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Finance 29/03/11


That the Chairman of the Committee is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Finance Committee held on 14/12/10.
F10/11.61.1 That the first draft accounts for 2011/11 are approved.
F10/11.61.2 That the job list is updated as attached. The following additional work was approved:
  1. Purchase of a Metal Fido 50 dog waste bin for replacement of the old bin at the sportsfield.
  2. Quotations for a post and rail fence with copper and green beech hedging plants for the sportsfield front boundary. (John Grice, D&B Fencing, BTCV and Bourne Amenity.) Cllr Vine-Hall to install the pedestrian gate if available from ESCC.
  3. Acceptance of quotation from Landsford Design and Building Services of £140 for sorting out the wood surround in the Pumphouse ceiling over the pump including refixing the iron grille.
  4. Note that order had been given to Languard Ltd. for removing the moss from the corner of the tennis courts for £40. [The Netball Clubs will be using the courts from 04/04/11 up to August on Monday evenings between 19:00 and 22:00.]
  5. Quotations for installation of three planters with shrubs on either side of the first and second northern parts of The Green. Attempts to be made to find sponsorship.
  6. Purchase of replacement spring for the gate at the Riverside Playground from RSSRecord for £46.25 + £10 p&p.
  7. Investigate repainting lines on tennis courts using applicator from "Watco". (Requested by users.)
  8. Quotations for repair of the bus shelter.

F10/11.61.4 That an additional £12.50 should be paid to Cllr Wright in addition to the £200 already paid in reimbursement of expenses.
F10/11.62 That the Asset Summary for 2011 is approved.
F10/11.63 That the Risk Management Report for 2011 is approved.