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Council 08/11/11


That the Chairman of the Council is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 13/09/11.


That the Minutes of the Meetings of the Planning Committee held on 20/09/11 and 11/10/11 are received.


That the Minutes of the Meetings of the Finance Committee held on 18/10/11 are received.
C11/ That a survey form regarding the future of the Tennis Courts would be sent out to every household in the parish this month.
C11/12.58.3 That the Minutes of the Emergency Committee held on 01/11/11 are approved.
C11/12.59.1 That the Parish Council objects unanimously to AmicusHorizon's proposal to demolish the garages at East View Terrace and to use the site and that of the old scout hut site to build nine properties. The grounds for objection are narrow roads on the Estate and insufficient parking provision to make up for the loss of garage space, loss of storage space for tenants, no recreational amenity or meeting place provision, and the main concern, worry of further increasing traffic in Brede Lane that already suffers major problems of manoeuvring vehicles in the narrow road while pedestrians, including children, are also moving about.
C11/12.59.2 That the Parish Council objects unanimously to DPP's development proposal to provide new school playing fields, additional school staff parking, new pre-school building for 24 children subsidised by office suites and 40-45 houses on land adjacent to Street Farm, Brede Lane, Sedlescombe. The grounds for objection are based on current traffic and parking problems in Brede Lane which would be greatly increased by the proposed development, the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment which has not been to public consultation, the proposed housing numbers in the Core Strategy for Sedlescombe which would be far exceeded by this proposal and the importance of the "strategic gap" between Blacklands and Street Farm as identified in a recent Rother landscape assessment.
C11/12.64 Power of well-being. RESOLVED: That, in accordance with Sections 2 and 4 of the Local Government Act 2000 extended by the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007, Sedlescombe Parish Council confirms that it has met all the conditions relating to the power of well-being as follows:
  1. It has a qualified Clerk.
  2. All vacancies were filled in the last election.
  3. 80% of Sedlescombe parish councillors have been trained in the use of the well-being power.
  4. A statement of intent as to community engagement has been published.
C11/12.67.1 That the bank reconciliations at the end September and October 2011 are approved.
C11/12.67.2 That payment of the October 2011 cheque list is ratified and and the November 2011 cheque list is approved.
C11/12.69 That Sedlescombe Parish Council objects to the proposed changes which would see Sedlescombe included in The Weald parliamentary constituency. It suggests that, as our District Council main offices are in Bexhill, Sedlescombe should be included in the Bexhill constituency.
C11/12.70.1 That Cllr Wright should be the Sedlescombe Parish Council's representative on the Pestalozzi Council for the time being.
C11/12.70.3 That the Clerk should seek approval from the Cabinet Office, Constitutional Policy Branch, to use the title of "The Queen's Diamond Jubilee 2012" on the updated Welcome to Sedlescombe panel for installation at the Brede Lane Car Park.
C11/12.70.5 That the 2012 Assembly should take the same format as in previous years with business/society tables around the hall, refreshments provided but no additional speaker(s) apart from the County and District Councillors.
C11/12.72.2 That Colin Raymond should represent Sedlescombe at the Conference and report back to the Parish Council.