5. To approve Clerk's Maintenance of Offices payment (budget figure £200).
  6. To approve reimbursement of cost of refreshments at Parish Assembly £14.75.
  7. Cheques. To ratify the April cheque list and approve the May 2009 cheque list. April and May cheque list


  1. Clerk's report on her attendance at the Legal and Finance Update Day at Tenterden on 24/03/09.
  2. Clerk's report on her attendance at the Clerks' Networking Day at East Grinstead on 31/03/09
  3. To review the Council's Training Strategy and note councillors' training needs for the coming year. The following courses are available:
    1. Generic Councillor Course Friday 11 & Saturday 12 September 2009, Highley Manor Hotel, Crawley Lane, Balcombe, W Sussex RH17 6LA - suitable for new and experienced councillors. Friday & Saturday Residential £175; Friday & Saturday Non-residential £135; Friday or Saturday only, dinner not included £75.
    2. Chairmanship course 12 September 2009, Highley Manor Hotel, Crawley Lane, Balcombe, W Sussex RH17 6LA - suitable for anyone currently chairing or aspiring to chair a council or committee meeting. Need to be prepared to speak to and engage with other Chairmen. Presented by Linda Butcher, Town Clerk of Crowborough Town Council. £75
    3. Clerk's Networking Day, 28 September 2009, 0930 to 1530, Lodge Hill Centre, Watersfield, Pulborough, W Sussex RH20 1LZ. £45
    4. Bespoke training for this council to include surrounding councils if you wish. Fee includes presenters and information packs. Organising council to arrange venue, refreshments and attendance of sufficient numbers to make the course viable. Fee to be agreed in advance.
    5. Power of well being training - localised events can be arranged to cover presenters and information. Organising council to make arrangements as in 4 above.

Magazines/newsletters/reports. To note receipt of the following magazines/newsletters/reports:

  1. Southern Water Business Plan 2010-2015.
  2. Clerks and Councils Direct.

Consultations. To consider the following consultations

  1. Hastings & Rother Leisure Facilities Strategy Consultation. Replies by 22/05/09.
C09/10.34 Standing Orders & Financial Regulations Annual Review.

Aim 1 To achieve an Informed and Participating Sedlescombe Community

  1. Welcome Packs.
  2. Village of the Year Competition. Report on judging.
  3. AiRS Fuel Poverty Leaflet. Received.
  4. Equality and Human Rights Commission - Public Sector Equality Duties.
  5. Cllr Ganly's request for cost-saving ideas for Rother DC.

Aim 2 To achieve a Safe and Healthy Sedlescombe Community

  1. To receive a report on recent fly-tipping in the parish.
    1. In entrance to Sedlescombe Sportsfield Car Park.
    2. B2244 close to the "Sedlescombe" sign near A21 junction.
    3. Brede Lane car park.
    4. Cottage Lane on land belonging to the Pestalozzi International Village.
  2. To receive a report on parking problems in the Village, all of which have been referred to the PCSO:
    1. On B2244 near junction with Short Hill, Balcombe Green - restricts view when emerging from Balcombe Green
    2. On B2244 between Kester House and Riverbridge Cottages - restricts visibility when emerging onto B2244 from Kester House and some residents claim that these parked vehicles make the road dangerous.
    3. Parking in The Green opposite the entrance to Pumphouse Yard despite the white line restricting parking.
  3. To note that the Highways Agency is to carry out a safety audit at the end of May and report back to the Parish Council at the beginning of June re the revised junction of the A21 and B2244.
  4. To consider the complaint referred to ESCC Rights of Way regarding heavy vehicles using Long Lane (a public footpath) guided by sat-nav. The Parish Council is asked for its views about the problem and the principle of high visibility signs being installed.
  5. To receive PCSO Reports.

Aim 3 To help provide Amenities and Services in Sedlescombe

  1. Public footpaths and bridleways
    1. Completion of replacement of stiles with gates on easy access footpath. To note as follows: The 'easy' footpath required 11 stiles to be removed and replaced by wooden kissing gates, wooden gates or metal gates. Thanks are due to Jonathan Vine-Hall, Reg Glew and Ralph Dellow for their huge unstinting efforts over the months. a number of finger posts had to be replaced and a latch fitted, thanks are due to Jean Dellow for help on these. In addition to the above, two stiles were replaced with metal kissing gates at the far end of Gorselands which Howard Dellow carried out almost single-handed.
    2. Bridleway 21a, access from Stream Lane. (Complaint received about signing). The bridleway was diverted in 1992. Although the plan is poor, according to ESCC, it appears to show the bridleway leaving the drive pretty much where the gate is currently positioned. The bank appears to have been part of the existing route. As horses do not appear to use this path and the slope is probably more dangerous for cyclists than steps, ESCC is proposing putting in steps. ESCC asks whether it is necessary to re-instate a footpath along the verge to the driveway from the old start point of the bridleway prior to diversion? Path can be signposted on the current line.
    3. Footpath 22, broken bridge and County Council notice to "Use alternative route". (Complaint received from elderly walker). ESCC reply - on list for a while, isn't urgent as others because it can be used with care and there is no drop to speak of.
    4. Footpath 28a, Collapsed brick arch bridge. (Complaint received from landowners). Meeting arranged with ESCC on Wed 27 May at 10:30 to meet D Betts.
    5. Public Rights of Way Network survey. Letter received from East Sussex County Council.
  2. Drainage from Chapel Hill into Sportsfield ditch. Report from Cllr Rand.
  3. Community Transport. Letter received from East Sussex County Council.
  4. Playground inspections.
  5. New pavilion.
  6. Portacabins.
  7. Legal Advice re Lease of Sedlescombe Sportsfield and possible Deed of Variation regarding 1) additional responsibilities of the lessees; 2) proposed sub-let by Sports Association to the Youth projects group.

Aim 4 To support business and rural employment in Sedlescombe

  1. Working from home. To note that Action in rural Sussex is campaigning for support for home businesses.

Aim 5 To protect and enhance Sedlescombe's built and natural environment

  1. Maintenance of Red Barn Field Nature Park. To receive a report of work carried out since the last report and to consider whether weedkiller should be used by Languard on the creeping thistles.
  2. Maintenance of grass verges to safeguard wildflowers. Information received regarding cutting of grass verges by ESCC in order to balance its duty to the road user against the desire to encourage conservation.
  3. Control of Giant Hogweed on banks of River Line and River Brede. Contact from landowner and contractor.
  4. American Signal Crayfish in the River Brede. To consider revised policy provided by a lady living in Norfolk. Environment Agency has been asked to comment.
  5. Waste leaflet revision. To note that the leaflet has been revised and will be included in Welcome Packs.
  6. Butterfly Conservation Project as part of the Rother Woods Project. To consider whether the Rother Woods Project Officer, Steve Wheatley should be invited to speak with the parish council. So far this this year, five butterfly identification workshops and three events for local schools have been held. Fifty local people are now involved in the Rother butterfly surveys, covering over 8,000 acres of Rother District. The Project has made contact with 130 landowners and managers and has found three previously unknown colonies of UK Biodiversity Action Plan priority butterflies.
  7. Brede High Woods - National Family Week - Half term free event on May 29th 2009, 10:00 to 12:30 meet at main car park - Discover the Amazing History of Brede High Woods. Places to be reserved. Notice on board outside Sedlescombe Stores. Also councillors and families invited to BBQ.

P Raymond, Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer

Sedlescombe Parish Council,

01424 870508, sedlescombe@freezone.co.uk

6 May 2009