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PARISH COUNCILLORS PRESENT: Cllr Wright (Chairman), Cllr A Rand (Vice-Chairman), Cllrs Dellow, Glew, Martin, Mitchell, Wheatley


ALSO PRESENT FOR PARTS OF THE MEETING: about ten members of the public, PCSO Demetrius Georghiou, County Cllr Peter Jones, District Cllr Tony Ganly




The Chairman invited County Councillor Jones to speak. Cllr Jones reported that:

  • He will ensure that the County Council gives priority to road repairs after the snow and ice have gone.
  • He is aware that the County Council will have to cope with reduced local authority budgets for the next four or five years no matter which party wins the forthcoming election. He reported that he expects the County Council to be inventive to retain services without increasing Council Tax.

The Chairman invited District Councillor Ganly to speak. Cllr Ganly reported that:

  • Rother District Council will also have to deal with cuts in local authority budgets.
  • He apologised for the disruption of rubbish collection services since Christmas due to the poor weather conditions.

The Chairman invited PCSO Demetrius Georghiou to speak. Demi reported that:

  • Three PCSOs carried out local observation regarding poaching offences over several nights before Christmas. 130 intelligence reports were made and five people involved in an organised crime syndicate were arrested.
  • Minor anti-social behaviour by youths at East View reported.
  • Attempted break in at the Queen's Head on Boxing Day. Person arrested yesterday.
  • 06:00, early morning speed checks in Sedlescombe were very successful with 17 and 23 people being stopped on two mornings. Further checks have been authorised and this time a NPT officer will accompany Demi in order that on-the-spot fines can be imposed.
  • Budget Car Company creating problems for local people. Ice was being swept onto the highway today, posts have been dumped on the Playing Field Trust land and long-term parking of vehicles close to the bridge has caused additional problems for drivers in bad weather.
  • He had asked the builders working on properties at the rear of the Queen's Head to be more considerate to local people.

Demi was thanked for his report and left the meeting.


Apologies and reasons for absence:

  • Cllr Mary Irwin - inclement weather.
  • Cllr John Marland - attending funeral in Canterbury.

Interests. Declarations of existence and nature of councillor's interests, whether personal/prejudicial, in accordance with the adopted Code of Conduct 2007, with regard to items on the agenda. Members were reminded to repeat the declarations when the items were announced by the Chairman. The following interests were declared:



C09/10.99.1 Cllr Glew Personal interest by virtue of being one of the Council's representatives on the Rother Association of Local Councils
C09/10.99.2 Cllr Glew Personal interest by virtue of being the Council's Trustee of the Village Hall
C09/10.99.2 Cllr Mitchell Personal interest by virtue of being a Trustee of the Village Hall
C09/10.99.3 Cllr Rand Personal interest by virtue of being the Council's representative on the Sports Association Committee.
C09/10.99.6 Cllr Dellow Personal interest by virtue of being the Council's representative on the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Watch Committee
C09/10.99.6 Cllr Glew Personal interest by virtue of being a member of Sedlescombe's Neighbourhood Watch Committee
C09/10.105.3 Cllr Martin Personal/prejudicial interest by virtue of his daughter being the Marketing Manager at Pestalozzi International Village
C09/10.106.8 All councillors Personal/prejudicial interests by virtue of the Council being the sole trustee of the Sedlescombe Playing Field & Recreation Ground Trust. Dispensation granted by Rother DC.
C09/10.95 Prejudiced members' participation. Cllr Martin declined the Chairman's invitation to speak on item C09/10.106.8.

Public Participation Session. The Chairman asked members of the public if they wished to make representation, answer questions or give evidence with regard to items on the agenda and agreed that the following persons could speak regarding agenda item C09/10.105.3 Pestalozzi Licence Application:

  • Mr Kenneth Weston
  • Mr Roy Chapman
  • Mr John Hooker

She proposed that the item should be taken next. Cllr Martin declared his personal/prejudicial interest and left the meeting.

C09/ Pestalozzi. Report of public meeting on 13/11/09. Poor attendance by Sedlescombe public - 20 including three parish councillors and the Clerk. Full house of Pestalozzi students. Paul Evans reported deficit of £300K in 2008 and £200K in 2009.

