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PARISH COUNCILLORS PRESENT: Cllr Wright (Chairman of the Council), Cllr Rand (Vice-Chairman of the Council), Cllrs Glew, Irwin, Marland, Mitchell, Wheatley

District Councillor Tony Ganly

PCSO Demi (part)
36 members of the public





C09/10.46 Apologies and reasons for absence. Cllrs Dellow (holiday), Martin (prejudicial interest in the only matter on the agenda by reason of his daughter being the Marketing Manager of Pestalozzi International Village).
C09/10.47 Interests. Declarations of existence and nature of councillor's interests. None declared.
C09/10.48 Public Participation Session. The Chairman moved this item into the relevant item of the agenda (see C09/10.50 below).
Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Council is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Emergency Meeting of the Council held on 09/06/09.
C09/10.50 Pestalozzi International Village Trust (PIVT)

Premises Licence Application. The Chairman outlined the current situation regarding licences at PIVT. Premises have to have a licence from the Licensing Authority (Rother District Council) before providing certain types of entertainment including music and dance.


Pestalozzi already has one premises licence for certain buildings on the estate for showing films and plays and for music and dancing. This allows this type of entertainment every day of the week starting at 1300 and going on until 2200 Mondays to Thursdays, 2300 Fridays & Saturdays and 1800 on Sundays.


The current application is to allow live or recorded music, dance and late night refreshment anywhere on the Estate on Fridays 1600-0200, Saturdays 1100-0200 and Sundays 1100-2000, indoors (this includes marquees) and outdoors. The application states that headphones will be used between 0000 and 0200 on Fridays and Saturdays. The licence, if approved, will be ongoing. The maximum number of days in a calendar year that any event can be held on the Estate is 28 under Planning Permitted Development rules.


A hearing is expected to be held on 08/07/09.


Public Participation Session. At the Chairman's invitation, members of the public spoke regarding the Premises Licence Application and the proposed 3-day Music Festival in August as follows:

  • Debbie Martin (Marketing Manager, Pestalozzi International Village)
  • Ted Cornford (Park Shaw)
  • Amanda Moreton-King (The Street)
  • Anthony Moreton-King (The Street)
  • Julie Fearnehough (East View Terrace)
  • Jean Bartholomew (Orchard Way)
  • Bill Cameron (Old Stables)
  • Ron Sunderland (The Street)
  • Pat O'Donnell (Chapel Hill)
  • Andrew Mawson
  • Eileen Bullen (Streetlands)
  • Jenny Keeling (Powdermill Lane)
  • Anne Corps (The Street)
  • Peter Broomhead (Cottage Lane)
  • Elizabeth Bambrough (Cottage Lane)
  • Martine Coppens (The Street)
  • John Murray (Park Shaw)
  • Gwendoline Groves (The Street)

Debbie Martin explained that Pestalozzi had approved the Festival in order to raise much-needed money for the charity which is struggling financially and is in debt. She answered various points raised by the public. The sale of the land will not pay for the current debt. There is no intention to play music to 0200. Music will stop at midnight and the following two hours will be silent discos. There is no intention to have several Festivals. An ongoing licence has been applied for by Urban Foxes because events in addition to the One Love Festival are planned such as, in September, a 50th Anniversary celebration which should attract 2,000 people. There will be a live band but it will end at 1600. It is expected that the Parish Council will be made aware of future events. The One Love Festival in August will be tickets only and limited to 2,400 people. Traffic will be directed away from the Village. A professional security firm will be employed with security fencing. It is not expected that people attending the Festival will wander around the Village. The quarterly Estate Meeting was informed of the event. There will be a telephone number for people to ring about noise nuisance. The Police have been to the site and are satisfied with arrangements that are being put in place.


The following points were raised by the public:

  • If allowed the licence could open the door to more than has currently been described leading to a devaluation of properties in Sedlescombe.
  • Even with all doors and windows closed, the music being played at previous events was clearly audible in Park Shaw.
  • Pestalozzi does not support Sedlescombe Village.
  • No requirement for further licensing.
  • Alcohol and crime are linked.
  • At all Festivals there is drugs and vice.
  • The fields to be used are close to the sportsfield where children play.
  • The correct application number is needed before a representation can be made on Rother's website.
  • Vulnerable youths at East View could lapse into crime and disorder.
  • Travel problems will occur.
  • Babies will not be able to sleep.
  • Unknown people will be wandering about the Village.
  • Why does Pestalozzi need any more money as they currently have land for sale for millions of pounds?
  • The events are likely to grow if the licence is granted.
  • Long history of problems for people living on the Estate regarding noisy use of the buildings.
  • The new Director, Paul Evans, did not explain about the licence although he has held quarterly meetings for residents.
  • Police or PCSO cannot be around all the time to guard properties.
  • Unauthorised camping took place at the Global Fusion event very close to the small back gardens of properties in Chapel Hill and, although complainants were told it would be moved, it was not moved.
  • No reassurances made by the Marketing Manager are binding.
  • Could we ask for an additional day to make representation? (Cllr Ganly will ask)
  • The proposed Festival is not appropriate in a quiet rural area.
  • Why wasn't more notice given?
  • If the Festival doesn't go ahead, will Pestalozzi be forced to sell off more bits of land?
  • Who are the security men? Why they be students?
  • Why is the charity calling in a professional firm to run the Festival? There has got to be something in it for them. Presumably, they think they will be able to run other events.
  • The Global Fusion event was badly run and people living in The Street had problems with drunks and people urinating in the street.
  • Pestalozzi security has no jurisdiction in the Village.
  • Police resources are inadequate to cover this event and provide normal cover in the rural area.
  • Surprised that Police are satisfied.
  • Why can't a licence be granted for a shorter period of time?
  • This type of event is too much for Sedlescombe Village.

After 50 minutes of open discussion, the Chairman moved on to allow the Council to consider the Premises Licence Application. Members were reminded that, if they should decide to make representation about the application, they should restrict comments to the four licensing objectives of The prevention of crime and disorder, Public Safety, The prevention of public nuisance and The protection of children from harm. Members expressed differing opinions regarding supporting Pestalozzi and allowing a Festival to be held. It was noted that no member of the public had earlier spoken in favour of allowing the licence to the granted and that outdoor music events will be certain to create a public nuisance for a substantial number of Sedlescombe's community, some of whom live in very close proximity to the proposed site of the One Love Festival. It was agreed that it is essential that each event can be evaluated.


Crime and Disorder - RESOLVED: That the public concerns regarding the prevention of crime and disorder as expressed at this meeting should be forwarded to the Licensing Panel.


The Prevention of Public Nuisance - RESOLVED: That the following should be forwarded to the Licensing Panel regarding the application for a second premises licence at Pestalozzi and the prevention of public nuisance:

A) That, because of the public nuisance that could ensue from the grant of a second ongoing premises licence on the Pestalozzi Estate and the need to carefully manage different events, the licence should be amended to cover one event only.


B) That a condition should be attached to any premises licence granted that "No fireworks or other pyrotechnics shall be used other than with prior consent of the Licensing Authority".


C) That a condition should be attached to any premises licence granted that "No refuse shall be disposed of or collected from the premises between the hours of 2300 and 0900 where such disposal is likely to cause disturbance for residents".


D) That the hours covered by the new licence should be shortened to end events at 2345 on Fridays and Saturdays and to start events on Sunday mornings at 12 noon rather than 1100.


E) That, if an ongoing licence is permitted, the land covered by the licence should exclude any involving the public footpath running through the Estate.


F) That, access arrangements for events should acknowledge the Parish Council's legal right to gain entry and exit from the sportsfield car park and that of owners to reach their properties on the Pestalozzi Estate by passing along Ladybird Lane in either direction.


Further information regarding the reasons for reaching these conclusions will be included in representation to Rother District Council's Licensing Panel (full details are attached to these Minutes).


The Protection of Children from Harm - RESOLVED: That the public concerns regarding the protection of children from harm as expressed at this meeting should be forwarded to the Licensing Panel.


Proposed Events at PIVT

1. TRIBAL EARTH EVENT – Thursday 20 to Sunday 23 August - a small event for members only for about 150 people.  This is a family camping event to be held under a temporary events notice and will include drumming, chanting and music.  The Police alone can object to the granting of a temporary events notice on grounds of crime and disorder.  This event has been held at Pestalozzi for several years and has raised money for the street children in Nepal.

2. ONE LOVE FESTIVAL – Friday 21 to Sunday 23 August – a Reggae Music Festival restricted to 2,400 people.  Music is planned from 5 stages with music commencing at 1600 on the Friday afternoon and finishing at 2000 on the Sunday evening.  On two of the three evenings, the last two hours up to 2am will be silent with the audience listening through headphones. During the weekend, performers are listed as playing for 30 hours.  Tickets are on sale for one or two days or the whole weekend.  Camping will be available in the field opposite the sportsfield and accommodation will be available in some of the Pestalozzi buildings.  This is a fund-raising event for Pestalozzi.

3. BEER TENT.  The organisers of the One Love Festival are planning to apply for a temporary events notice for a beer tent.


Saturday 5 September – Alumni Reunion open afternoon.  Open to the Public 1200-1600

Jazz Day
Strawberries and Champagne (Classical) Day
Medieval Fair Day
Jousting Day
Hill Climb Day

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