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MEMBERS PRESENT: Cllr Rand (Chairman), Cllrs Wright, and Glew. R Farley, A Davey and J Noonan (co-opted)

Pauline J Raymond (Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer, Sedlescombe Parish Council)

SP09/10.1 Election of Chairman. RESOLVED: That Cllr Rand be Chairman of the Committee for the ensuing year.
SP09/10.2 Co-option. RESOLVED: That Rosemary Farley, Ashley Davey and John Noonan are co-opted to the Committee for the ensuing year.
SP09/10.3 Apologies and reasons for absence. None.
SP09/10.4 Disclosure of interests. None.
SP09/10.5 Public Participation. No public present.

Pavilion - outstanding matters.

  1. CCTV. Funds are in hand both from new grants and from money remaining in the Parish Council's Sportsfield Fund for installation of CCTV on the pavilion as recommended by the Crime Prevention Officer. Four cameras have been recommended but problems regarding siting of the cameras have still to be resolved by the Sports Association.
  2. British Gas. The Chairman (also Project Manager) reported that the contractor is still getting calls from British Gas regarding the pavilion. He will be asked to send queries to Rosemary Farley, the Sports Association's Treasurer.
  3. Deed of Variation on Parish Council/Sports Association Lease. John Noonan will get further signatures and return the papers to the Clerk as soon as possible. John Cornford's death certificate was given to the Clerk for forwarding to the Solicitor and then the Land Registry for amendment of the Trustees of the Sports Association. It was noted that the widow had asked for the certificate to be returned in due course. Ashley Davey will take John Cornford's place as trustee of the Sports Association joining existing Trustees John Mainwood and David Mitchell.


  1. Draft Lease as prepared by Hedleys (Solicitors). Hedleys had provided a draft lease of the land on which the portacabins sit. By it, the Council would be a party to the Lease of the portacabins to the Youth Group as well as the Sports Association. There would be a term of 5 years and termination of the Lease could be controlled by clauses regarding behaviour.

    Members considered the draft but were unable to accept the clauses for terminating the lease if bad behaviour either on site or in the Village occurs. If things go wrong, the onus of proving the Youth Group has "allowed" activities which are or may become a nuisance to the Sports Association, the Council or the wider Sedlescombe community, would fall on the Sports Association/Parish Council and neither have the necessary resources to take on this additional work. Once so much money has been spent on work to the portacabin, it would be unreasonable to try to close the facility for anything other than quite a major problem, and this would leave minor problems rumbling on and causing aggravation for a long time.

    In addition, members were concerned about the safety of users because of the close proximity of the site to the river and the unlit surroundings. These matters, together with the fact that the majority of young people in Sedlescombe live at East View Terrace, led the Committee to come to the view that the most appropriate site for a youth centre in Sedlescombe is the old Scout Hut site at East View Terrace. If, for any reason, this is not available, the Kickabout Area could be considered as a second choice.

    It was noted that, whereas the original purpose of the project at East View was to provide a community facility and not just a youth centre, the current project's aim for a youth centre at the sportsfield, as expressed by Orbit Housing Association and the Youth Development Service, is a need to integrate sections of Sedlescombe's community. The Council does not believe this is required.

    RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That both the Sports Association and the Parish Council remain supportive of the idea of a community facility which the youth can use at East View Terrace and, if the portacabins are still required, the Council is willing to give them as its contribution towards the project.

  2. Next steps. Craig Atkins of Orbit Housing Association will be contacted after this meeting regarding decisions made. The portacabins need moving from the Sportsfield as soon as possible. It was suggested that it might be just as easy for the Youth Group to purchase another portacabin and for the Parish Council and the Football Club to dispose of their portacabins elsewhere.

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