There are now three separate charities - students, outreach and estate. Looking to increase number of students to 60, some from new countries. The students are being sponsored by the Grieg Foundation, a part of a Norwegian shipping and investment corporation called The Grieg Group.

The second charity is Pestalozzi educational outreach working with schools etc.

Third charity is the Pestalozzi Country Park Estate where the only income comes from JCA, letting 2 houses; environmental grants and events. The Country Park Estate is to be launched in March to be open every day of the year promoting the Pestalozzi message. The estate should encourage family quality time with walks, bridle paths and mountain bike trails, outdoor courses, etc. There are 200 beds to let, 120 person canteen, 160 acres. Wants to have events to maximise income from the estate, to include the Black Horse Festival.

The land for development of houses was just about sold. They had also started the Hastings Business School using four lecturers made redundant from Hastings College and hoped chinese students would come this year. Hill climb club finding it difficult to get the money to invest in Ladybird Lane. They were looking to invest £50,000 but it was dropped to £30,000 and it will be looked at about now to see if it is viable.

Although several attendees were not happy, Cllr Wright had suggested letting the programme go ahead this year and asked Paul Evans to come back to another public meeting at the end of 2010 to review the situation.
C09/ Question sent to Rother Planning. At the public meeting, Bill Cameron asked Paul Evans about the proposed highway improvement at the junction of Pestalozzi, the B2244 and Chapel Hill which was the subject of a 106 agreement with ESCC in connection with development of the proposed Conference Centre. Paul replied that he expected the housing developer to pay for not only the highway improvement but also the laybys in Ladybird Lane.

The Clerk reported having written to Rother Planning asking for its interpretation of the probable timing of the road improvements as it is now expected that the Conference Centre, which would have prompted the highway improvements, is not expected to be built. However, the proposed uses of the estate will bring increased traffic. Rother Planning Officer, Mark Cathcart, has referred the question to the solicitors and his reply is still awaited.

Premises Licence Application. A premises licence application had been submitted to Rother District Council by The Black Horse Festival (2009) Ltd. as follows:

  • Sale of Alcohol 28/05/10-30/05/10 - 12:00 to 23:45 each day
  • Sale of Alcohol 31/05/10 - 12:00-23:30
  • Performance of Dancing, Live Music, Recorded Music, Films, Provision of Facilities for Dancing and for making music, late night refreshment 28/05/10 - 19:00-23:59; 29/05/10-31/05/10 11:30-23:59 (each day)

The closing date for representations to Rother is 13/01/10. Cllr Ganly confirmed that no extension of the time for representations to be submitted was allowed. The Chairman allowed the public to speak as follows:


Mr Weston spoke of his concern that up to 1500 people are expected at the Festival on each of the four days and that it is the intention of the organisers to have Pestalozzi as its permanent site. Also that traffic and environmental problems can be expected. He was worried about the type of people that this event might attract and did not believe that Pestalozzi's survival was based on this one event. He commented on Sedlescombe's recent success in the Village of the Year Community Competition which he said local people had worked hard to achieve.

Mr Chapman who lives closest to the Arena field compared the Pestalozzi estate where the environment is uncontrolled to the previous Black Horse Festival site where the environment was controlled. He objects to the proposed access to the site and believes this to be the wrong place for the Black Horse Festival.

Mr Hooker is concerned about security which he believes will not be sufficient.

Some discussion took place about the previous Global Fusion Events where 6,000 people attended on the last occasion. Cllr Dellow reminded the Council that the previous Chief Executive, Derek Marshall, had said he would not allow such an event to take place at Pestalozzi again because of drugs, children left on their own and general mayhem in the Village. Some suggestions for alternative uses of the land if Pestalozzi were to decide to leave were put forward.


The meeting was closed to the public and, after discussion, it was RESOLVED: That, having listened to the objections and in the knowledge that there is going to be a Hearing on 08/02/10, no objection will be made by the Parish Council to the granting of a Premises Licence as described between 28 and 31 May 2010 at Pestalozzi for a Black Horse Festival. Should the event be authorised, any problems arising will be taken into consideration by the Parish Council when further licence applications are submitted.

