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PRESENT: Cllr Glew (Chairman of the Committee), Cllrs Martin and Vine-Hall
Councillor Wright (Chairman of the Council), Councillor Rand (Vice-Chairman of the Council)

Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer - Mrs Pauline Raymond

  The Chairman welcomed Cllr Vine-Hall to his first meeting of the Finance Committee.
F10/11.14 Apologies and reasons for absence. Cllr Irwin (illness).

Interests. Disclosures of personal and prejudicial interests from Councillors on matters to be considered at the meeting in accordance with the adopted Code of Conduct 2007.

All councillors Playing Field & Recreation Ground Trust land (known locally as Riverside Playing Field) Personal and prejudicial interest by virtue of the Parish Council being the sole trustee of the Playing Field. All councillors have been granted dispensation by Rother DC

F10/11.16 Prejudiced members' participation. None.
F10/11.17 Public participation session.No public present.
F10/11.18 Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Committee is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Finance Committee held on 29/06/10.

General handyman volunteer. The Committee discussed the idea of appointing a general handyman volunteer to attend to many minor jobs. It was agreed that members would take the opportunity to ask appropriate local residents if they would like to do minor work on a voluntary basis for the Council. The Chairman mentioned that, often, the small jobs are undertaken on a paid basis by local labour and this should be considered when deciding who should do a particular job.


Parish Maintenance Team. For the past few years, East Sussex County Council has arranged for a small team of workers to be assigned to jobs adjacent to the highway over a few days. These jobs are chosen by parish councils such as clearing brambles, siding back footways, painting seats etc. A breakdown of communication resulted in Sedlescombe not being asked for jobs in 2010. An explanation is awaited from ESCC. Members were asked to submit ideas for 2011 jobs to the Clerk/RFO as soon as possible.


2010 Inspection Reports. Agenda items F10/11.22 to 35 were considered in conjunction with the 2010 Inspection Reports 1 & 2 and Summary (these statements were approved by the Parish Council on 14/09/10).


Administration (see expenditure report April-Sept 2010, pages 1-3)

  1. Sedlescombe Directory 2011 (Annual Report). Members considered the format of the 2011 Directory. RESOLVED: That the 2011 Annual Report/Directory should be produced in a similar form to 2010 and Fastprint's quotation of £541 for printing 780 copies is accepted.
  2. Hall hire. Although Pestalozzi are no longer going to hire the village hall for a public meeting in November, members considered whether it would be right to agree to the general principle of paying for the hire of the hall or school for a public meeting if requested by those organising the meeting. The Committee agreed that the Council should only agree to make the payment in exceptional circumstances.
  3. Subscriptions. Members noted that the SALC sub for 2010/11 showed a £24 increase to £284 with a further increase of £18 for 2011/12 to £302. It was agreed that this organisation is important to parish councils and should continue to be supported. RALC's £35 subscription was also commented on. Cllr Glew had raised this matter at the last meeting she had attended of RALC and had been told that training was to be arranged. Subsequently, the Clerk/RFO heard that a councillor training session in Rye in November will be available. Cllr Vine-Hall is expected to attend.
  4. Training. Members note the increased 2011/12 budget for training because of the possibility of new councillors and training needed for the Power of Well-being.
  5. Election expenses. Although £2000 had been put into the 2011/12 budget in case a stand-alone Parish Council election was to be held in May 2011, this now appears unlikely and the total expenditure under this heading will probably be less.

Clerk's Salary and Clerk's Gratuity (see expenditure report April-Sept 2010, page 4).

  1. It was noted that there has been no increase this year nor is any expected for next year in the Clerk's Salary.
  2. Clerk's Gratuity Fund. RESOLVED: That the Clerk's Gratuity Fund for 2010/11 is increased to £31,000 in accordance with the budget.

