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PRESENT: Cllrs R Dellow, Glew, Irwin, Wheatley, Councillor Wright (Chairman of the Council), Mrs J Dellow, Mr R Glew, Police Sgt Sarah Porter, Sedlescombe Police Community Support Officer Demetrius Georghiou, Andrea Wood ( Sussex Police Rother District Anti-Social Behaviour Officer), Mr Craig Atkins (Orbit South Community Investment Officer), Mr Leslie Pritchard (Orbit Housing Association)

Mrs P Raymond - Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer, Sedlescombe Parish Council

CS09/10.1 Election of the Chairman of the Committee. RESOLVED: That Cllr Dellow be Chairman of the Committee for the ensuing year.
CS09/10.2 Apology for absence was received from Sally Martin, Debi Carr (on course) and Leon Mende (working).
CS09/10.3 Declarations of existence and nature of councillor's interests, whether personal or personal/prejudicial, with regard to items on the agenda. None declared.
CS09/10.4 Public participation session. None present.
CS09/10.5 Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Committee is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Crime & Safety Advisory Committee held on 06/01/09.

Discussion of methods of communication between different agencies.

  1. Communication between the Police and the Housing Association. Although Craig Atkins had requested the meeting to discuss methods of communication, particularly with the Police, he is now satisfied that a good system is in operation.
  2. Communication between the Parish Council and the Youth of the Village. Cllr Wright had attended a recent meeting with several youths who had written to her complaining that they are not being kept informed about youth matters, particularly regarding the proposed youth club. The meeting had also been attended by Sue Manwaring and another youth worker. Cllr Wright had said that the Parish Council is communicating with the Sedlescombe Youth Group who are expected to pass on the information to the young people.
  3. Communication between local residents and the Police re incidents. It is of course important that residents who have any concerns about crime or safety should report them on the Police telephone numbers, either emergency or non-emergency. The Police will pass information regarding anti-social behaviour to Andrea Wood. Demi believes that people living at East View are aware of how to report incidents to the Police.
  4. Communication between local residents and the Housing Association. The relevant freephone number was included in last week's Sedlescombe News so that worried residents, particularly from East View, can speak to the Housing Association about their concerns. It was noted that the Sedlescombe News only reaches about a hundred households.
  5. Communication between the Housing Association and local residents. Craig Atkins agreed to investigate provision of a noticeboard at East View Terrace.
  6. Provision of Crimestoppers', Police and Orbit HA telephone numbers to Sedlescombe residents. Craig Atkins and PS Sarah Porter will produce 700 copies of a one page document listing relevant phone numbers for the Clerk to arrange distribution throughout the parish with the forthcoming Parish Council Bulletin. In the longer-term, provision of stickers with this information for attaching to telephones will be investigated by PS Sarah Porter. Funding may be available through Thelma Blankley (Police Crime Prevention), the Sedlescombe Friendship Fund (Chairman Cllr Wright) and/or Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Watch (Treasurer Cllr Glew).
  7. Recurring anti-social behaviour. Orbit and the Police agree that the number of young people causing trouble in Sedlescombe has drastically reduced and is now down to 3-4. All of these are aged over, or nearly 18. Action, including through the courts, is being taken by the Police and Orbit. It was acknowledged by Orbit and the Police that, unfortunately, some problems will always occur which need action to be taken by the Police. Sometimes, although good evidence is placed before the courts, firm action is not taken by the judges. If a judge does issue an exclusion injunction, the person has made him/herself intentionally homeless and the local authority does not have to re-house him/her.

    Demi reported the following recent anti-social behaviour:
    1. Rowdiness and vandalism by identified local youths at Pestalozzi Estate.
    2. Party at East View that turned into a drunken brawl with broken bottles in the road and a smashed car. Local youths involved.
    3. East View flat smashed up by tenant.
    4. Baseball bat fight at East View involving tenants.

  8. New anti-social behaviour by younger children. Orbit and the Police work together to ensure that anti-social behaviour by younger children is nipped in the bud. Parents are visited which may lead to Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABCs). The refusal to accept an ABC can lead to a tenancy being threatened.
  9. Under-age drinking. Andrea Wood reported under-age drinking at East View which could lead to anti-social behaviour. Shops and other outlets supplying alcohol have been visited. A lot of alcohol appears to be coming from homes.
  10. Local Lettings Policy/Choice Based Lettings. Orbit's Local Lettings Policy has been overtaken by the Choice Based Lettings Scheme run by local authorities ie Rother DC.
  11. Starter Tenancies. Leslie Pritchard reported that the new Starter Tenancies Scheme gives greater powers to end tenancies where there is anti-social behaviour.
  12. Feedback. It is important that people who make reports are informed of the results.
C09/10.7 Future meetings. Those present did not currently know of any crime or safety issue which they would like to discuss at another meeting? Craig Atkins would like to see regular housing and Police reports at any meeting that is arranged.
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