  The public and District and County Councillors left the meeting, Cllr Martin returned and the Parish Council continued with the agenda from C09/10.97.
Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Council is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 10/11/09.
C09/10.98 Minutes of Meetings of Committees
  1. Planning Committee. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meetings of the Planning Committee held on 24/11/09 and 05/01/10 are received.
  2. Finance Committee. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meetings of the Finance Committee held on 15/12/09 are received and, where necessary, recommendations approved. NB This approval to exclude the following recommendations: F09/ and F09/10.45 which have been included separately on the agenda.
C09/10.99 Reports from representatives. To receive reports as follows:
  1. Rother Association of Local Councils. Cllr Glew declared her personal interest. The meeting planned for tomorrow had been postponed because of inclement weather conditions. Comment was made about the large amount of expenses claimed by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of RALC.
  2. Village Hall Trust. Cllr Glew declared her personal interest by virtue of being the Council's Village Hall Trustee. Cllr Mitchell declared her personal interest by virtue of being a Village Hall Trustee. Cllr Glew reported that, in February, there will be a sub-committee meeting regarding the floors of the Hall and CR2. The AGM will be held on 18/03/10. Some salting of the village hall car park had taken place but the Chairman reported that her husband had fallen twice on the ice when going to the Library that day. The Chairman also asked why a stable-door had not been installed between the kitchen and CR2 to make serving teas easier. Cllr Glew explained this was not allowed due to fire risks.
  3. Sports Association.
    1. Representative's report. Despite the Clerk reminding the Chairman of the Sports Association that Cllr Rand ought to be invited to meetings, Cllr Rand had not heard from the Association for some time and had, therefore, not attended any meetings.
    2. Finance Committee's recommendation at F09/ Ashley Davey had been due to attend the meeting to speak on the subject of the proposed hedges but he was ill. RESOLVED: That the Sports Association's request for permission to plant hedges on the riverbank and beside the ditch is refused because low hedges will not solve the problem with balls any better than current riverbank barriers but will impose further maintenance work on the Association, could obstruct the access for dealing with giant hogweed outbreaks beside the river and create problems for maintaining the ditch as there is no other legal access to the ditch than from the sportsfield side.

      Since the Finance Meeting, a further e-mail has been received from the Environment Agency, this time from its Biodiversity Officer who suggests:
      1. Planting a hedge along the bank of the river wouldn't be appropriate for the river. There may be more natural planting schemes that would appear more in keeping with the rural area and the High Weald AONB.
      2. If a small hedgerow were to be approved, it would have to be 8 metres from the top of the riverbank in accordance with current byelaws.
      3. Planting along the river should only include native tree species that are suitable for the rivers, such as willows and alder, although creating small wooded areas of scrub and trees is also appropriate.

      The Environment Agency Biodiversity Officer states that they have been working on flood risk modelling for the River Brede to help plan future enhancement work that would benefit the ecology of the river but not increase flood risk to urban infrastructure. Although at an early stage, they would like to discuss this subject with the Parish Council. The Clerk was authorised to arrange a site meeting with the Environment Agency Biodiversity Officer, Cllrs Rand and Dellow and Sports Association representatives to discuss possible small landscaping schemes at the field.

    3. It was noted that the Deed of Variation for the Sportsfield Lease has been signed. RESOLVED: That the legal fees in connection with the Deed of Variation for the Sportsfield Lease should be met from the Sportsfield Pavilion Fund.

  4. Environment Officer. For report later in the agenda.
  5. Tree Warden. Nothing to report.
  6. NHW representative. Cllr Dellow declared his personal interest as the Council's representative on the Committee. Cllr Glew declared her personal interest by virtue of her being a member of the NHW Committee. Cllr Dellow reported that the e-mail system has been set up for co-ordinators and a few others to allow local issues to be acted on.

Clerk's Report.

  1. Parish Online. A new online mapping tool for parish councils had just been launched. RESOLVED: That the Clerk is authorised to purchase the Parish Online mapping tool at the cost of £20 sign-up fee and £10/year for every 1000 population.
C09/10.101 Finance
  1. Bank Reconciliations. RESOLVED: That the bank reconciliations at the end of November and December 2009 are approved.
  2. Cheques. RESOLVED: That payment of the December 2009 cheque list is ratified and the January 2010 cheque list approved.
  3. Precept 2010-11 Precept. Finance Committee's recommendation at F09/10.45. Members considered whether, after all, the precept should be raised in order to cover the full cost of a new bus shelter and to provide match funding for pumphouse grant aid. However, it was decided that an attempt would be made to find someone locally to make a new bus shelter for a more reasonable price. If necessary, funds held in general balances could be used. RESOLVED: That the 2010-11 Precept for Sedlescombe should be £31,500, ie no increase over 2009-10. The Chairman congratulated the Chairman of Finance and the RFO for being able to maintain the precept at the same level as 2009-10.


