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PARISH COUNCILLORS PRESENT: Cllr V Wright (Chairman), Cllr Jonathan Vine-Hall (Vice-Chairman), Cllrs Chapman, Glew, Heap Martin, Reynolds


Four members of the public,


Apologies and reasons for absence: J Mitchell (indisposed).

C11/12.74 Interests. None declared.
C11/12.75 Prejudiced members' participation. None.

Public Participation Session. None.

Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Council is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 08/11/11.

Vacancy on Sedlescombe Parish Council

  1. Poll request. The Clerk confirmed that no poll had been requested following the resignation of Anthony Rand.
  2. The next stage will be to advertise the vacancy in accordance with the Parish Council's Casual Vacancy policy, applications to be received by 17:00 on Friday 16/12/11. If decided by the Chairman, interviews will be held on Tuesday 20/12/11. This will be followed by a Council meeting to fill the vacancy.
  3. Vacancy on the Planning Committee. RESOLVED: That Cllr Martin should fill the vacancy on the Planning Committee caused by the resignation of Anthony Rand.

Licences for Regulated Entertainment. The Government is consulting about removal of the requirement for licences under the Licensing Act 2003 to be obtained for events with regulated entertainment unless the audience is expected to exceed 4,999. Rother District Council's reaction had been detailed in a Battle Observer Report of 11/11/11. RESOLVED: That the Clerk is authorised to respond to the Licensing Act consultation in accordance with her draft. A copy will be sent to Rother's Licensing Department.


Brede Lane Car Park. Prior to the meeting, members had been provided with the Clerk's Report.

  1. Rother's review of car park provision in Rother District. Rother's review is aimed at making a saving of £100,000 on the cost of providing car parking in Rother. A Rother Working Group is considering whether land currently used for car parks is providing value for money for citizens, is being utilised in the most efficient manner and is reaching the maximum income potential. The Clerk and Chairman will make representation to the Rother Working Group as tomorrow as follows:

    1. Current Use. The Brede Lane car park is an essential community asset which includes a small amount of visitor parking relating to occasional overspill from the Brickwall Hotel. It is adequate in size (43 spaces including parking in front of the recycling bins) for short term and longer term use by patients, school staff, surgery staff and a few visitors. However, at School collection and departure times, it is totally inadequate with approximately half the number of car parking spaces that are required.

    2. Potential changes to the current use required to facilitate future needs of the local community. Current and future uses of the area mean that additional parking is required in connection with the School. If additional development is allowed to go ahead in Brede Lane, it could result in an additional hundred cars bringing further congestion to the area. A larger car park would be essential to get cars off Brede Lane particularly because there is virtually a one-way system operating now outside the Surgery and Car Park because of parking in connection with the new homes at The Paddock. Cars are being forced to drive up on to the pavement because of poor visibility and no other room for manoeuvre.

      The purchase of additional parking land with access from Gammons Way opposite the Primary School could provide about sixteen additional parking spaces with pedestrian access directly from the new area to the School entrance.

    3. Recommendations for alterations to car parking charges in other parts of the District. The Parish Council does not wish to comment on Rother's current recommendations for alterations to car parking charges in other parts of the District.

    4. Income Generating Options. Introduction of any car parking charges in the Brede Lane Car Park would only increase congestion and cause additional traffic hazards in surrounding roads where there are currently no parking restrictions. The cost of a ticket machine (in 2004, costed at £3,500), employing someone to empty it and ensure compliance, possible lighting and legal costs is unlikely to be covered by income.

    5. Future management of the car park. Before the Parish Council could consider taking over the management of the car park from Rother District Council, full details of what would be included would be required.

  2. Marian Ham ((headteacher of Sedlescombe CE School) had written asking whether the Parish Council had ever considered buying part of Pumphouse Yard to extend the car park in order to ease the congestion in Brede Lane. It was agreed that, as this would mainly be for the benefit of the School, the School should consider purchasing it. The Parish Council has far too many ongoing commitments to meet the cost of the land's purchase.

    Mrs Ham also suggests that consideration be given to moving the recycling bins in order to provide additional parking spaces. This did not receive support from the Council as, currently, people living in the vicinity of the car park, usually walk there and would probably not be prepared to walk the extra distance to the Village Hall. In addition, moving the bins would not provide many additional parking places.

    A comment was made by a councillor that the School has outgrown its site and should consider in the longer-term an alternative site in the Village (Pestalozzi was suggested).

  3. Several miscellaneous matters had been raised by users at a recent site meeting at the car park attended by Cllrs Glew and Mitchell and the Clerk:

    1. Emptying of recycling bins. The car park is seriously obstructed when the recycling bins are changed during the time children are being dropped off or collected. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council will ask that the bins are emptied at times other than School arrival or departure times.

    2. Reversing School coaches. Reversing senior school coaches from Brede Lane into Park Shaw when children are arriving at the Primary School provides an additional traffic hazard. It was also noted that a Rambler double decker school bus had been seen to reverse onto the Bridge Garage forecourt to turn round causing an obstruction of the B2244. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council will write to the school bus companies asking that, for safety reasons, buses are not reversed in the Village because of the traffic hazards that are caused.

    3. Rear entrance to the School. The re-opening of the rear pedestrian entrance to the School at arrival and departure times would allow pedestrians from East View Terrace and the southern part of the Village to avoid Brede Lane altogether. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council will write to the School suggesting that consideration is given to re-opening the rear pedestrian entrance to the School at arrival and departure times.

    4. Staggering leaving times of pupils. Mothers had suggested that, if Key Stage 1 children finished School at 15:00 instead of having additional playtime, some congestion might be avoided.
      RESOLVED: That the Parish Council will write to the School suggesting that consideration is given to re-opening the rear pedestrian entrance to the School at arrival and departure times.

    5. Extra parking in the School grounds. Some space might be available within the School grounds for additional parking. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council will write to the School suggesting that consideration is given to providing additional parking within the School grounds.

    6. Re-marking lines. Ideally, in and out arrows should be marked but this would mean the loss of two spaces. Also it would be better if the arrows sent traffic in the lower part of the car park in a clockwise direction as on roundabouts rather than the other way as at present. The Parish Council had already raised this with Rother and will wait for an opportunity for the lines to be re-marked.
C11/12.81 DPP Planning Consultants. DPP have written expressing disappointment that the Council is unable to support the proposed development scheme for land adjoining Street Farm in Brede Lane. DPP say they will take on board the Parish Council's comments and have asked to meet in the new year to discuss how to move forward.

RESOLVED: That the Council sees no reason to meet DPP in the New Year to discuss the proposed development in Brede Lane. The Clerk was asked to suggest that, if DPP has any proposals which meet the Parish Council's concerns about the proposed development, they should be put in writing to the Council.

East View Terrace proposed development

  1. Allotment proposal. Orbit Community Investment Officer had written regarding the allotment proposal at East View Terrace. The proposal has now been scaled back to the communal space adjacent to the Orbit block of flats. They are also developing a project based on raised growing spaces in residents' back gardens.

  2. Update from AmicusHorizon regarding increased parking provision, funding of youth activities, communal seating. AmicusHorizon had written following the public consultation session in the Hall. Parking problems were the main issues raised. A planning application is likely to be submitted for the redevelopment of the Scout Hut and garage area of the Estate with nine new properties.

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