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Finance Committee 18/10/11


That the Chairman of the Committee is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Finance Committee held on 06/09/11.


That the income and expenditure to the end of September 2011 against the 2011/12 budget is noted.


That the summary to the end of September 2011 against the 2011/12 budget is noted.
F11/12.37.2 That the statement of funds at the end of September 2011 against the 2011/12 budget is noted.
F11/12.38 That action is agreed as detailed in the report.
F11/12.39 That the Clerk/RFO is authorised to produce the 2012 Annual Report and Directory as in previous years with advertising being sold to cover the cost of printing, priced at at least £21 including 20% VAT.
F11/12.42.1 That the well tops at Red Barn Field Nature Park should be replaced as soon as possible.
F11/12.42.2 That payment of £15 is authorised to SLCC-CILCA Management for the Clerk to update her AQA qualification by adding the power of well-being module.
F11/12.42.3 That D&B Fencing's quote of £1230 including VAT and labour is accepted for taking down and disposing of chestnut palings at the Riverside playground and installation of approximately 40m of weldmesh fencing to match existing, using 4" round stakes and rails, tops of stakes scooped out to take rails, held by 2" galvanised metal straps. Gravel boarded base, infilled with pvc coated weldmesh to a height of 1.2m.
F11/12.42.4 That, in future, as appropriate, the Clerk/RFO will issue Waste Transfer Notes with invitations to quote for work.
F11/12.42.5 That the Clerk/RFO should obtain further details regarding Public Works Loan Board loans.
F11/12.42.6 That the Clerk/RFO will arrange to put appropriate notices on litter bins on the Village Green following a spate of parking on the Green.
F11/12.42.7 That quotes are obtained for replacement of the "Welcome to Sedlescombe" board for installation in the Brede Lane car park in commemoration of the 2012 Queen's Jubilee celebrations.
F11/12.42.8 That Blackbrooks Garden Centre's kind offer to provide 6 oak barrels for the Village Green and their planting, now and in the future, to deter parking on and running over the Green is accepted in exchange for sponsorship plaques.
F11/12.42.9 That the Clerk will make the necessary arrangements to provide "No parking" and "Clean it up" signs for the Village Green.