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PARISH COUNCILLORS PRESENT: Cllr Wright (Chairman), Cllr A Rand (Vice-Chairman), Cllrs Dellow, Glew, Irwin, Marland, Martin, Mitchell, Wheatley




ALSO PRESENT FOR PARTS OF THE MEETING: three members of the public, PCSO Demetrius Georghiou, County Cllr Peter Jones, District Cllr Tony Ganly




The Chairman invited County Councillor Jones to speak. Cllr Jones reported that:

  • The County Council workmen had made the roads safe with 16,000 temporary pothole repairs. More major repairs will be carried out when the weather improves using £10 million borrowed internally. The Parish Council Chairman suggested the reasons for the temporary nature of the work should be publicised as residents are complaining that the work being undertaken is of a poor standard.
  • A new County Council Chief Executive is to be appointed on the retirement of Cheryl Miller.
  • The County Council has reached an agreement with boroughs and districts aimed at pushing recycling targets through 50%. The boroughs and districts will be paid an increasing amount depending on the amount of recyclables collected. The Parish Council Chairman suggested some of this money should be passed down to the parishes.
  • The County Council is working with other counties to save money without cutting services. They are also squeezing suppliers.
  • The County Council is aiming to take over the activities of other parts of the public sector to benefit the general public.
  • By depositing an extra £20 million with Nat West, the bank has agreed to release an extra £15 to £20 million in extra lending to East Sussex businesses. The County Council also hopes to make similar arrangements with other banks. Cllr Marland spoke of the inadequacies of the current loan guarantee scheme for businesses.

The Chairman invited District Councillor Ganly to speak. Cllr Ganly reported that:

  • An independent panel had agreed that members' allowances should be raised. Cllr Ganly gave details of his own allowances and assured the meeting that he would not be claiming the planned increase.

The Chairman invited PCSO Demetrius Georghiou to speak. Demi reported that:

  • The current cold weather had resulted in big problems on local roads, especially the B2244 at the Sawmills and Cripps corner. Last Friday, six cars slid off the B2244 in the space of two hours. There have been injuries but, thankfully, only minor ones and Demi urged careful driving.
  • Speed checks were carried out twice in Sedlescombe today (0930 and 1430) and no speeding motorists were caught.
  • Scrap metal is being stolen and a white van is implicated.
  • Poaching, especially on the Hurst Estate, continues.
  • Parking around the School is much improved after letters have been sent to parents and with the re-introduction of the walking bus.
  • Demi was congratulated on his recent award.

Apologies and reasons for absence. None, all present.

C09/10.117 Interests. Declarations of existence and nature of councillor's interests, whether personal/prejudicial, in accordance with the adopted Code of Conduct 2007, with regard to items on the agenda. Members were reminded to repeat the declarations when the items were announced by the Chairman. The following interests were declared:

C09/10.122.1 Cllr Glew Personal interest by virtue of being one of the Council's representatives on the Rother Association of Local Councils
C09/10.122.2 Cllr Glew Personal interest by virtue of being the Council's Trustee of the Village Hall
C09/10.122.6 Cllr Glew Personal interest by virtue of being a member of Sedlescombe's Neighbourhood Watch Committee
C09/10.122.6 Cllr Glew Personal interest by virtue of being a member of Sedlescombe's Neighbourhood Watch Committee
C09/10.122.2 Cllr Mitchell Personal interest by virtue of being a Trustee of the Village Hall
C09/10.122.1 Cllr Irwin Personal interest by virtue of being one of the Council's representatives on the Rother Association of Local Councils
C09/10.122.2 Cllr Irwin Personal interest by virtue of being a Village Hall Trustee.
C09/10.122.6 Cllr Dellow Personal interest by virtue of being the Council's representative on the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Watch Committee
C09/10.118 Prejudiced members' participation. None.
C09/10.119 Public Participation Session. Graham Daniel of Bramlea spoke regarding the problem of water running down Balcombe Green and forming patches of ice on the B2244. He suggested that it might have been made worse by some action of the Council in Red Barn Field in the past. The Clerk said that this appeared to be a repeat of the drainage problems occurring at Bramlea in 2001 when the whole front garden filled with water after a period of heavy rain. At that time, ESCC had advised that the drainage maps of 1870 could be consulted at the County Record Office in Lewes to see whether a ditch had been filled in. Councillors said that springs were pouring water onto roads all over the Village. In order to clarify the situation, the Chairman said that the Council had not filled in wells or a pond and the recent land drainage work in Red Barn Field should only help the drainage situation. Unfortunately, no advice was forthcoming for Mr Daniel other than maybe to instigate some investigations of his own.
Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Council is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Emergency Meeting of the Council held on 02/02/10.
C09/10.121 Minutes of Meetings of Committees
  1. Planning Committee. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meetings of the Planning Committee held on 19 January, 2 February and 23 February 2010 are received.
  2. Heritage Committee. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meeting of the Heritage Committee held on 2 February 2010 are received.
C09/10.122 Reports from representatives. To receive reports as follows:
  1. Rother Association of Local Councils. Cllrs Glew and Irwin declared their personal interests by virtue of them being the Council's representatives on RALC and remained in the meeting. Cllr Glew reported on the meeting held on 27/01/10 as follows:
    1. Sedlescombe complimented on its active NHW by the new man in charge of NHW.
    2. Sussex Police reported fewer burglaries than the previous year. They are keen to roll out NHW across Rother. Farm Watch has been very successful with 1000 members across Rother. 3 PCSOs gathered evidence of poaching ring. 32 firearms seized and 5 people on bail until June.
    3. Dogs on leads control order to go to public consultation. No news on dog waste bins.
    4. 25 gritter vehicles on the road during the recent snow spreading 6-7 tonnes of grit/salt each. ESCC incur a cost of £8000 each time a gritter goes out. Gritting policy to be considered by a Scrutiny Committee on 10/03/10. The meeting congratulated Highways on what they had achieved with repairs of potholes.
    5. Some criticism of the 2009 Rother Parish Planning Seminar. The 2010 Seminar will be on 19 October.
    6. NALC is pushing for electronic banking being available for parish councils, currently, without success.
    7. Next meeting 21/04/10. 14.30 to 16.30.
    8. More information on the website.
  2. Village Hall Trust. Cllrs Glew, Mitchell and Irwin declared their personal interests by virtue of them being Village Hall Trustees and remained in the meeting.. Cllr Glew is the Parish Council representative. She reported that a new carpet has been fitted in CR2 and the hall floor is still being considered. On Saturday, the first car park work morning was attended by six men and some work undertaken.
  3. Sports Association. Cllr Rand has still not been invited to a meeting of the Committee.
  4. Environment Officer. No report.
  5. Tree Warden. Cllr Martin reported that tree work had been completed satisfactorily in the Village by P J Chaffin Ltd.
  6. NHW representative. Cllrs Dellow and Glew declared their personal interest by virtue of their being members of the Sedlescombe NHW. Cllr Dellow is the Parish Council representative and he reported that he had set up a local NHW by e-mail arrangement for NHW co-ordinators and others who would like to join.

Clerk's Report. The followed items were noted:

  1. "Governance Toolkit for Parish & Town Council" and revised "Model Standing Orders for Local Councils" received. SALC say there is no need to amend Standing Orders immediately.
  2. ESCC's Press Release re deer received. Extra care needs to be taken during March when deer are driven on to the roads because of a reduction of available food.
  3. Battle Partnership - Battle Sport Culture and Community Festival 2012. Invitation to attend information evening at Battle Memorial Hall, 18/03/10, 7pm for 7.30pm.
  4. Mental Health Services Consultation announced. Can be seen on website.