  1. Web-based Parish Plans - Tuesday 09/03/10, Sedlescombe Village Hall, 1030-1230. Clerk to attend.
  2. Code of Conduct - visit by members of the Rother Standards Committee, April 2010 onwards. RESOLVED: That, as requested by Rother, 30 minutes will be allocated at the start of either the July or September Parish Council Meeting for a short presentation by members of the Rother Standards Committee.

Magazines/newsletters. Receipt of the following magazines/newsletters was noted.

  1. LCR (Local Council Review) Winter 2009.
  2. Tree Warden newsletter.
  3. The Clerk January 2010.


  1. Rother District Council Draft Economic Regeneration Strategy. Rother DC has drafted a strategy aimed at establishing the role which Rother will play in helping to shape the local economy and support businesses and others. The draft includes a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis. Because of current economic weakness, it is unlikely that there will be any extra revenue but attempts will be made to lever in external funding. In brief the Strategy covers:
    1. Support for the Visitor Economy.
    2. Encouraging the development of high performing and high growth business. Two of Rother's six Corporate Plan Projects under this category are in the parish of Sedlescombe. These are
      • EP29 Marley Lane where they are planning to encourage the creation of 290-380 new jobs in 8,100 squ metres of commercial space. In order to facilitate this development, the junction of the A21 and Marley Lane is to be improved by the addition or a right turn lane on the A21 and to lanes leaving Marley Lane for right and left turns. Work to commence towards the end of February 2010 and last for six weeks. It was noted that the Swift-Lite Charcoal Site is currently up for sale at a reasonable price.
      • EP45 A21 Corridor Employment Sites. Marketing campaign by Rother to encourage the design and provision of employment sites adjacent to the improved road system.

    3. Helping improve local business competitiveness which will include promotion and maintenance of the vitality of our town centres.
    4. Helping improve education and skill levels, particularly among young people.
    5. Promotion of a positive image for the area.
    6. Helping remove barriers to employment.
    7. Developing the economic and social vitality of most deprived areas.

      RESOLVED: That the following comments should be made on the Rother draft Economic Regeneration Strategy: Generally this strategy appears to be focused on urban businesses. Rural businesses are not mentioned. Nothing about village shops for instance. Like to see Rother proactively working to get villages adequate signage to encourage visitors into their areas to take advantage of their hotels, shops, garages etc. Like to see Rother supporting public assets and leisure facilities belonging to parish councils as well as those belonging to Rother DC. Like to see Rother only supporting, encouraging and promoting festivals and events where the amenities of local people are safeguarded.
  2. Register of Electors edited version. RESOLVED: That the Clerk is authorised to comment on the current Government consultation and support abolition of the edited version of the Register of Electors.
C09/10.105 Aim 1 To achieve an Informed and Participating Sedlescombe Community
105.1 "Become a Fair Trade District". Has the Parish Council considered making Sedlescombe a "Fairtrade Village"? Request forwarded by Derek Stevens of Rother District Council. The request was considered by the Council and it was decided that no action should be taken.

Rother's Street Naming Policy. The Council noted Rother's new policy along the following lines:

  1. Developer or owner to propose preferred name which should meet the criteria laid down. If the suggested name does not meet the criteria, a decision will be made by Rother Planning Committee. The criteria is as follows
    1. Proven historical or local natural history connection or nature of terrain.
    2. Link to a person's name or commercial reference only permitted where there is a proven historical connection to the land and the name is put forward for commemorative purposes.
    3. Duplication or similar names should be avoided in the same village or postcode area.
    4. Street names should not be difficult to pronounce or spell.
    5. Street names should not cause offence.
    6. Use of North, South, East or West not encouraged.

