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MEMBERS PRESENT: Cllrs Mitchell, Dellow, Irwin, Martin
Councillor Wright (Chairman of the Council), Councillor Rand (Vice-Chairman of the Council)

Mrs P Raymond (Clerk/RFO)


Terms of Reference

  1. To decide what future maintenance/repair should be undertaken of the Grade II listed Pumphouse, its lead pump and oak seats.
  2. To recommend to the Finance Committee how future maintenance should be paid for and what grand aid applications should be made.
  3. To make the necessary arrangements as required by the funders including ways of involving the local community.
H09/10.1 Chairman. RESOLVED: That Cllr Mitchell is Chairman of the Committee for the ensuing year.
H09/10.2 Apologies and reasons for absence. None, all present.
H09/10.3 Disclosure by Members of interests. None.
H09/10.4 Public participation session. No public present.
H09/10.5 Scaled Drawing of the Pumphouse and Insurance. It was noted that Pumphouse Designs is producing a scaled drawing of the Pumphouse and that the Pumphouse is currently insured for £150,000.

Future maintenance/repair of the Grade II Listed Pumphouse, its lead pump and oak seats. The pumphouse and pump are considered an important part of Sedlescombe's history and need to be retained in good order.

  1. Seats. The two oak benches were installed in 1965 and were a gift from Mrs Haddon in memory of her husband, Mjr Haddon. At that time, they cost £110 each and were copies of the original benches installed in 1900. Sedlescombe Parish Council last had them refurbished in 2003. Currently, various repairs are required but members agreed that repair and refurbishment, rather than replacement, would be the best option for the benches. Keeping them painted black was also agreed although the current trend of vandals adding white paint to the surfaces is a bit worrying. An anti-graffiti covering might be advisable.
  2. Sandstone pillars. Major repairs costing £1500 were carried out to the sandstone pillars in 2002 by Rother Stone Restoration Specialists of Staplecross. Old pointing was cut out and the pillars were repointed using lime, cement and sand mortar. Damaged stone was replaced. Clear anti-vandal paint was applied. Currently, the pillars are being damaged by graffiti either painted on or scratched in. Some more pointing is required and maybe other repairs to the surface.
  3. Roof. The plasterboard ceiling was boarded by Mr Tim Burkett of Landsford Design and Building Services, Catsfield in 2000 and is currently in good order. Major repairs to replace roof timbers, retile, repair and paint rendering and treat all showing timber were carried out in 2001 by Mr M Phillips of Belmont Road, Hastings. Currently tiles broken by vandals need replacing and a small amount of lead flashing needs repair on the gables. Exposed roof timbers could be treated with clear preservative.
  4. Lead Pump. The pump was installed by a local benefactor in 1900 and was used to draw water by many residents surrounding the Village Green until 1958 when mains water was installed. In the 1980s, a fire inside the pump melted some of the lead and the top is now leaning. The surface of the lead has been scratched. In December 2007, a quotation of £4,200 was obtained by the Council for completely refurbishing the structure (excluding the pumping action), including replacement of the internal woodwork and a lot of the lead, from RPJ Leadwork Ltd. of Rye. No work has been undertaken to date. Cllr Rand would like to see the pump working again.
  5. Metal cage. The metal cage surrounding the lead pump was installed in 1990 by Simes of Hastings. Currently, it is beginning to rust and requires painting. It would have to be removed before work could be undertaken on the pump itself. Members considered the problem of safeguarding the lead but also of allowing the pump to be seen. It was suggested that a more ornate cage might be more attractive installed further away from the pump so that it could not be scratched.

Further information will be obtained before the next meeting of the Committee on 18 August, when how the work will be paid for will also be considered.

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