Red Barn Field (see expenditure report April-Sept 2010, page 5)

  1. Land drainage. A figure of £1600 was currently retained in the 2010/11 budget. Cllr Rand would report to the next Council Meeting in November.
  2. Wells.£500 was currently retained in the 2010/11 budget. Cllr Rand would report to the next Council Meeting in November.
  3. Water draining from Red Barn Field. Cllr Rand would report to the next Council Meeting in November.
  4. Pond including sign. Pond has been maintained by Colin Boyd. Sign has been painted by R Wood.
  5. Grass cutting and strimming path edges. David Blowey cut the Field last week. RESOLVED: That R Wood's quotation of £150 for strimming the edges of the path 10 times in the 2011 season is accepted.
  6. Bracken clearance undertaken by Hastings Conservation Volunteers who appear willing to do the same in 2011. A token amount of £25 was paid.
  7. Planting. Reg Glew has planted a buddleia in Red Barn Field following Ralph Dellow's request for more buddleia in the Field.
  8. Botanical survey. The Hastings Botany Group undertook a free survey in August 2010 and plan to do another in the spring.
  9. Moth survey. Chris Bentley, Warden of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, agreed to set up a moth trap over one night in August. The public was invited to attend the opening of the trap the following morning. 47 species were identified by Chris. £25 was paid to him for his travelling to and from Sedlescombe from Rye x 2. It was agreed that, if another survey is arranged next year, it will be advertised more widely.
  10. Other surveys. Colin Boyd has carried out other surveys and produced some good photographs of insects over the summer; results are posted on the noticeboard in the Field. The photos have also been shown on the website. The Committee suggested that Colin Boyd might like to have a table at the next Annual Parish Assembly to give information about the surveys in Red Barn Field Nature Park.
  11. Lectern and GRP information sign. It was agreed that the lectern would be removed by a volunteer. The Clerk/RFO has the GRP information sign.
  12. 2011/12 budget for Red Barn Field. RESOLVED: That the 2011/12 budget figures for Red Barn Field are accepted.

East View Terrace Kickabout Area (see expenditure report April-Sept 2010, page 6)

    1. Litter. RESOLVED: That R Wood's quotation of £325 for collecting litter every two weeks during 2011/12 is accepted.
    2. Mowing. RESOLVED: That R Wood's quotation of £320 for undertaking 16 cuts of the East View Terrace Kickabout Area during the 2011 season is accepted.
    3. Hedge. RESOLVED: That R Wood's quotations of £100 each for hedgecutting at the East View Terrace Kickabout Area in November 2010 and in November 2011 are accepted.
    4. Sweep debris from tarmac surface (volunteer). RESOLVED: That R Wood's quotation of £10 for sweeping debris soon from the tarmac surface is accepted.
    5. 2011/12 budget for East View Terrace Kickabout Area. RESOLVED: That the 2011/12 budget figures for East View Terrace Kickabout Area are accepted.

Village Green (see expenditure report April-Sept 2010, page 7)

  1. Pumphouse Project assisted by funding from Warr Partnership
    1. Refurbishment of the Pumphouse by BEM Builders & Decorators Ltd of St Leonards on Sea. Work to refurbish the Pumphouse is complete and the cheque, in accordance with the quotation of 09/03/10 for £2,490 plus VAT, has been paid.. The work included replacing 60 old clay peg tiles, filling superficial cracks on gables prior to painting, replacing oak on benches before staining and coating with clear anti-vandal paint, redecoration of ceiling and rafter feet, and repointing of flagstones. The Committee commented on the excellent work of this company.
    2. Refurbishment of the lead pump by RPJ Leadwork Ltd. of Rye. Refurbishment of the pump inner and outer casings is complete. This entailed removal of the unit from the Pumphouse to the workshop where a new Iroco interior liner was constructed and fitted (previous pitch pine liner had completely rotted away), new replacement lead pieces sand cast and replaced and the whole unit refurbished before reinstatement over the well in the Pumphouse on 07/10/10. The leadwork had previously been extensively covered with scratched graffiti. Most has been removed or dulled down but, because one section was engraved particularly deeply, it had not been possible to remove it. There was concern that this would encourage more graffiti vandalism. It was agreed that any damage caused to the refurbished pump in the future would be treated very seriously and referred to the Police. RESOLVED: That RPJ Leadwork Ltd's cheque for £4,650 plus VAT should be paid.
    3. Installation of the railings and subsequent work. Ironworks UK Ltd. had been engaged by the Council to redesign the replacement railings in a new position around the pump.
      After some delay over the summer, Ironworks UK Ltd. was ready to install the railings on 07/10/10, ie on the same day that the refurbished pump was re-installed. However, it soon became obvious that, contrary to the approved plans, the railings did not reach the ceiling and therefore did not provide the necessary security. Ironworks has apologised for this mistake. In order to rectify the situation, Ironworks is removing all the metalwork and will extend the railings to the correct height before reinstalling them. As a temporary measure, the old metal cage will be replaced. Ironworks has assured the Clerk/RFO that the work will be completed this week. RESOLVED: That, once the work has been completed to the satisfaction of the Chairman of Finance and the Clerk/RFO, Ironworks UK Ltd's bill of £2915 plus VAT should be paid.

