PRESENT: Cllr V Wright (in the chair), Cllrs Glew and Vine-Hall, Mrs P Raymond (Clerk/Finance Officer of Sedlescombe Parish Council). Grant Burberry (Chairman of the Sports Association), Ashley Davey (Vice-Chairman of the Sports Association), David Torrance (Treasurer of the Sports Association)


1. Update from the Sports Association.

  1. The Sports Association Committee has reached a crisis point with only four people attending the recent AGM. To date, it has not been possible to appoint a Secretary and this work is being shared between Grant and Ashley. Only two clubs now make up the Association - Football and Cricket. The Clerk will e-mail copies of the Sports Association Constitution (dated 1998 and not updated) to officers.

  2. The Association has about £2,000 in hand, of which £1,500 is grant aid from other bodies (£1,000 from the Societies Association for the garage and £500 from the Police for security). The Football Club's 2009-10 fees have not been received although, once further details have been supplied to the Club re field/pavilion maintenance costs, there should be no problem with them paying. A discussion took place on the amount that the Clubs should be paying for their annual use of the field and it was suggested that a comparison of the Sports Association charges with others in Hastings should be made and, if necessary, changes implemented. No gas bill has been received since the new pavilion was handed over to the Sports Association on 01/04/2009. A recent fund-raising golf day was successful.

  3. The Treasurer confirmed that public liability insurance cover has been obtained and that a copy would be forwarded to the Clerk.

  4. The junior and senior Football Clubs are now amalgamated and are, by far, the largest of the two sports clubs with about 200 children involved, as well as two senior teams made up of young men aged between late teens and late twenties. Additionally, there are a large number of family members associated with the junior club and it is acknowledged that these people should be more involved with the running of the field and pavilion. Plans are in hand for the Sports Association Committee to meet with the Chairman and members of the Football Club on Thursday of this week (postponed from last Friday) to discuss the whole subject with them.

    It appears that users do not fully realise what responsibilities have been accepted by the Trustees of the Sports Association through the 2005 Lease from the Parish Council and the subsequent Deed of Variation. There may also be a feeling that, if the Club pays its fees, the field and pavilion should be maintained by someone else. Unfortunately, there has been a misunderstanding by some members of the Committee regarding responsibilities such as maintenance of the ditch where they thought that this cannot be done because of a Pestalozzi International Village Trust restriction. Cllr Wright spoke of work days in the past at the field when this sort of job was undertaken by volunteers from the clubs.The Parish Council is responsible for clearing the ditch through the car park and is planning to do this and repair the culvert under the entrance to the car park in the next financial year.

2. Review of five structures currently situated on the Sportsfield Car Park (the car park is not included in the Parish Council/Sports Association Lease and remains under the control of the Parish Council).

  1. Garage. The garage currently on the car park is to be moved next to the pavilion but no time-scale has been agreed. It is used to house the tractor and mowers. If the grass cutting is undertaken next season by a contractor, the tractor would not be needed. However, the Cricket Club has its own mowers which need to be stored. It has not been possible to find volunteers to take down the garage and re-assemble it. It is planned by the Committee that the redundant materials from the old garage next to the pavilion will be used and its base will form part of the base for the larger garage. A new garage roof is needed and, according to planning permission RR/2009/287/P, the garage will have to be clad to match the pavilion. As mentioned in 1.2 above, £1,000 has been granted for garage base work by the Societies Association. Whether capital works such as the garage should be the responsibility of the Sports Association Committee appears to be under dispute. The Council is fully committed in the next financial year not only to repay the loan on the pavilion but also to contribute about £4,000 towards maintenance of Ladybird Lane.

    The Committee was asked to obtain quotations urgently for all the work necessary to bring the garage up to standard in its position next to the pavilion and to keep the Parish Council fully informed.

    Ralph Dellow has agreed to the Committee's request to help them with fund-raising and Cllr Wright offered to assist with applying for funding from suitable bodies such as Awards for All and SportEngland.

  2. Small portacabin. Grant confirmed that he would be arranging for the small portacabin to be removed from the site in the near future without specifying an actual date.

  3. Red/yellow container. This container is now empty and Fred Ham has said he will remove it tomorrow.

  4. Large portacabin. The Societies Association has asked the Council whether it can store fete equipment in the portacabin. The Council has not yet made a decision. The ongoing problem of finding sufficient parking at the car park for people in connection with weekend football use was discussed but it was thought that keeping the large portacabin in its present position would not mean the loss of too many car parking places and would be acceptable to the Committee, especially if all the other items were removed from the car park. Approximately, an additional twenty car parking spaces are needed.

  5. Blue container. The blue container was given to the Parish Council in 2006 and is used for storing Football Club equipment. The Council asked whether it would be possible for these goods to be transferred to half of the portacabin so that the other half could be used by the Societies Association. The Committee did not oppose this idea. If the blue container could be removed from the car park, and the above proposals implemented, it would leave just the portacabin at the car park which could be retained under the Parish Council's permitted development rights without needing to apply for planning permission.

3. Closing off the gate by the bridge and replacement of the front fence. The Parish Council intends to undertake this work using the money remaining in the Sports Pavilion Fund. However, the Committee asked that nothing is done about the fence until after the garage has been moved because of the need to use the field gate next to the bridge.

Grant asked the Council if, on closing off the field gate, a pedestrian gate, suitable for disabled access, could replace the existing kissing gate which gives access to the public footpath through the sportsfield.Cllr Vine-Hall has been very involved with this type of work on other footpaths in Sedlescombe and agreed that this should not be a problem.


4. Ladybird Lane. The appalling state of the road surface between the entrance to Ladybird Lane and the entrance to the sportsfield car park is of concern to all users and some sportsfield users of the Lane want to make some minor repairs themselves. When this has been suggested to the Clerk, she has said that they should not do anything without referring the matter to Pestalozzi first. The Pestalozzi International Trust is responsible for maintaining the road with contributions being made by residents on the Estate and the Parish Council. The Parish Council has accepted its legal obligations to contribute towards the road and as mentioned above is expected to pay about £4,000 in the next financial year which will meet the costs of upgrading the bellmouth entrance to the car park. This area will be used as a passing place when the development begins. The developer, who will build several houses further up Ladybird Lane, will be responsible for bringing the lane up to standard and the expected date is May 2011.


5.President and Vice-Presidents. The Sports Association Committee has decided to appoint a President and life Vice-Presidents. It was suggested that the Parish Council might like to suggest names for Vice-Presidents.