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PRESENT: Councillors Martin (Chairman), Cllr Marland, Mitchell, Vine-Hall
Cllr Rand (Vice Chairman of the Council)

Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer: Mrs P Raymond


Also present until the end of P10/11.117.2 were three members of the public and District Cllr Tony Ganly


P10/11.109 Apologies and reasons for absence. Cllr Wright (holiday).

Disclosure by members of personal interests in matters on the agenda, the nature of any interest and whether the member regarded the interest as prejudicial under the terms of the Code of Conduct. None disclosed.

P10/11.111 Prejudiced members' participation. None.
P10/11.112 Public participation session. The Chairman asked members of the public whether they wished to make representation, answer questions or give evidence to the Committee with regard to items on the agenda. Mr D Wright and Ms Martine Coppens gave notice that they wished to address the Committee at P10/11.117.2. Cllr Tony Ganly gave notice that he wished to update the Committee concerning various issues. The Chairman gave these people leave to address the Committee at the appropriate time.
P10/11.113 Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Committee is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning Committee held on 18/01/11.

Planning Applications

114.1 RR/2010/3018/O Old Barn, Hawkhurst Road, Sedlescombe TN33 0QS. Building a timber-framed greenhouse on the east boundary of the garden, including: (A) Construction of mass concrete strip foundations (B) Erection of a timber and glass greenhouse. Applicant Mr T E & Mrs C L Schollar. Cllr Martin reported on his inspection. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council supports approval.
114.2 RR/2011/141/P Cranfield, Balcombe Green, Sedlescombe. Proposed two-storey extension and alterations with integral garage/workshop. Applicant: Mr P and Mrs J Canini. Cllr Marland reported on his inspection. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council supports approval of this application which will incorporate the garage and provide additional living accommodation. The information that the pink planning notice is not displayed near the property will be forwarded to Rother DC.



Budget Car Company. There are currently three Budget Car Company appeals with the Planning Inspectorate. Notice of a fourth appeal had been received as follows: APP/U1430/A/10/2144300 - RR/2010/2212/P. Erecting of valeting bay structure. Budget Car Company is appealing against Rother's refusal. RESOLVED: That the Clerk is authorised to write to the Planning Inspectorate in support of Rother's refusal of RR/2010/2212/P as the proposed amended valeting structure would still be inappropriate in the Sedlescombe Conservation Area.



RR/2010/2890/P 32 Park Shaw, Sedlescombe. Proposed first floor extension Withdrawn
RR/2009/1151/P Blackman, Pavie, Ladden, Marley Lane, Sedlescombe. Variation of Condition XX imposed on RR/2000/105/P as development viability is compromised by not allowing work to commence until A21/Marley Lane junction is complete. Approved conditional 24/01/11
RR/2010/1954/P Chittlebirch Yard, Great Sanders Fruit Farm, Hawkhurst Road, Sedlescombe. Siting of mobile home for occupation by farm owners. Applicant: Mr Rowlands Approved conditional 11/01/11
RR/2010/2660/P Claytons, The Green, Sedlescombe. Proposed single storey extension and loft conversion Approved conditional 04/01/11
P10/11.117 Enforcement

LWA Bodyshop, The Street. Erection of paint spraying booth reported to Rother DC by local residents and Parish Clerk - ENF/SED/2010/713. Application requested by Rother DC 24/01/11.


Cllr Ganly updated the Committee with the information that the Planning Department at Rother DC had received a retrospective planning application from LWA Ltd for the new paint spray booth.


The Clerk informed the Committee that, although the Parish Council had informed Rother Enforcement on 24/11/10 that a new paint spray booth was being built at the LWA Ltd, the site had not been visited by the Enforcement Officer, Mike Searle, until two months later by which time the building was complete and operating.


The Committee was informed that complaints were being made by near neighbours, particularly about the noise, but also about the fumes. A complaint had just been received from Gregory Walk that this was presumably the source of the roaring/humming noise they had recently become aware of through double-glazed windows. Cllr Ganly informed the Committee that the owner of LWA had informed the Enforcement Officer that the chimney had been installed incorrectly at first and that this had now been rectified.


The Clerk informed the Committee that the silver chimney can be seen amongst Sedlescombe's old chimneys from the public footpath from East View to the allotments.


Park View, The Street, groundworks possibly a contravention of planning condition re archaeology reported to Rother DC on 28/01/11 by local residents and Parish Clerk - ENF/SED/2011/28.


Cllr Ganly updated the Committee with the information that Rother's Enforcement Department had served a 28-day Temporary Stop Notice on 04/02/11. The matter will be on the Rother Planning Committee agenda on 17/02/11 with a view to a permanent Stop Notice and Enforcement Notice being issued.


Committee Members had been provided with a Briefing Note by the Parish Clerk prior to the meeting.


Mr D Wright and Ms M Coppens addressed the Committee. The large digger had been removed from the site the previous day. The County Archaeologist had asked that the neighbours contact him again if any further work is undertaken on the site. The neighbours will report transfer of spoil from another site in the Village to Park View to Environmental Health.


Budget Car Company

1. Results of appeals against the following enforcement notices are awaited:

  1. APP/U1430/C/10/2138921 Without planning permission, construction of a storm shelter.
  2. APP/U1430/C/10/2142425 A breach of planning control has occurred within the last ten years by the parking and display of vehicles for sale outside of the approved area under planning permission RR/80/2363.

2. Yellow balloon man. Rother DC is considering whether this is an advertisement with deemed consent - will depend on its measurements. These will be included with other advertising on the site to see whether the total square footage exceeds that allowed under deemed consent.


3. Use of frontage as access from site to B2244 instead of use of proper entrance. The Clerk detailed her correspondence with the District Council, the County Council and the Police about encroachment onto the grass verge and the accessing by Budget Car Company of the B2244 across the grass verge and kerb.

117.4 81 East View Terrace, Sedlescombe. Untidy site reported to Rother DC (not by Parish Council) on 24/01/11 - ENF/SED/2010/442. No further action by Rother DC.
117.5 Pumphouse Yard, The Green. New garage business. The Committee noted that a new business "TCS - Taylor's Car Services" has opened recently at Pumphouse Yard. No action unless complaints received from the public.