Re: Scout Hut at East View Terrace, Sedlescombe



In attendance


Sue Manwaring              YDS (Youth Services Manager)


Emma Barker                YDS (Action in Rural Sussex)


Craig Atkins                  Orbit


Angela Sharman            Rother Homes


Becky Mills                   EVT Resident


Laura Atkins                  EVT Resident


Pauline Raymond          Clerk to Sedlescombe Parish Council


PS Sarah Porter            Battle Police


WPC Jayne Cleverley    Battle Police





  1. Update from Rother Homes regarding ownership / demolition of Scout Hut.


  1. Response to petition


  1. Action




AS stated that they have had to go to Probate for the successors to the scout hut who hold the lease to the Rother Homes owned land - 2 individuals were named : Sir James Doke and Reginald Barge.  They have to be served notice on the lease.  This may take some time – Solicitors have it in hand.


The Health and Safety Executive and Building Control have been notified as to the state of the hut.


Rother Homes are negotiating with BEST for a date for demolition – and once a date has been decided then the site can start to be cleared and Building Control notified accordingly.


Rother Homes support the young people of Sedlescombe.


SM said that they had to consider handing back the £18,000 by March ’08 from the YOF as it would not be used.


Discussions between SM and PR regarding checking for planning permission for the building and whether temporary classrooms could be set up on the site.

Funding was at £23,000.


AS said that Rother Homes needed a Committee to be responsible for the progress of the scheme and EB said they only had 4 and should have between 8 and 10 people willing to get the scheme off the ground.

Discussions were made about getting a Committee together.

PR said it was highly unlikely that members from the Village Hall would help as they were all volunteers.


EB to write to Reg Glew (Village Hall) at 36 Park Shaw requesting his assistance.  She said that they had initial support from Richard Watson and Jackie Saul-Hunt.


SM stated that the Committee would need people with knowledge and skills in setting up a Committee.


PR said that a lot of people on Sedlescombe would not support this – including EVT.


CA – fully aware that we cannot proceed without the support of the village.


Discussion between PR and SM regarding people not feeling informed or able to have their say.  There was a meeting for the young people but there has also been an open meeting for discussions.  SM stated that flyers had been delivered for this open meeting.


It was agreed that a further meeting would be held with flyers going to every house in Sedlescombe.


PR stated that vandalism was a big concern and still an ongoing concern, the play area being targeted a lot.  Stated that there were always problems with past youth clubs and people of the village remembered these problems.


AS – If we know about these concerns we can try to sort them out.


EB stated that since the youth have lost their shelter they have nowhere to go and that this would be a fantastic resource for Sedlescombe to be able to use the building.


PR stated that this would need a committed group to run it, keep it going and keep raising money.


SM – two things to do:-

Be in consultation with EVT and find out if anyone is interested in being on the Committee.


CA to update the letter to go out to everyone pre-consultation.


Sgt P to bring stats to next meeting regarding the reporting of crime in EVT area.


It was decided that on Wednesday 16th January – afternoon and evening – all parties would assist in the delivery of consultation letters to all addresses in Sedlescombe.


PR stated that Kevin Barton was very involved in the Scout Hut – so too were Doreen Meredith of 6 Chapel Hill and Bill Beaney.


AS said she would speak to Helen (Action in Rural Sussex) about Agency involvement in the Committee – dedicated to forming committees.


SM and EB to compile the questionnaire.