  2. Considerable importance attached to views of parish council.
  3. Street naming process should start soon after planning permission is granted.
  4. Naming should take place before the development is marketed.

The Clerk had checked with Rother and had found that no name had been submitted by the developer at the rear of The Queen's Head although the houses are up to second floor level. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council would support "The Paddock" as the name for the ongoing development of three houses in Brede Lane.


RESOLVED: That the proposed development of four properties on land previously known as "Park View" should be known as "Tanyard" because Battle Abbey's Tanyard was on and around this site for 500 years and because, since conversion of Tanyard House in 1986 into three properties with new names, there has not been a property in Sedlescombe with that name.


No decision was reached on a name for the development of two properties on the RN French site where demolition is currently taking place. Cllr Glew reported contact from one of the demolition workers regarding an envelope found during the demolition. She will speak with the man and pass the envelope on to the Clerk.

105.3 Pestalozzi Premises Licence Application. This item was moved to the beginning of the agenda by the Chairman of the Council in order that members of the public could have their say at the earliest opportunity.
105.4 Parish Assembly arrangements. It was noted that the Clerk had invited local societies and businesses to have a table at the Assembly as has been the custom for the past few years. District and County Councillors have been invited to speak. The Carbon Footprint Survey and Fuel Poverty help scheme will be launched. The Chairman will seek people willing to be trained to help others obtain the grants necessary to improve insulation of their homes and, thereby, to save money. It was agreed that a paper regarding what is available would be placed on chairs at the Assembly.
105.5 Interactive Information Boards. A meeting that had been arranged for Rother Voluntary Action to speak to the Clerk about these boards had had to be postponed because of illness. Without having much information on what was being proposed, members felt that these were not appropriate for rural areas.
105.6 Donations towards refurbishment of Sedlescombe Pump. The Council was informed that a local resident had generously asked friends and family to make a donation to the fund for refurbishing the pump instead of giving her 50th birthday presents. The Chairman reported having spoken to the Finance Officer of the Warr Partnership regarding grant aid that could be available and the Clerk had been told by District Cllr Ganly that there could be money from Battle Partnership and Rother DC. The Clerk had also spoken to Robin of RPJ Leadwork, had obtained an updated quotation and had agreed with him that a period of about three months should be allowed for the proposed work to the pump. Cllr Rand had drawn up a specification for work to the Pumphouse. RESOLVED: That the Clerk is authorised to apply for Listed Building Consent for the proposed work to the pump.

May Fayre. The 2010 May Fayre will be held on Saturday afternoon 1 May on Sedlescombe Village Green and will raise money for the pump refurbishment. RESOLVED: that the following should be arranged:

  • Display of yokes
  • Sussex & Kent Weald Stationary Engine Group display of a stationary engine preferably connected with pumping water
  • Maypole dancing by Sedlescombe schoolchildren
  • Three-hour circus workshop by Scott Poleykett at a cost of £140 to be met from the Village of the Year prizemoney.
  • Other traditional craft stands and appropriate displays according to availability and space.

Risk assessment to include additional wardens to safeguard the crossing of The Green if the garden of the Queen's Head is involved. Meeting to be held soon. Cllrs Mitchell and Wheatley and the Clerk to be invited.

C09/10.106 Aim 2 To achieve a Safe and Healthy Sedlescombe Community
106.1 PCSO reports. Provided by Demi at the beginning of the meeting.

Reports re junction A21/B2244

  1. Meeting with Highways Agency 27/11/09. A meeting had taken place in the Brickwall Hotel attended by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council, the Clerk, Martin Wright, East Sussex Route Performance Manager, Highways Agency, Ian Kennard, East Sussex Strategy Manager for Balfour Beatty (previously Interroute), Beata Ginn, Administrator, Highways Agency and Greg Barker MP (part). Parish councillors explained the difficulties experienced by drivers using the junction now that the line markings have been changed and how some older people have stopped using this junction altogether but instead use narrow country lanes which are also dangerous. It was agreed that the existing situation is not ideal but cannot return to previous layout because of a poor accident record. In the medium term, a roundabout will be considered. However, this will have to be fully lit similar to the one at John's Cross. Concept designs will be submitted by end May 2010 and by November 2010 Balfour Beatty will be told which schemes are successful for the 2011/12 financial year. Public consultation has to take place and maybe land-take negotiations which will cause further delay.
  2. Police statistics. Following this meeting, the Clerk had obtained from the Police details of accidents at or near the junction during the three years up to end October 2009. There had been eight personal injury accidents at the junction involving fifteen casualties. Two from garden centre, one turning left, one involved a car on A21 leaving road and hitting cars waiting at the junction, three (including fatal) involved cars pulling out from B2244 in front of cars travelling south on the A21, one involved vehicles in the central reservation.
  3. Recent correspondence with Highways Agency. The Clerk had written to the Highways Agency stating that to the layman seven out of the eight recorded personal injury accidents including the fatal one could have happened at any junction and the recent change in road markings would not have improved or worsened the situation. The reply was that they had to review the road markings after the fatal accident and could not leave the old road markings as they are no longer in accordance with latest standards.