      A blue plaque has been made by Signs of the Times. It was delivered to the Clerk/RFO today and brought to the Committee for members to see. Unfortunately, one of the benefactor's names has been omitted. Signs of the Times regret the mistake and have agreed to do the work again. The Clerk/RFO has agreed to return the current plaque and that it can be used as a sample of their work. RESOLVED: That, once the Chairman and Clerk/RFO are satisfied with the blue plaque, Signs of the Times bill of £325.25 should be paid.
    4. Additional work that has become obvious since the re-installation as follows:
      1. Reconcreting base of pump. RESOLVED: That reconcreting the base of the pump should be added to the volunteers' list of jobs.
      2. Cleaning drain. RESOLVED: That cleaning the drain at the Pumphouse should be added to the volunteers' list of jobs.
      3. Washing cobbles. RESOLVED: That washing the cobbles at the Pumphouse should be added to the volunteers' list of jobs. If the electricity and water problem can be solved, a pressure washer will be used.
      4. Painting grille over pump. The grille is very rusty and will have to be removed for painting. It was suggested that Ironworks might be able to get it down. If possible, arrangements will be made for sandblasting.
    5. Grant aid. It was noted that approved work under The Pump and Pumphouse Project is expected to total £10,435.25 plus any approved additional work. The Clerk/RFO is to attend a Warr Partnership workshop regarding the funding on 09/11/10. 80% of the project's cost will be covered by a Warr Partnership grant and 20% from local fund-raising. It was agreed that any local fund-raising remaining should be put towards increasing sweeping around the pump and Pumphouse generally. When the project is complete, a photo opportunity will be arranged to include all the people involved with arranging and funding the project.
    6. Financial Statement regarding the funding of this project. Members accepted the project's financial statement.
  2. Pump Project assisted by funding from Battle Partnership. The Council had approved amendment to this Project (C10/ which would now involve printing the booklet, purchase of a hand pump, water tank, two galvanised buckets and a yoke.
    1. Printing of the booklet "Sedlescombe's pump and pumphouse - a brief history". RESOLVED: That Fastprint's quotation of £605 for printing 850 part colour copies should be accepted and arrangements made for each Sedlescombe household to receive a free copy. Surplus copies will be placed on sale for £1 each (sold to Sedlescombe Stores on same basis as footpath leaflets ie 75p each).
    2. Hand pump. A small hand pump has been purchased to be used as part of the educational project. Reg Glew is willing to be involved in construction of something that will allow participants to see how water can be pumped by hand from a small barrel on a trolley into buckets and then carried using a yoke. It was suggested it could be stored in the cupboard at the village hall used by the Parish Council.
    3. Grant aid. Battle Partnership is prepared to make a grant of £800 on production of paid invoices. Some surplus funding was noted but this will not be received if it is not spent on the project.
    4. Financial Statement regarding the funding of this project. Members accepted the project's financial statement.
  3. Litter/sweeping. RESOLVED: That, if R Wood is willing to increase his sweeping of the Pumphouse to weekly, he should be paid £260 for 52 sweeps starting on 1 January 2011. If he is not able to take on this extra work, his quotation for £130 for 26 sweeps should be accepted instead.
  4. Mowing. RESOLVED: That R Wood's quotation for the 2011/12 season of mowing the Village Green up to 20 times for £600 should be accepted.
  5. Village sign and post. Cllr Vine-Hall was thanked for arranging the removal of the village sign and bracket. New sign being made by Signs of the Times. Bracket being redecorated by them. RESOLVED: That R Wood's quotation of £30 for painting the sign post on the Green should be accepted.
  6. Additional plaque re Village of Year prize. A local resident had suggested that he would like to see a plaque on the Village Green to commemorate Sedlescombe's success in the national community section of the 2009 Calor Village of the Year Competition.The Chairman commented that winning this competition appeared to be important to local people. This would be in addition to the plaque on the front of Sedlescombe sports pavilion commemorating Sedlescombe's success in the initial county rounds of the competition. RESOLVED: A green plaque with red lettering is obtained from Signs of the Times with the following wording: Village of the Year 2009 - Sedlescombe national Community Champion.
  7. Sir John Keeling seats, clean and make up ground around. The lack of electricity and water makes using a power washer to clean the seats difficult but efforts would be made to get it done by a volunteer.
  8. Redecorate noticeboard and replace one handle. RESOLVED: That redecoration of the noticeboard and replacement of one handle would be added to the volunteers' list of jobs.
  9. Repair top end of Green where grass has been eroded. RESOLVED: That grass protector matting should be obtained and inserted by volunteers at the top edge of the Village Green. The area will need fencing off to allow the grass to grow.
  10. Remove post attached to mountain ash tree on lower Green. Cllr Martin to do.
  11. 2011/12 budget for Village Green. RESOLVED: That the 2011/12 budget figures for the Village Green are accepted.

