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MEMBERS PRESENT: Councillor Vine-Hall (Chairman), Cllrs Martin and Reynolds

Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer: Mrs P Raymond


Also in attendance: One member of the public.


P11/12.82 Apologies and reasons for absence. Cllr Glew (ill); Cllr Wright (away).

Disclosures of personal and prejudicial interests from Councillors on matters to be considered at the meeting in accordance with the adopted Code of Conduct 2007. None

P11/12.84 Public participation session. None.
P11/12.85 Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Committee is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning Committee held on 20/09/11.

Planning Applications

86.1 RR/2011/1897/P The Bothy, The Street, Sedlescombe. Variation of condition 3 imposed on RR/2010/704/P - parking. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council should not comment on this application.
86.2 RR/2011/1972/T Orchard House, 13 Orchard Way, Sedlescombe TN33 0RD. Reduce by 2-3m in height and lateral spread one in number oak tree - tree 1. Leaving an overall reduction of approximately 20%. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council supports approval as long as a competent contractor is employed to undertake the work.

Appeals. None



Reference Applicant & Location Proposal Decision Date Decision
RR/2011/1263/P The Budget Car Company, The Street, Sedlescombe Erection of valeting bay structure, together with reinstatement of former picket fence to front boundary Approved conditional 28/09/11
RR/2011/1763/P Pestalozzi International Village Trust - West Lodge, Chapel Hill, Sedlescombe Proposed external insulation and recladding of external walls, renewal of fascias, soffits and bargeboards to roof, renewal of windows, extension of front bay roof Approved conditional 23/09/11
RR/2011/1594/P Mr P Catt - Bulmer Lodge, The Street, Sedlescombe Request that the building can remain as built. It has been built to the plans, drawings and specifications of both drawing No.BL002 dated June 2008 on RR/2008.1676 and drawing No.094-03 on RR/2011/940/P Approved conditional 22/09/11
RR/2011/1716/P Mr J Vine-Hall - Hurst House, Hurst Lane, Sedlescombe Installation of photovoltaic array on existing sand school Approved conditional 30/09/11
RR/2011/1785/L and 1784/P Mrs R Edwards - Beech Farm House, Hawkhurst Road, Sedlescombe Replace extant permission for alterations and additions including replacement conservatory, replacement windows/dormers and extension to ground and first floors, erection of new access gates and wall/fence Approved conditional and listed building consent 05/10/11
RR/2011/1715/P Mrs Newman - Eastlands, Sandrock Hill, Sedlescombe Variation imposed on RR/2009/2908/P re alteration to windows Approved conditional 11/10/11



Enforcement List

A complaint had been made to Rother District Council (not from the Parish Council) on 26/09/11 regarding the erection of a conservatory at 10 Park Shaw, Sedlescombe. No further action is proposed by Rother DC.

P11/12.90 Draft National Planning Policy. No comment.
P11/12.91 Budget Car Company
91.1 Tree replacement notice. Mr and Mrs M Durling and Mr and Mrs N Durling have been served with a Tree Replacement Notice from 31/10/11 by Rother District Council following removal of an ash tree on or around 21/02/11 situated in Sedlescombe Conservation Area in contravention of section 211 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. A standard ash tee at least 4 metres in height must be planted no more than 2 metres from the felled tree.

Planning permission conditions re RR/2011/1263/P above. The following conditions were noted:

3. The extension hereby permitted shall not be used for valeting vehicles until a picket fence has been provided in the position indicated on the approved 1:500 block plan on sheet 001A(P) updated dated 28 July 2011. The fence shall not exceed 0.45 metres in height and shall be painted white and shall thereafter be retained in that condition unless otherwise agreed in writing with the local planning authority.

4. The extension hereby permitted shall not be used for valeting vehicles until a turning space for vehicles has been provided in accordance with the hatched area indicated on the approved 1:500 block plan on sheet 001A(P) update 28 July 2011. The turning space shall thereafter be retained and kept clear of all parked vehicles, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the local planning authority.

5. The extension hereby permitted shall not be used for valeting vehicles until a scheme for the provision of surface water drainage works has been submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. Full details of where surface water is discharged to and the types of products used to valet vehicles shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. The surface water drainage works to serve the development shall be provided in accordance with the approved details and only the products approved to valet vehicles shall be used, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the local planning authority.

6. No infiltration of surface water drainage into the ground is permitted unless otherwise agreed in writing with the local planning authority, which may be given for those parts of the site where it has been demonstrated that there is no resultant unacceptable risk to controlled waters.


Floodlighting. The committee noted that five floodlights have recently been erected at the car sales area. RESOLVED: That the Clerk should inform Rother District Council of the unauthorised erection of floodlights at the Budget Car Company Sales Area and ask that action is taken as quickly as possible.


It is being claimed locally that the tardiness of Rother DC in enforcing both the Environmental Protection Act and planning laws regarding unauthorised commercial activities in parts of Sedlescombe is blighting the area and making it difficult to sell properties. As well as pressure still being applied by the Parish Council, neighbours are considering referring the problems caused by Rother DC to the Local Ombudsman. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council supports neighbours in their efforts to speed up Rother District Council's enforcement action against unauthorised commercial undertakings in Sedlescombe.


Problems with vehicles accessing Pumphouse Yard at the same time as children are going to or leaving School. Marian Ham, Sedlescombe School's headteacher had recently contacted the Clerk again regarding lorries accessing the rear entrance of Pumphouse Yard at the same time as children are arriving at or leaving school. Because of the size of the vehicles, they are running over the pavement outside the school in order to get into the Yard. Unfortunately, the planning permission granted for the Yard only stops movements before 0800 or after 1800 during the week. The Clerk had advised asking Demi to ensure that vehicles do not drive over the pavement and to seek help from County Councillor Jones, maybe regarding installation of a barrier on the pavement.

Members considered the problem. An idea that the School provides marshals was not supported by all members. RESOLVED: That efforts should be made to find which companies are involved in using the Pumphouse Yard rear entrance and for the Parish Council to write to them seeking their co-operation in not using it during school arrival and departure times in the interests of safety of all pedestrians.


Development consultations. Members were informed of forthcoming consultations regarding SHLAA sites in Sedlescombe.


  1. A public exhibition and informal discussions regarding Amicus's development proposals at East View Terrace garages/parking/scout hut land is to be held in the Hall on Wednesday 19 October 2011 4pm to 6.30pm. An informal meeting has already been held between Amicus and the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Clerk of the Parish Council and parish councillors ha received a report arising from this meeting.

  2. In November, the Parish Council is expected to meet with Planning Consultants regarding proposed development of land in Brede Lane.

The subject of the proposed housing development will be on the Agenda of the 8 November 2011 Council Meeting.