A report to Sedlescombe Parish Council by Cllr Dellow on 13 January 2009

The issue regarding litter is that it is a very visible problem but difficult to find a solution.

Some solutions suggested in the Stop the Drop document, such as employing a litter warden and/or an enforcement officer, are beyond SPC's finances, but please find some "no cost" suggestions below:

  1. "Business can be required to clear litter up to 100 metres of their property" - a gentle note to each of the few businesses in the Village, particularly the Queen's Head, to remind them of their responsibilities.

  2. "Use your Police Community Support Officer" - as your enforcement officer. It may be that our PCSO is already working on this problem but, nevertheless, discuss the problems with him and what he may be able to do and advertise the fact that the PCSO is our enforcement officer. If any fixed penalty notices are issued, advertise the fact.

  3. "Put up signs" - SPC to discuss whether signs have the desired affect and the cost of signs.

  4. "Do a big tidy up" - Involving the children of the school and the people of the Village to take part in a tidy up.

  5. Expand the litter picker numbers.

  6. Invite the Re-think Rubbish Bus or similar to more of the events in the Village.

  7. One of the enduring litter 'eyesores' is behind the garages on EVT and Waterboard land nearby. Contained in the "Stop the Drop" document is reference to the powers parish councils have over rubbish on private land. Work with owners of the land and, if not, consider the use of an enforcement notice.

  8. Advertise. If a campaign to try to stop dropping of litter, it should be advertised to raise awareness, including the use of the quarterly bulletin.