  1. SALC training. Members were invited to let the Clerk know if they would like to attend any of the 2010 training. The Clerk will attending the Legal & Finance Day on 22 June and the Clerks' Networking Day on 20 October, both at Leeford Place.
  2. Community Led Database Training. The Clerk reported her attendance that morning at an AiRS training course. A database is being set up of all action plans across south east of england which can be accessed through a website by the public, district councils and county councils. This information is linked to district and county strategy plans. Sedlescombe's actions as at 2002 have been uploaded by AiRS to the website and the Clerk now has the task of updating all the 93 actions and adding any others which were included in several updates.
C09/10.125 Finance
  1. Bank Reconciliations. RESOLVED: That the bank reconciliations at the end of January and February 2010 are approved.
  2. Cheques. RESOLVED: That payment of the February 2010 cheque list is ratified and the March 2010 cheque list approved. See here.
  3. Grant request. A request had been received for a grant towards maintenance of the churchyard in 2010. The Churchyard Fund Treasurer estimates total costs for 2010 at approximately £430. The balance at the Nationwide at 31/12/2009 was £363.30. RESOLVED: That the Council approves in principle a grant towards maintenance of the churchyard in 2010, the amount to be decided by Finance Committee, if an application to the Sedlescombe Societies Association for funding is unsuccessful. Cllr Dellow will take this application forward to the SSA.
C09/10.126 Aim 1 To achieve an Informed and Participating Sedlescombe Community
126.1 30th anniversary of Sedlescombe CEP School in Brede Lane. The headteacher asked whether one or two parish councillors would like to join the group of Staff/Governors/Parents who are planning to take ideas forward? Cllrs Mitchell, Martin and Glew offered to help. Cllr Mitchell reported that her daughter had started a Facebook entry "Sedlescombe Primary School - the old days" with lots of photos around the time of the change from the old school in The Street to the new buildings in Brede Lane.
126.2 Online mapping. The Clerk reported that she now had access to online mapping.
126.3 NHS Ambulance Service. South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust (SECAmb) aims to become a NHS Foundation Trust this year. Foundation trusts are run locally through membership and are accountable to patients, local people and staff rather than to Government. Foundation trusts are still NHS organisations providing free care and treatment to patients. They still have to meet national targets and are regularly inspected. Further details can be seen on www.secamb.nhs.uk.
126.4 Youth use of Pestalozzi facilities. Pestalozzi invited Sedlescombe Youth Club to meet on its premises until another location can be identified. This seems to have been successful and the Youth Club are being allowed to use more facilities.
126.5 Youth. Information had been received from Craig Atkins of Orbit Housing Association that YDS has a new worker in place who will be keeping in contact with the management committee and running sessions for the young people. The Chairman of the Council said she thought the YDS should keep in touch with the Parish Council but nothing had been heard from them or about the Parish Council draft lease of the kickabout area.
126.6 Freeman/Freewoman. A new power (Section 20 of the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009) for parish councils to bestow the title of Freeman/Freewoman to "persons of distinction" and to "persons who have, in the opinion of the authority, rendered eminent services to that place or area". To exercise the power, a meeting of the council must be called especially for the purpose and a resolution to grant the Freedom approved by not less than two-thirds of the members of the council who vote on it. The council can also spend "such reasonable sum as it thinks fit" to present a freedom scroll (including a casket to contain the scroll) to the person receiving the Freedom.
126.7 PCSO. Congratulations to Demi on his award - included earlier in the agenda before he left the meeting.
126.8 Non-emergency reports to the Police. Demi had asked that all non-emergency information to be submitted to the Police should be sent through on the 0845 60 70 999 phone number so that it can be logged properly.
126.9 The Sedlescombe Parish Council Annual Report and Directory 2010 and the Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting of Sedlescombe. The Clerk reported that the Report/Directory was at the printers and should be ready by the end of the month. Tables had been booked for the Assembly.
126.10 Lottery funding. It was noted that Pestalozzi had received £45,600 Lottery Funding for setting up an archive charting the organisation's 50-year history.
C09/10.127 Aim 2 To achieve a Safe and Healthy Sedlescombe Community

PCSO/Police reports. Demi, who should have been off-duty, had given his report to the Council at the beginning of the meeting. The Clerk reported that Demi and Police Constable Karen Heyes will be at the Queen's Head on Friday 26 March 2010 at 1000 for a "Meet and Greet". Anyone welcome to attend. At the last Panel Meeting the following priorities were set for Sedlescombe - Speeding through the Village; Anti-social behaviour; Parking around the school.


PS Sarah Porter has been seconded to HQ for 3 months. PS Dan Russell will take her place in Battle.


Neighbourhood Specialist Constable Jayne Cleverley had written asking whether the parishes would like a Police noticeboard. They are 6' tall on legs with a 3'x3' board with a perspex cover and lock. The board would be for Police notices, events and monthly reports etc. and would be maintained by the Police. PCSO Grevett would hold the key. It was agreed that notices can and are placed on the Parish Council's noticeboard on the wall of the Post Office and another board is not, therefore, required.


Red Barn Field Nature Park (RBF).