    The Parish Council has been informed that a Stage IV safety audit will take place in May 2010, following which any remedial measures will carried out using finance in the 2010/11 budget. The Clerk had asked the Highways Agency for a copy of the previous safety audit under the Freedom of Information Act and this was still awaited.
106.3 Stream Lane. After being alerted by a member of the public, the Clerk had asked East Sussex Highways to remark the "Y" junction lines in Stream Lane. Confirmation that this will be done had been received.
106.4 Water running down The Green and from Brickwall. Problems have been caused by water running in The Green and at the Brickwall entrance. With the recent very cold weather, the water has readily turned to ice. Before the recent snows, ESCC had carried out some work in The Green but the situation does not appear cured. Both areas may be to do with springs. The Chairman reported water running down the lower part of Chapel Hill. When the snow has gone, the Clerk will make a report to ESCC.
106.5 Request for more grit bins in the parish. A member of the public had asked for more grit bins in Sedlescombe and had suggested various positions. She had also suggested that the Council should encourage residents to purchase a bag of salt for use outside their properties. The supply of new bins and grit fill-ups is now the financial responsibility of parish councils. Cllr Mitchell mentioned that the grit bin in Brede Lane near East View is no longer filled by ESCC. Unfortunately, local residents take salt from these bins to clear their own properties and it is, therefore, no longer feasible for these bins to be filled. It would be unwise for the Council to encourage people to clear outside their properties because of insurance implications. It was therefore decided that the Parish Council would take no action in response to the resident's request but it would suggest to ESCC that the gritting route in Brede Lane does not stop short of East View Terrace where there are a lot of people who need to get to work. The Clerk had received a copy of a letter from a resident of Streetlands who had written to ESCC asking that, as a special exception, Streetlands is included in the gritting schedule because of the age and infirmity of residents. The current situation in the Village is that there is still snow on many side roads stopping people from driving out of their properties.
106.6 Rother arrangements for emptying dog bins in the parish. Nothing to report.
106.7 Playgrounds. The Clerk provided members with inspection sheets for 2010. A resident had reported to the Clerk that a vehicle had been driven on to the land beside the tennis courts on at least a couple of occasions causing damage. When the snow has gone, the Clerk will investigate.

Aim 3 To help provide Amenities and Services in Sedlescombe

  1. Report on the proposed Sedlescombe Services Sign on A21. At the meeting mentioned at 106.2.1 above, there were discussions regarding how Sedlescombe Services Signs could be provided. The Highways Agency agreed to consider and report back whether something could be done on existing sign faces to add Shop, Bed, WC and Knife and Fork symbols. If official signs are not available, or too expensive, it was suggested that Sedlescombe could consider an up to 1 metre x 1 metre sign on private land without planning permission as long as it was not an imitation of a road sign.
    At the meeting reported on at 108.1 below, it was suggested that, if it was possible to sort out the sign situation, the road closures could be used to put up the signs thus saving some of the cost. However, the Highways Agency had confirmed that it will not be possible to get anything sorted out even by March. Anyway, the cost would probably still be far too much. The Parish Council has agreed to donate £200.
  2. Lease of East View Kickabout Area to Youth Group. Draft has been passed to ESCC's Legal Department.
  3. Footpaths and Bridleways. Members of the Footpath Group will be having First Aid training.
  4. ESCC Bus Strategy. Cllr Ganly had asked several questions on behalf of Sedlescombe at the time of a presentation at Rother regarding the Bus Strategy. It appears that the 349 bus is really the only one that has received a halving of its service following loss of the subsidy and return to a two-hourly daytime service.