Sportsfield, Sportsfield Car Park, Ladybird Lane

  1. Manhole covers at car park and disabled parking areas. Recently the manhole covers at the Sportsfield car park had been broken twice as well as concrete slabs which had been placed over the broken covers. Cllr Rand had arranged for the manhole's replacement twice. The manhole in the disabled parking area had also been broken (Sports Association responsibility). This had not happened before and the Sports Association would be asked whether extra heavy vehicles are being allowed onto the parking areas. A large lorry has been seen parked in the disabled parking area recently.
  2. Car park culvert. It had been agreed by the Council that it should seek inclusion of the repair work to the culvert at the Sportsfield car park entrance in the proposed surfacing work to the entrance in association with Pestalozzi's work to Ladybird Lane (see also F10/11.27.4 below). It would be paid for by the Parish Council in accordance with its obligations as owner of the car park to keep ditches and culverts clear. £1500 would be included in the 2011/12 budget. This is presuming the pipe currently in the car park can be used. It was expected that the Ladybird Lane work would be started around May 2011.
  3. Front fence. £1200 remains in the Sportsfield Fund for closure of the gate by the bridge (in accordance with a planning condition) and construction of a new post and rail fence. This work has been held up pending removal of the portacabins and replacement of the garage by the Sports Association. RESOLVED: That, if agreed by the Sports Association at the meeting next Monday, the Clerk/RFO is authorised to obtain quotations for closing off the gateway by the bridge and the replacement fence.
  4. Ladybird Lane/entrance to Sportsfield car park. As reported in the last Finance minutes, the Council has agreed to fund the cost of tarmacing the sportsfield car park entrance (C10/ subject to agreeing the design. £4000 has been included in the 2011/12 budget (excluding the culvert repair - see F10/11.27.2 above). In order to reclaim the VAT, the Council must give the order, receive the invoice and pay for the work. Paul Evans, Chief Executive at Pestalozzi, had written to the Council to say that firm quotes will be obtained for the bellmouth resurfacing. The Trustees have accepted proposals for the Council to contribute to repair of the road in future as decided at the time. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council accepts that the approved contractor for the bellmouth should be the same as the one chosen by Pestalozzi Trust to do Ladybird Lane. Fred Ham, Chairman of the Sedlescombe Rangers Junior Football Club, had suggested that he could arrange for some temporary repairs to Ladybird Lane up to the Sportsfield car park entrance but the Clerk/RFO had recommended that no such action should be taken without discussing the matter with Pestalozzi.
  5. Structures on Sportsfield car park.
    1. Blue container - approved by Parish Council - football items.
    2. Yellow/red container - not approved - being used for temporary storage of cricket items. This container belongs to Fred Ham and he wants it back as soon as possible. This makes the Societies Association suggestion that they could use it for storing Fete items irrelevant.