Land drainage work was carried out at RBF in February at the expense of Liz Simpson:

  1. French drain inserted around eastern and northern boundaries of School House. Non-perforated pipe still exposed at the end of the French drain and needs sorting out. Cllr Rand to speak to Philip Dann.
  2. Two pipes (why two?) inserted from the 2-metre deep catchment pit at the corner of School House 80 metres across to take water to the ditch on the northern boundary of the Field. A 6 metre wide trench was dug by Philip Dann for the installation of the pipes. The damaged part of the path was relaid with a tonne of planings and new edgeboards. However, the path needs finishing off as it has been left rough with the edgeboards covered up. Cllr Rand to speak to Philip Dann.
  3. As soon as the pipes were installed, water stopped flowing from the old perforated pipe into the pond. Cllr Rand to ask Philip Dann what happened to the connection of this pipe. Water is still, however, overflowing from the pond into the ditch and, therefore, the pond is receiving water other than through the perforated pipe.
  4. One of the two concrete slabs on top of the catchment pit was smashed by the land contractor and not replaced. It has since been replaced by Cllr Rand. Cllr Rand to speak to Philip Dann. New tops for both the catchment pit and the deep well (possibly 60 foot deep) next to the Balcombe Green hedge are being considered. Quote for a replacement top for the deep well received. Cllrs Rand, Marland and Mitchell to work together to replace one or both tops. RESOLVED: That emergency replacement of the well tops in RBF is approved.
  5. Entrance from Balcombe Green has been left very rough with stones. The ground appears to have been left lower with a gap under the field gate which would allow stock to escape. Cllr Rand to speak to Philip Dann about levelling it up. It had been noticed by the Clerk that a channel had been dug from RBF to allow more water to drain into Balcombe Green.

Water is currently running in a north/south direction along RBF path causing the path to become green and slimy. (Path being used by School Walking Bus.) This water appears to extend into RBF around School House. Water starts exactly in line with Bramlea in Balcombe Green. This is a complete re-run of the situation in 2001, after very prolonged and heavy rain, when water was coming from RBF and Bramlea, running down the unmade Long Lane and freezing on the road. To stop this happening, and after the private section of Balcombe Green was resurfaced, ESCC built a bund at the top of Long Lane. This has resulted in the excess water now being sent down the made up Short Hill and into the road where it has been freezing and causing a road hazard. In 2001, ESCC Highways did some drainage work in The Street which, for drier years, seemed to solve some of the water problems in this area.The Council considered whether any more investigations should be carried out to try to solve the problem of the water which is affecting the path and ground between it and School House. It could be another spring. Cllr Rand was authorised to make further enquiries and it was RESOLVED: That the Parish Council agrees in principle to carry out further drainage work to deal with the water running down Red Barn Field path.

127.3 Mr Bates' letter dated 24/02/10 regarding RBF regarding amendment of the Minutes of the Emergency Council Meeting held on 02/02/10. At the request of owners of Masters Cottage, The Street, the Parish Council had an emergency council meeting on 02/02/10. The decision to allow workers on behalf of the new owner of School House to insert pipes and a French drain from the catchment pit on the corner of School House across Red Barn Field to the ditch in the northern boundary of the Field was ratified by the meeting. This was as an emergency measure during underpinning work at School House. After the publication of the draft Minutes, Colin Bates of Masters Cottage requested that the Minutes were amended in two places:
  1. To alter the description of Mr Bates' "key issue" which had been received in writing from him. He wished to remove the words "their neighbours grounds and Balcombe Green" (C09/10.115, third paragraph). This request was resisted by the Clerk as the Draft Minutes were an accurate report of what was provided in writing to councillors for the meeting. Mr Bates later withdrew this first request to change the Minutes because, in the second paragraph of C09/10.115, it is recorded that Mr Bates confined his representation at the meeting to matters affecting Masters Cottage. The Clerk had confirmed that she would ensure the Council was aware of this.
  2. The Minutes (C09/10.115.3) contain a statement approved by the Council "That the Parish Council is in no way responsible for management of drainage in The Street or Balcombe Green (as alleged by Mr Bates in previous correspondence)". Mr Bates had asked for the words "as alleged by Mr Bates in previous correspondence" to be removed. Although Mr Bates agreed that the Minutes recorded accurately what had been said (by the Clerk) at the meeting, his opinion was that this statement should never have been made in the first place. The Clerk had refused to amend the Minutes.

    The Clerk explained that the statement refuting any responsibility by the Parish Council for drainage in The Street was included in the list of statements for the Minutes because Mr Bates had written to Mr May, Rother Enforcement Officer on 26/01/10 (widely copied) saying "Essentially, SPC is strapped for cash, (along with everyone else) and seems unable to manage, systematically and financially, the problem of land drainage along the Street". He also makes another reference to Balcombe Green.

    The Clerk reported to the Council that what Mr Bates wishes it to be aware of is that he does not directly allege that the Parish Council is responsible for management of drainage in The Street or Balcombe Green but believes that the Parish Council is responsible for managing the problem of water draining off its land into the back garden of Masters Cottage, The Street and Balcombe Green.

