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PRESENT: Cllrs Glew, Marland, Martin, Vine-Hall

Councillor Wright (Chairman of the Council)

Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer: Mrs P Raymond

1 member of the public present up to and including F10/11.61.


F10/11.56 Apologies and reasons for absence. None.
F10/11.57 Disclosure by Members of personal interests in matters on the agenda, the nature of any interest and whether the member regarded the interest as prejudicial under the terms of the Code of Conduct. Cllr Wright declared her personal and prejudicial interest in agenda item F10/11.61.4 by virtue of her being Chairman of the Council.
F10/11.58 Representation by prejudiced members: None.
F10/11.59 Public participation session.
F10/11.60 Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Committee is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Finance Committee held on 14/12/10.

Budget Monitoring

  1. First draft accounts 2010/11. RESOLVED: That the first draft accounts for 2010/11 are approved.

  2. Jobs Update. RESOLVED: That the job list is updated as attached. The following additional work was approved:
    1. Purchase of a Metal Fido 50 dog waste bin for replacement of the old bin at the sportsfield.
    2. Quotations for a post and rail fence with copper and green beech hedging plants for the sportsfield front boundary. (John Grice, D&B Fencing, BTCV and Bourne Amenity.) Cllr Vine-Hall to install the pedestrian gate if available from ESCC.
    3. Acceptance of quotation from Landsford Design and Building Services of £140 for sorting out the wood surround in the Pumphouse ceiling over the pump including refixing the iron grille.
    4. Note that order had been given to Languard Ltd. for removing the moss from the corner of the tennis courts for £40. [The Netball Clubs will be using the courts from 04/04/11 up to August on Monday evenings between 19:00 and 22:00.]
    5. Quotations for installation of three planters with shrubs on either side of the first and second northern parts of The Green. Attempts to be made to find sponsorship.
    6. Purchase of replacement spring for the gate at the Riverside Playground from RSSRecord for £46.25 + £10 p&p.
    7. Investigate repainting lines on tennis courts using applicator from "Watco". (Requested by users.)
    8. Quotations for repair of the bus shelter.

      It was noted that Roger Wood had been off sick and was not yet fully recovered. He had assured the Clerk/RFO that the work already approved for him will be done but maybe a little late.

  3. Areas where finance was not received/spent as expected during 2010/11. (See draft accounts)
    1. Income is expected to be around £950 less than the revised budget, mostly because of reduced income from the Playing Field Trust (owing to reduced expenditure).
    2. Expenditure is expected to be around £7,800 more than the total on the revised budget. The following was noted:
      1. Postage greater than the budget because, in February, the Clerk had purchased 100 each of first and second class stamps which go up in price on 01/04/11.
      2. Red Barn Field wells and drainage budget still in hand.
      3. East View Kickabout less than the budget because the summer was dry and, therefore, there was less mowing undertaken.
      4. Village Green less than budget because the summer was dry and, therefore, there was less mowing undertaken. The village sign was a little cheaper than expected.
      5. Pumphouse project educational part was slightly cheaper than expected but a water carrier is still needed. Mr Glew was thanked for his work on constructing the demonstration pump.
      6. Sportsfield front fence and ditch budget still in hand.
      7. Bus Shelter repair budget still in hand.
      8. Dog bin purchase budget still in hand.
      9. Rights of way work done by volunteers and therefore no expenditure.
      10. Seat repairs slightly less than expected.
      11. Riverside playing field less than budget because the summer was dry and, therefore, there was less mowing undertaken. A litter bin was purchased the previous year. No tree work was undertaken. More fence work needed - NB the replacement of the fencing in the playground area with a metal fence will be considered. Spring still to be purchased.
      12. Agency work for Rother DC less than budget because the summer was dry and, therefore, there was less mowing undertaken.

  4. Additional payment to the Chairman. Cllr Wright declared her personal/prejudicial interest by virtue of her being Chairman and left the meeting during consideration of this item. RESOLVED: That an additional £12.50 should be paid to Cllr Wright in addition to the £200 already paid in reimbursement of expenses.

  5. Internal Audit. It was noted that the internal audit of the 2010/11 accounts is due to take place on 04/05/11 and that the internally-audited accounts will be presented to Council at the Annual Meeting on 17/05/11.

  6. Council Tax 2011/12. Members noted that Sedlescombe's Band D Council Tax is 16th in the list of all the parishes in Rother at £46.91. The highest is Etchingham with £76.01 and the lowest Guestling with £4.76. Sedlescombe has the 10th highest precept in the District with £31,500. The highest is Bexhill with £827,550 and the lowest Rye Foreign with £1,250.
F10/11.62 Asset Summary. RESOLVED: That the Asset Summary for 2011 is approved.

Risk Management. RESOLVED: That the Risk Management Report for 2011 is approved.


The Committee noted that an adult helping with a junior football match on 27/03/11 had fractured or dislocated his ankle while trying to stop a ball going into the river. Scott Lavocah, first aider, attended to him before he was taken to hospital by ambulance. Scott has recommended to the Sports Association that a fence should be erected along that part of the bank.


The Clerk/RFO highlighted the Sportsfield section of the Risk Management Report including the importance of the Sports Association reminding hirers of the danger of the river which can rise rapidly. This year, the Clerk/RFO had added a note that hirers should also be made aware that they should safeguard users of the right of way.

F10/11.64 Insurances. The Chairman informed the Committee that the Council will reach the end of the second year of the three-year agreement with Aviva on 31/05/11. RESOLVED: That the Council renews its insurances due on 01/06/11 for 2011/12 with Aviva through Came & Company.
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