    3. 40'x10' portacabin belongs to Parish Council. Some damage was caused to the portacabin during removal from one end of the field to the other which probably precludes any sale. The Societies Association had suggested that the portacabin could be used for storing goods for the Fete but are concerned about the damage. Storage is now more urgent because the Village Hall tables will not be available for next year's Fete owing to a village hall booking on that day. A suggestion was made that, maybe, all the structures except the large portacabin could be removed from the car park and that the portacabin could then be used by sports clubs and the Societies Association for storage. If the portacabin was the only structure on the car park, the Parish Council's permitted development rights would cover it. The damage caused to the portacabin will be investigated and the whole subject discussed with the Sports Association on Monday.
    4. Small shower portacabin - belongs to Sedlescombe Football Club but now redundant - not approved. Future to be discussed with the Sports Association on Monday.
    5. Garage - belongs to Sedlescombe Sports Association - planning permission has been obtained for a garage to be built next to the pavilion and the Sports Association is planning to get the dilapidated garage in the car park moved there. The Societies Association has made a grant of £1,000 to the Sports Association to pay for the garage base. The subject will be discussed with the Sports Association on Monday.
  6. Rubbish around Sportsfield car park. Various items have been dumped around the car park. The Sports Association will be asked to arrange their removal.
  7. Car park ditch. £500 has been included in the 2010/11 budget. Any work will wait until the culvert is done.
  8. Repair of kissing gate at entrance to Sportsfield. Cllr Vine-Hall will arrange repair of this gate. This will wait until the gateway has been removed and the new fence built.
  9. Other miscellaneous work. The Sports Association had, at its AGM last week, reported that the pavilion tiles are coming loose in the shower areas and exterior paint is peeling. The Sports Association is referring this to the Parish Council. Cllr Rand will investigate and take the matter up with John Steed.
  10. 2011/12 budget for Sportsfield, Sportsfield Car Park, Ladybird Lane. RESOLVED: That the amended 2011/12 budget figures for the Sportsfield are accepted.

Bus shelter (see expenditure report April-Sept 2010, page 9)

  1. Litter/sweeping. RESOLVED: That R Wood's quotation for 2011/2 of £130 for sweeping the bus shelter 26 times is approved.
  2. Repairs. £200 has been included in the 2010/11 budget for repairs although none have currently been specified. No budget has been included for next year's repairs. Planning permission has been granted for the development at Park View which includes work on improving bus waiting facilities.
  3. 2011/12 budget for bus shelter. RESOLVED: That the 2011/12 budget figures for the bus shelter are accepted.

Dog bins (see expenditure report April-Sept 2010, page 9)

  1. Dog bin emptying. The Parish Council has agreed that Rother DC should undertake this work for £6 for emptying three dog bins each week.
  2. Bin at sportsfield. RESOLVED: That the Council should obtain a replacement lid for the dog bin at the Sportsfield at the cost of £36.20.
  3. Bin at Brede Lane Car Park. RESOLVED: That the sign for the front of the dog bin in the Car Park should be purchased.
  4. Bin at entrance to Riverside Playing Field. RESOLVED: That cleaning of the outside of the dog bin at the entrance to the Riverside Playing Field should be added to the volunteers' list of jobs.
  5. 2011/12 budget for dog bins. RESOLVED: That the 2011/12 budget for dog bins is accepted.