    More recently Mr Bates has stated that he is satisfied that the Parish Council is doing its best, in the circumstances, to control land drainage of spring water in Red Barn Field.
127.4 Residents' concerns re the Budget Car Company's activities in Sedlescombe. E-mails had been received from residents asking SPC to take every possible action to "prevent these people from damaging our village any further". Councillors and the Clerk had also received verbal complaints.
  1. Selling vehicles on the highway which cause some obstruction of the road. Reported on several occasions to Rother. Visited twice by Greg Minns, Environmental Health Officer, who reminded Budget Car Company that they must not have more than one vehicle within 500m for sale on the highway.
  2. Driving off parking area across grass verge onto B2244 causing damage to verge and danger to vehicles on the road. Reported to Highways Department. Verge now covered with sand. Awaiting for contact from Ken Walker of Licensing and Enforcement.
  3. Parking vehicles in front of the pumping station opposite Riverbridge Cottages, blocking the access which might be needed for an emergency, especially when flooding appeared imminent. No action taken - resident to explain to man at Budget Cars the importance of keeping this entrance clear.
  4. Mobile toilet not appropriate in Conservation Area. Clerk to report to Rother Planners.

Trust land at the rear of Budget Car Company.

  1. Although a vehicle had been driven across the land in front of the tennis courts, no further details were known.
  2. A pile of posts had been dumped on Trust land. They appear to be very similar to the ones that had disappeared from the front boundary of the Budget Car Company at about the same time. Clerk to write on behalf of the Playing Field Trust to the Budget Car Company suggesting that, if the posts are theirs, they should remove them as soon as possible.
127.6 Gritting arrangements for Brede Lane/East View Terrace. The Clerk had written to ESCC asking whether the gritting route could be extended along Brede Lane and could include East View Terrace. Mr Tony Pike had replied that no immediate changes would be made and that the gritters treat the whole length of Brede Lane from its junction with the B2244 and its junction with Frymans Lane/Pottery Lane. Mr Pike gave two reasons why the gritter might have been seen to turn around at Blacklands - only half a gritting route can be done at one time during snow or the gritter could be undertaking snow ploughing. Cllr Mitchell did not agree that the gritters ever did the hill near East View Terrace.
127.7 Pothole and ice reports. It was noted that the Clerk and the Chairman had made many reports to ESCC regarding potholes and flooded areas which led to icy roads. Unfortunately, several of the reports did not seem to have been dealt with. The Chairman reported that a blind man had today fallen in the potholes outside the Brickwall Hotel after which the road had been quickly dealt with.
127.8 Presentation to ESCC Transport and Environment Scrutiny Committee regarding the Winter maintenance policy. Wednesday 10/03/10 at 10:00 at County Hall, Lewes. This meeting is open to the public.
127.9 Access to Pumphouse Yard by heavy lorries. Brian Banks, Traffic and Safety Manager of ESCC had said there was little he could do physically to offer a degree of protection for a pedestrian without blocking the footway. Cllr Marland spoke of the difficulty for a lorry driver to leave the access if cars are parked too near the entrance. The headteacher is speaking to Paul Thomas of Pumphouse Yard and the Council hoped that some reasonable agreement could be reached that the entrance is not used at school arriving or departure times. The Clerk had asked Rother Enforcement whether the access had been provided within the time allowed by the planning permission and had been told it had (22/06/2009). There is a condition which the developer has failed to comply with and he has been requested to submit an application to discharge the condition within 28 days of 12/02/10.
127.10 Damage to recycled plastic seat between tennis courts and playground. The top slat of this seat has been broken off.

May Fayre, 01/05/10. Cllr Dellow reported that arrangements are being put in place. The Council had obtained the necessary gambling licence for the sale of raffle tickets and tickets are now on sale. A scarecrow competition was being considered. RESOLVED: That the following risk assessment is adopted by the Council for activities on the Village Green:

  1. Activities on the Village Green are covered by £10 million public liability insurance cover.
  2. Areas of use will be fenced from the road with stakes, ropes and flags.
  3. A minimum of two marshalls in reflective coats will be positioned to guide people across the road from the Village Green to the pub garden.
  4. Scotty's Circus Workshop will be fenced off separately by operator.
  5. Stationary engines will be positioned around the Pumphouse and fenced off separately by the operators.
  6. All tea and coffee making and bbq will be restricted to the Queen's Head gardens.
127.12 Playground reports. Members had carried out their inspections as planned.
127.13 School Walking Bus and footpath 6. The School Walking Bus has restarted. A member of the PTA had phoned the Clerk regarding the muddy surface of Footpath 6 next to Pine View, Balcombe Green where water is leaking onto the path. This land belongs to the owner of Pine View who has contacted the Clerk with the suggestion that he put in a drainage pipe down Footpath 6 to take water from the wet area. Currently being investigated by the County Council Footpaths officer.
127.14 A21. Various work is planned on the A21 between Hastings and Marley Lane over the next few months. This involves tree work, slope repair works, resurfacing and construction of the Marley Lane junction alterations. This will sometimes involve traffic lights and sometimes diversions.
127.15 Requests to Parish Council. The Council had received a request that it alerts residents to the danger of a) Chinese lanterns and b) Ragwort. No action was taken as this has already appeared in the Sedlescombe News.
C09/10.128 Aim 3 To help provide Amenities and Services in Sedlescombe
128.1 ESCC Public Rights of Way survey. All parishes had been surveyed and in due course details of all problems will be provided to parish councils. In the interim, a summary had been received which shows that the majority of Sedlescombe paths are in good order.
128.2 Bridleway 21. A difficult to open gate on this bridleway near the airstrip junction had been reported to the Parish Council and on to the local farmer. As a result the gate had been left open by the farmer.
128.3 Grant funding opportunities for community transport schemes in East Sussex. Not available to Sedlescombe.

Black Horse Festival and other events at Pestalozzi. The adjourned hearing for the Black Horse Festival at Pestalozzi had been held on Monday 8 March in the Bexhill Town Hall. The result is expected to be announced within five days.


Helen Goddard, Head of Student Education at Pestalozzi, had written to inform the Council that three first year Indian students want to do jobs in the community in order to raise funds for an orphanage in India. The Council suggested the students make their own arrangements by, for example, putting a note in the Sedlescombe News.


The Clerk reported that she had been in correspondence with Mark Cathcart, Planning Officer, regarding the use of land at Pestalozzi as a country park and the need for road junction improvements for Chapel Hill/B2244. Mr Cathcart had been assured by Pestalozzi's Chief Executive that no firm proposals for the country park had been established.


Ladybird Lane's maintenance. The maintenance of the road is shared between Pestalozzi, the Parish Council (according to user up to sportsfield car park), Oaklands Manor, 1-4 Old Stables (fair and reasonable proportion). Pestalozzi expects the builder who will buy the land for building the houses to repair the road after the building. Some residents, fearing a long delay, are very keen to get something done soon to repair the potholes in the road which are very bad and would like a meeting with the Parish Council. The Parish Council has not included any funds for this work in its 2010/11 budget.


The Chairman reported that she had recently been contacted by Mr Heap on behalf of the Tunbridge Wells Car Club who still would like to run a Speed Hill Climb weekend on Ladybird Lane this August bank holiday. The Car Club would repair the road before use. However, they wanted to be sure that the Parish Council would support the Hill Climb for several years before putting in their money.


The Vice-Chairman reported that the building land was "almost" sold and he was aware that building work on the houses could start within in a month. It was, therefore, unlikely that the Speed Hill Climb could be held this year.


RESOLVED: That, due to the fluid situation and possible imminent construction work, the Parish Council will defer any decision on the repair of Ladybird Lane until a full consultation has taken place with interested parties.


Pump and Pumphouse Project

  1. An application had been submitted by the Clerk for almost £2,000 from the Battle Partnership.
  2. A further quote for work on the Pump and Pumphouse is needed before an application can be made for a Warr Partnership grant.

Aim 4 To support business and rural employment in Sedlescombe

  1. Business signs for A21. Mr Pollio has received planning permission for two signs advertising his hotel on the A21. There was nothing further to report regarding another sign for the other Village businesses.

Aim 5 To protect and enhance Sedlescombe's built and natural environment

130.1 Energy Conservation and Fuel Poverty presentations. Cllr Dellow reported that the meeting had been arranged for 18 May in the Brickwall Hotel. The Friendship Club had agreed to reimburse two thirds of the cost of afternoon tea at the Brickwall. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council will pay one third of the cost of afternoon tea at the Brickwall for the Energy Conservation and Fuel Poverty Meeting on 18/05/10 from the Village of the Year prizemoney.
130.2 Wind Turbine. Unfortunately, the wind turbine proposed by the School cannot now be installed as the site has been found to be unsuitable.
  Chairman.......................................... Date.................................................................