Total present: 110 persons including:

Cllr Valerie Wright (Chairman of Sedlescombe Parish Council) in the chair

Parish Councillors Roy Chapman, Rod Eldridge, Pauline Glew, Julian Heap, Pat Martin, Jenny Mitchell, John Reynolds

Pauline Raymond (Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer of Sedlescombe Parish Council)

County Councillor Peter Jones

District Councillor Tony Ganly


Before the meeting started, Pauline Raymond made a presentation of a painting and flowers to Mrs Valerie Wright who was retiring from the Council after the meeting. She had been a parish councillor for 17 years, 13 of them as its Chairman. There was a display of photos in the Hall of Valerie, Pat Martin and Anthony Rand during their time on the Council.

CHAIRMAN'S OPENING REMARKS. After welcoming those present, Cllr Wright gave the usual health and safety information and then thanked the following:

  • Volunteers who have delivered Bulletins and the Annual Reports on behalf of the Parish Council. More volunteers are always welcome.
  • Editors of the Sedlescombe News and Judy Torrance who is responsible for the Battle Observer Village Voice.
  • Lift Scheme drivers.
  • Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators.
  • Youth Club volunteers.
  • Library ladies.
  • Volunteers who work to keep the Churchyard tidy.
  • Sedlescombe Parish Church PCC who coped in the Interregnum. Welcome to Kevin Mepham.
  • Mark Winchester of Blackbrooks Garden Centre.
  • John Bartholomew for volunteering to do jobs around the Village.
  • John and Jenny Mainwood at the shop.
  • PCSO Demetrius Georghiou for his assistance in the Village. There will be a Road Safety Week at the School from 30/04/12.
  • Sylvia Beaney, Margaret Hudson and Rosemary Farley for providing the refreshments.

She acknowledged the work that Anthony Rand had done before his retirement from the Council just before Christmas, particularly as her Vice-Chairman. In addition, she thank Pat Martin for all of his work during nearly thirty years on the Council including as Chairman of the Planning Committee and Tree Warden. The Fruiting Hedgerow at Red Barn Field was mentioned and the serious new pest - the Asian Longhorn Beetle - that is threatening trees in the south east. A paper had been left on seats in the hall describing the Beetle and how any discoveries should be reported. Cllr Wright made a presentation to Cllr Martin who was also retiring after the meeting.


Display tables had been set up around the hall by:

  • Kester House Bed and Breakfast and Sunday Afternoon Teas. They had brought scones with them.
  • Sedlescombe Societies Association which is running a Fayre on the Village Green on 28/04/12. They have raffle tickets for sale. Notice was also given of a Sports Association Dinner at the Brickwall.
  • Battle Lions which raise funds for charities.
  • Dave Brabants and the Utilities Warehouse where money can be saved on utility bills.
  • Sedlescombe Branch of the Royal British Legion and their donation towards the purchase of a TV for Maze House in Bexhill.
  • Sedlescombe Garden Society which has a several events coming up.
  • Pestalozzi International Village. The Chief Executive, Sue Walton is working hard to raise money for the charity without causing noisy disturbance to the Village.
  • Sedlescombe Green WI.
  • Richard Jordan Plumbing & Heating with a display of old tools.
  • Sedlescombe School with good Ofsted reports and outstanding Church inspection reports. Helpers are always needed in the School and residents are welcome to contact the headteacher.

Cllr Wright also mentioned:

  • The new landlords at the Queen's Head.
  • Kimberley Glen who is looking for money to go to Kenya with African Adventures.
  • The Heathfield Show that needs stewards and will make a donation to their club or organisation if people volunteer.
  • The East Sussex Disabled Association which is a charity arranging monthly drives and lunches in Westfield and Sedlescombe. It is hoped that more people can be found to join in through the Friendship Club.
  • Community Festival at Battle where they would like a couple of young people to join the procession to represent Sedlescombe or a Village float.
  • Queen's Jubilee Big Lunch where everyone is being encouraged to join in lunches with friends and neighbours on Sunday 03/06/12 in celebration of the Jubilee.
ASS12.2 MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL ASSEMBLY OF THE PARISH MEETING OF SEDLESCOMBE HELD ON 26/04/11. The Minutes which were part of the Parish Council's Annual Report 2012 and Directory had been delivered to each household in the Village. It was moved by Sally Brown, seconded by Sally Martin and RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting of Sedlescombe held on 26/04/11 are approved.