  1. Removal of graffiti from 2 Church Hill Seats. Ralph Dellow has passed the graffiti-removal kit to the Clerk/RFO. It was agreed that attempts would be made to find a volunteer to do this work. RESOLVED: That, if a volunteer cannot be found, R Wood's quotation of £20 for removal of the graffiti from the two Church Hill seats should be accepted.
  2. Replace wooden slat on back of seat in Brede Lane. RESOLVED: That R Wood's quotation of £10 for replacement of the wooden slat on the back of the seat in Brede Lane is accepted.
F10/11.31 Rights of way (see expenditure report April-Sept 2010, page 9). A small budget of £60 had been included for the two financial years.

Riverside Playing Field (maintained by the Parish Council under agreement with the Trust) (see expenditure report April-Sept 2010, page 10). In accordance with the Code of Conduct, all councillors declared their personal/prejudicial interest in the Playing Field by virtue of the Parish Council being sole trustee of the Trust that administers the Playing Field. However, dispensation had been granted to all by Rother District Council, allowing them to speak and vote on the following matters.

  1. Litter collection. RESOLVED: That R Wood's quotation of £325 for litter collection 26 times p.a. in 2011/12 at the Playing Field is accepted.
  2. Fence repair. RESOLVED: That R Wood's quotation for chestnut paling fence repair and installation of white posts of £40 is accepted.
  3. Annual Playground inspections. Previously carried out by ROSPA. A clerk of another parish had agreed to carry out a survey of available playground inspectors and to see whether savings could be made by several councils using the same company. For further discussion in due course.
  4. Mowing. RESOLVED: That R Wood's quotation of £880 for cutting two areas of grass at the playing field 16 times and 20 times in the 2011/12 season is accepted.
  5. Hedgecutting. RESOLVED: That R Wood's quotation of £30 each year for hedgecutting at the Riverside Playing Field in 2010/11 and 2011/12 is approved.
  6. Adjust gate to Riverside Playground. Cllrs Martin and Marland are expected to undertake this work.
  7. Playground equipment
    1. Adjust ropes on Horizontal rope ladder and Rope bridge at Riverside Playground. (Cllrs Martin/Marland)
    2. Smooth off sharp edges at one end of log on rope bridge at Riverside Playground (volunteer)
    3. Fill hole where steering wheel has been removed on Toddler Slide at Riverside Playground (volunteer)
    4. Redecorate slide supports of Play Tower where rust is emerging at Riverside Playground (volunteer)
    5. Secure base of fireman's ladder at Riverside Playground (volunteer)
    6. Removal of graffiti. RESOLVED: That, if a volunteer cannot be found, R Wood's quotation of £20 for removal of graffiti from around the Orbiter is accepted.
  8. Tennis courts
    1. Minor adjustments to tennis courts netting. Cllr Rand offered to do.
    2. Sweep tennis courts. RESOLVED: That R Wood's quotation of £20 for sweeping the tennis courts on one occasion is accepted.
  9. Tree work - contingency figure included in budget.
  10. Moles. Removal of moles from the area can only be guaranteed for 7 days. No further action.
  11. Attend to and rescrew signs to tree at Riverside. Cllr Rand offered to do.
  12. Replace plastic tarpaulin on top of litter bin at Riverside and decorate wood panels (volunteer)
  13. 2011/12 budget for Riverside Playing Field. RESOLVED: That the 2011/12 budget figures for the Playing Field including the Playground are accepted.

