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PARISH COUNCILLORS PRESENT: Cllr Wright (Chairman), Cllrs Glew, Marland, Martin, Mitchell






Apologies and reasons for absence:

  • Cllr Mary Irwin - illness
  • Cllr Caitlin Wheatley - holiday
  • Cllr Anthony Rand - other appointment
C10/11.38 Interests. Declarations of existence and nature of councillor's interests, whether personal/prejudicial, in accordance with the adopted Code of Conduct 2007, with regard to items on the agenda. The following interest was declared:

C10/11.42 Cllr Marland Personal/prejudicial interest by virtue of him being a friend of two of the applicants to fill the casual vacancy
C10/11.39 Prejudiced members' participation. None.
C10/11.40 Public Participation Session. None.
Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Council is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 06/07/10.

Casual Vacancy. Cllr Marland declared his personal/prejudicial interest by virtue of him being a friend of two of the applicants to fill the vacancy and left the meeting for this item.


Members had been provided with copies of the three applications. Mr Archer had included, with his application, a petition signed by 94 residents of Sedlescombe as follows "We, the undersigned, wish to put on record our support for Mr Robin Archer for this appointment". [Mr Archer was asked by the Chairman about the petition and he said that it had been signed by a group of people in the Village who were concerned about the the prospect of outdoor concerts at the Pestalozzi who felt that their voice was not heard by the Parish Council. He also said that these people wanted someone to be co-opted who lived in the centre of the Village, rather than in the outskirts. The Chairman reminded Mr Archer that, if co-opted to the Council, he would be bound by the Code of Conduct and, because of where he lived, would have to declare a prejudicial interest regarding financial and regulatory matters at Pestalozzi. This would mean he would not be able to take part in the debate or voting about most matters involving Pestalozzi.]


The three prospective councillors attended the meeting in the following order: 1) Robin Archer of Oaklands Manor, Sedlescombe; 2) Jonathan Vine-Hall of Hurst House, Hurst Lane, Sedlescombe; 3) Sean Wilson of 2 Park Shaw, Sedlescombe. Each candidate was allotted 15 minutes to answer the Council's questions or to ask question of the Council. At the end of the time, it was RESOLVED: That Jonathan Vine-Hall is appointed by Sedlescombe Parish Council to fill the current casual vacancy.


Cllr Marland returned to the meeting.

Budget Car Company Update. The Parish Council continues to receive complaints about the activities of the Budget Car Company in Sedlescombe. The Council received an update from the Clerk. Some enforcement action was being undertaken. The appeal re the storm port had been refused by the Planning Inspector (06/08/10) but it had not been removed.


The Parish Council had been approached by East Sussex County Council suggesting that, in order to attempt to stop Budget Cars accessing or leaving their site via the grass verge which causes dangerous congestion in The Street as well as damage to the grass verge, the County Council would grant the Parish Council a licence to place posts on the highway verge at the Parish Council's expense. The work would be undertaken by the County Council and a recent quote of either £2,000 for 20 plastic reflective posts or £3,000 for the same number of oak posts had been received. The cost would be greater if special fixings are required in the ground to prevent them being pulled out. The County Council had confirmed that the width of the highway verge fronting the Budget Car Company site is as follows: 1.5 metres wide at the river bridge end and 2 metres wide at the Bridge Garage end and that the posts could be installed on the edge of the verge nearest to the car sales site. The posts would not be continued around the edge of the pumping station roadway as this is not highway land and, therefore, the cars could use the roadway to access the B2244 although this would be more dangerous.


The Council was reminded by the Chairman that the Parish Council is already committed to contributing nearly £4,000 towards work to Ladybird Lane in 2010/11 as well as making its annual £4,643 loan repayment for the pavilion. Also, that the Coalition Government is considering extending restrictions on precept increases to include parish councils.


RESOLVED: That the Clerk is authorised to write to East Sussex Highways, Cllr Peter Jones and to Greg Barker MP objecting to the County Council's attempts to pass on its responsibilities to the Parish Council and to request that, in the interests of fairness, the Budget Car Company is requested by the County Council to apply for a licence on payment of a fee to cross the highway verge as required in another area of the Village. If the County Council does not wish to do this as the access would be refused on road safety grounds, the County Council should take whatever action is needed to stop the illegal activity.


Pump/Pumphouse Job Update. The Clerk reported as follows:

  1. The railings and derelict pump were removed from site on 13/07/10.
  2. The well was covered with a heavy slab and surrounded with temporary fencing.
  3. The project had included consideration of bringing the water pump back into use for demonstration purposes. RESOLVED: That, because of uncertainties regarding future water pollution, and concerns about lead poisoning, the idea of restoring the water pump into the well on the Green inside the lead casing should be abandoned but, instead, a mobile modern pump plus water tank should be constructed. On occasions, this would allow children to safely pump water into buckets and this could be extended to carrying water buckets using yokes. This would link to the final page of the Clerk's booklet that highlights the number of trips to the Village Pump that would be needed for each person in a household to obtain the amount of water used on average today.
  4. The District Council has approved discharge of conditions attached to the Listed Building Consent concerning plans for the railings and a measured and photographic survey of the pump.
  5. The refurbished pump will be ready for re-installation week beginning 31/08/10. The Clerk was asked to check the finish of the leadwork.
  6. The new railings should be ready for installation at the beginning of September.
  7. Both items will be installed in one day.
  8. A plaque is to be mounted on the outside of the railings. A polyurethane blue and white cast sign by Signs of the Times could be suitable but the Clerk was asked to check that this would be fireproof.
  9. The Clerk was still waiting to hear from BEM Builders about the building work to the Pumphouse. The offer of tiles from Aldershaw had had to be refused because it was for new tiles.
  10. The Clerk/Finance Officer has kept in touch with the Warr Partnership and has informed them of some variations to the original quotations. However, at the present time, no increase in total cost of £10,985 is expected and the work will be covered by the Warr Partnership Grant and money raised in the Village.
  11. The Clerk had written an illustrated booklet on the history of the pump and Pumphouse.
  12. A separate project was to be funded by Battle Partnership which had allocated £1,000 towards the work involved with getting the pump working and providing information for children and tourists. RESOLVED: That Battle Partnership be asked if their grant could fund printing the Clerk's booklet for each household to have a free copy plus some extras and the cost of the educational pump, buckets etc. detailed in 44.3 above.
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