REPORT BY COUNTY COUNCILLOR PETER JONES. Cllr Jones began by congratulating Valerie Wright on her long chairmanship of Sedlescombe Parish Council and Pat Martin for his quiet support. He went on to thank Pauline Raymond for her work as Clerk.
Papers summarising the County Council's achievements in 2011-12 and a 2012-13 Budget Briefing were on the chairs. Cllr Jones explained how the County Council had been able to deal with the challenging current financial situation so that most people will not see any reduction in services. Expenditure on roads, libraries and schools will continue. The recently-approved link road is expected to bring new jobs as well as homes to North Bexhill to the benefit of the local economy. Money has been set aside to add to the amount expected from Government to roll out superfast broadband across the county.


REPORT BY DISTRICT COUNCILLOR TONY GANLY. Cllr Ganly added his thanks to the Parish Council and particularly to Valerie Wright and Pat Martin on their retirement. A printed Rother District Council annual report for 2011-12 was on the chairs. Cllr Ganly gave details of his expenses during the year. He has been Chairman of the Joint Committee for the new Waste Contract and he gave information about what could be expected. Of particular note is the increased number of items that will be collected from the kerbside (11) and the possible introduction of charges for green waste collection. The new scheme should be launched in 2014 in the Rother District but before then in 2013 in Eastbourne.


SEDLESCOMBE PARISH COUNCIL REPORT. The Council's Report had been delivered to every household in the parish of Sedlescombe. Cllr Wright provided an update as follows:

  • A lottery application for a contribution towards a £54,000 project to upgrade the courts, provide a children's football pitch and some outdoor gym equipment has recently been submitted to Sport England under their Inspired Facilities, Olympic Legacy Fund by the Public Playing Field & Recreation Ground charity. The result will be announced in early July. Donations and funds are being collected now. The next meeting to discuss this project with neighbours and users is on Monday 14 May at 19:00 in Committee Room 2 of the Village Hall.
  • The Parish Council has been backing a local campaign to bring Superfast Broadband to Sedlescombe sooner rather than later. Lots of Sedlescombe people have logged on to the Rural Broadband Partnership website to register their interests. There is still time to add names.
  • The Parish Council expects to meet with Rother Planners in May to discuss site allocations for development in the Parish as part of the Local Development Plan Core Strategy.



QUESTIONS. The Chairman invited questions to the three local authorities represented on the stage. The following were asked and answered as appropriate:

  • Planning application to demolish garages and to build eight new properties. The Parish Council was informed by a garage tenant that Amicus Horizon has received £10,000 a year in rents for the garages but has not spend any money on their repair. Rents of the garages have been raised this year. Cllr Wright reminded the meeting that the Parish Council can only object to applications on planning grounds. A letter had been received by the Council before the meeting. Objectors were told to raise their concerns with the Council at the relevant Planning Committee meeting (next date is 08/05/12 at the end of the Council Meeting) and to inform Cllr Ganly.
  • Problem with parking at East View Terrace. Suggestion by resident that the verge is removed to give extra parking on the lower part of the Estate.
  • Suggestion from resident that the Parish Council should consider buying the ex-car lot in The Street to help with parking problems and to provide a better site for the recycling bins. Cllr Wright suggested that having the bins in the Brede Lane car park was convenient for people to access on foot.
  • As an alternative, Derek Wright said that if the Parish Council does not want to buy the ex-car lot, it might be possible to set up a community interest company for this purpose. Those interested were asked to contact him at his table or at Kester House.
  • Demi spoke about how he was addressing the parking problems in Brede Lane including the issuing of tickets. He also mentioned road tax enforcement and the speed checks he carries out at 06:00.
  • Suggestion from resident that grass reinforcement could be used on the verges in Brede Lane to provide additional parking areas without losing the grass. She was asked to contact County Councillor Jones.
  • The Headteacher explained that it is difficult to get the commitment from parents regarding walking buses and that the number of children involved has dropped. She also suggested that even when the School is closed, there is quite a bit of parking in Brede Lane. County Councillor Jones spoke of the need for families bringing children to the School from outside the Village to co-operate with the walking buses. The Highways Department/Sussex Police must find a way to sort this out.
  • A resident of Streetlands spoke of the distress caused to those living in that road as it is used for School parking and parents do not care if their children walk over the gardens.

CLOSURE. The Chairman closed the meeting by thanking councillors for their hard work for the Village. She also thanked the Clerk for her help during the years of her chairmanship.

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