Weedkilling (see expenditure report April-Sept 2010, page 11). RESOLVED: That Languard Ltd's quote for weedkilling in the 2011 season is accepted as follows: Application of herbicide on three occasions £920

1.       Sedlescombe Tennis Courts
2.       Public car park at Brede Lane and access path adjacent to surgery
3.       Pumphouse on Village Green
4.       Red Barn Field Nature Park footpath
5.       Sedlescombe sportsfield car park

Also monitoring and treatment where required of the Giant Hogweed on the banks of the River Brede in the parish £350. The Clerk/RFO reported that an anonymous article had recently appeared in the Sedlescombe Garden Society magazine "The Trug" which appeared to criticise Sedlescombe Parish Council's work to try to remove Giant Hogweed from the banks of the River Brede and Line. The Clerk had drafted a reply which the Committee agreed should be submitted for publication.

F10/11.34 Grants to others (see expenditure report April-Sept 2010, page 11). RESOLVED: That the 2011/12 budget figures for grants to others are accepted.

Brede Lane Car Park(see expenditure report April-Sept 2010, page 11)

  1. Grounds Maintenance Agency agreement with Rother District Council expiring 30/03/11. The existing five-year agreement requires the Parish Council to keep the car park in a clean and tidy condition and free from weeds by application of a herbicide. Also, to mow all grassed areas regularly and to maintain 11 young trees. Clerk/RFO has contacted Rother DC regarding renewal of the agency agreement and, at the same time, has highlighted several items that need addressing by Rother DC. These are: drainage problems in the area close to the recycling bins; removal of the centre one of three large trees on the Brede Lane frontage and attending to the dipped area in front of the public conveniences. RESOLVED: That, as long as the District Council is willing to meet the expected cost of maintaining the car park area, the Parish Council should sign a further 5-year agreement for maintaining the grass and herbicide treatment but that all tree work should be excluded now that the trees have grown.
  2. Mowing. This work would, of course, depend on the outcome of negotiations detailed in 35.1 above. If these can be resolved, it should be RESOLVED: That R Wood's quotation of £300 for mowing at the car park up to 20 times in the 2011 season should be accepted.
  3. Tree work. Agency agreement requires the Parish Council to look after young trees. As detailed in 35.1 above, trees, apart from the silver birches outside the public conveniences, can no longer be described as young.
  4. Redecoration of frame of tourist sign on wall of public conveniences. RESOLVED: That redecoration of the tourist sign frame should be added to the list of volunteers' jobs.
  5. 2011/12 budget for Brede Lane Car Park. RESOLVED: That the 2011/12 budget figures for the Brede Lane Car Park are accepted.
F10/11.36 Parish Council laptop. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council laptop, originally supplied by Rother District Council but now outdated, should be given to Mary Irwin.
F10/11.37 First draft of 2011/12 budget (see income and expenditure reports and summary). Members noted that the precept figure on the first draft of the 2011/12 budget had been held at the same level as last year (£31,500). However, this would result in a much reduced projected balance at the end of that financial year. Members agreed to give the matter further consideration at the December Finance Committee Meeting.
F10/11.38 Parish Council Signatories. The Committee noted that, with the resignation of Ralph Dellow and expected resignation of Mary Irwin, two signatories for Council accounts will no longer be available leaving just Cllrs Wright and Glew. NB Two signatures are required on each account. RESOLVED: That arrangements for new councillor signatories on Parish Council accounts and cheques should be made immediately following the May 2011 elections and should be the Chairman of the Parish Council, the Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council and the Chairman of the Finance Committee.

Audit of Accounts

  1. Internal audit of 2010/11 accounts. RESOLVED: That the Council ratifies the appointment of Angela Alexander to carry out the internal audit of the 2010/11 accounts at the cost of £125.
  2. The Clerk left the meeting
    Effectiveness of the 2009/10 internal audit. RESOLVED: That the Council is satisfied that Mrs Bennett was independent and competent in carrying out the internal audit of the Parish Council’s 2009/10 accounts, that the Audit Plan was appropriate and completed, that Mrs Bennett’s report to the Council was clear and that it was effective in giving the Council confidence in its financial procedures. 

Thanks to the Clerk/RFO. Members requested that the following should be minuted: "Thanks go to our Clerk for all the work undertaken recently. We appreciate all that she does for us."



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