Aim 4 To support business and rural employment in Sedlescombe.

  1. Junction of A21 and Marley Lane. The Chairman and Clerk had had a meeting with Richard Shoobridge (Rother Project Manager) and Stuart Magowan (CEP - Designer) on 11/01/10 regarding the forthcoming improvements to the junction of the A21 and Marley Lane. This will include a right turn lane off the A21 into Marley Lane, in order to reduce the number of rear shunts, and alteration to two lanes leaving Marley Lane. It might take longer to get out of Marley Lane with the "improvements". The roadworks are a condition of planning approval and had been supported by Rother DC in order to help provide up to 380 jobs on the Rutherford, Swift-Lite Charcoal and DB Earthmoving sites in Marley Lane. The junction work is planned to commence towards the end of February and to last for six weeks. A stretch of the A21 will be closed for one night at the beginning of works and 1 1/2 to 2 nights at the end and traffic will be diverted through Sedlescombe. Consideration will be given to carrying out a letter drop to residents in The Street to encourage them to park their cars off the main highway when the diversion is in place. Both the Chairman and Clerk expressed their concerns that a similar problem to that being experienced at the A21/B2244 junction could arise but they were told it was the best scheme achievable and had been fully approved by the Highways Agency Technical Assessment and Safety Audit.

Aim 5 To protect and enhance Sedlescombe's built and natural environment

  1. Waste & Minerals Core Strategy. Landraising issues. The consultation period has been extended to 25/01/10. Sedlescombe Parish Council's initial comments have been forwarded (see C09/10.87.3). A recent e-mail from a group of villages in the Low Weald around Chiddingly, Laughton, East Hoathly and Ripe (previously known as VALaR) brought up the issue of landraise waste disposal facilities in connection with the current draft strategy. In 1998, these and other parishes set up an action group against landraise waste disposal sites proposed in the the Draft Local Waste Plan in their area. The following year, in 1999, East Sussex County Council made a last-minute amendment of the Plan to include a new landraise site at Marley Farm, Marley Lane, Battle which was opposed, and subsequently removed from the plan. VALaR are asking all parishes in East Sussex to comment that "to have landraise waste disposal facilities at the identified sites or any greenfield sites in East Sussex would be totally inappropriate". Sedlescombe Parish Council's 1999 letter to ESCC can be seen here. RESOLVED: That the Clerk is authorised to submit a further comment that to have landraise waste disposal facilities at any greenfield site in East Sussex would be totally inappropriate.
  2. Low Carbon Communities. Cllr Dellow and the Clerk have been working on this subject and had had a meeting with Rother's Beccy Anderson who had been most helpful.
    1. Clerk's Low Carbon Community Report. Members received the Clerk's Report.
    2. Launch of the Low Carbon Initiative at the Annual Parish Assembly. Attendance of Rother's Beccy Anderson and Hastings' Sara Winnington had been confirmed. The Council approved the paragraph in the Clerk's Report for insertion in the Annual Report.
    3. Fuel Poverty and money saving informative meeting. Cllr Dellow had attended a Fuel Poverty Seminar and had found that fuel poverty affects a lot of people. He suggested setting up a helpline to steer people in the way of grants for insulation etc. which should help them save money. RESOLVED: That a fuel poverty and energy saving informative meeting should be arranged for Tuesday 18 May at 1500 in the Garden Room at the Brickwall Hotel. Tea to be paid for by those attending (possibly subsidised). Beccy Anderson and Sara Winnington to be invited as speakers.
    4. Woodland Trust "More Trees" project. Dr Patrick Roper's comment was noted that, environmentally, natural regeneration of trees is preferable to large plantings of imported trees.
  3. Red Barn Field. A local contractor clearing the garden of the School House had parked his lorries in Red Barn Field. The padlock on the gate had gone so the Clerk replaced it and the gate is now locked and she has the key.
  4. Bluebell Walk. As part of the "Celebrate Spring in Sedlescombe 2010" week, Cllr Dellow is offering a Bluebell Walk for older people starting from Churchland Lane to be followed by tea at Little Tysoe.


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