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MEMBERS PRESENT: Cllrs Roy Chapman, Rod Eldridge (from 20:10), Pauline Glew, Julian Heap, Jenny Mitchell, John Reynolds (from 20:05), Jonathan Vine-Hall

6 members of the public - some stayed for all the meeting.

Cllr Vine-Hall (Vice-Chairman of the Council) in the chair

District Cllr Ganly (present throughout the meeting) had been at Rother today regarding the drafting of the Rother Housing Allocations Policy and identification of local connections. He reported that it is very difficult for officers to decide who on the housing waiting list should be given priority with sixty applicants for each property. Homelessness in Rother has increased by 20% in the last few months and is a major issue.


PCSO Demetrius Georghiou (left after speaking) reported that he is trying to sort out some anti-social behaviour at East View and will be working with the Housing Association to address the issues before they get too established. Last week, he had been very involved with a Road Safety Week in this and other parishes and more children had walked from the Village Hall to School each morning. A focus had been on road safety issues such as speeding, use of mobile phones and not using seatbelts. He was disappointed that a lot of those stopped were local people and also that he and Police colleagues had had to abandon Sedlescombe on the Thursday because of an objection from a local Sedlescombe resident.


Metal thieves are an increasing problem in this and other areas.

C12/13.1 Election of Chairman. Proposed by Cllr Glew and RESOLVED: That Cllr Vine-Hall is Chairman of Sedlescombe Parish Council for the year ahead. Cllr Vine-Hall signed his declaration of acceptance of office.
C12/13.2 Election of Vice-Chairman of the Council. Proposed by Cllr Vine-Hall and RESOLVED: That Cllr Glew is Vice-Chairman of Sedlescombe Parish Council for the year ahead.
C12/13.3 To receive apologies and reasons for absence. None (two councillors arrived late).

To receive declaration of interests whether personal or personal and prejudicial.

JV C12/13.25.1 Personal & prejudicial interest by virtue of the Parish Council being sole trustee of the Trust. Dispensation granted by Rother.







Personal & prejudicial interest by virtue of the Parish Council being sole trustee of the Trust. Dispensation granted by Rother. Personal interest by virtue of being a RALC representative - RALC Report

Personal interest by virtue of being a Village Hall trustee - Village Hall Report

Personal interest by virtue of being the NHW representative - NHW Report

Personal interest by virtue of being a regular bus user







Personal & prejudicial interest by virtue of the Parish Council being sole trustee of the Trust. Dispensation granted by Rother.

Personal interest by virtue of being a resident of East View - parking at East View Terrace

Personal interest by virtue of being a Village Hall trustee - Village Hall Report

Personal interest by virtue of having grandchildren attending the School.

RC C12/13.25.1 Personal & prejudicial interest by virtue of the Parish Council being sole trustee of the Trust. Dispensation granted by Rother.
JH C12/13.25.1 Personal & prejudicial interest by virtue of the Parish Council being sole trustee of the Trust. Dispensation granted by Rother.

C12/13.5 Prejudicial interests of members. None declared.

Public participation session. The following members of the public responded to the Chairman's invitation to speak about matters on the agenda:

  1. Ray Pilbeam, Chairman of the Sedlescombe Branch of the Royal British Legion reiterated what he had said at the Annual Assembly and in a later letter to the Clerk regarding the proposed installation of a flagpole and flag on Sedlescombe Village Green.
  2. Derek Wright reiterated what he had said at the Annual Assembly regarding the possible setting up of a Community Interest Company to purchase the ex-car lot in The Street. He is looking for 50-60 people to take a share in the land purchase. He would like to see the land used for Farmers' Markets and Craft Stalls.

Committees for 2012/13

  1. RESOLVED: That the following committees are constituted for the year ahead in accordance with the Terms of Reference: 1) Planning Executive Committee; 2) Finance Executive Committee; 3) Emergency Advisory Committee (Change in status); 4) Core Strategy Advisory Committee (new);
    5) Parking Advisory Committee (new).

  2. RESOLVED: That membership of the committees is agreed as follows:
    1. Planning: Cllrs Mitchell, Reynolds, Heap, 1 vacancy
    2. Finance: Cllrs Chapman, Eldridge, Heap, 1 vacancy
    3. Emergency Advisory Committee: Cllrs Chapman, Mitchell, Reynolds plus Pat Martin who is willing to remain involved.
    4. Core Strategy Advisory Committee: Cllrs Vine-Hall, Mitchell, Reynolds plus the Parish Clerk.
    5. Parking Advisory Committee: Cllrs Eldridge, Chapman, Glew.

Representatives of the Council. RESOLVED: That the following are appointed to represent the Council as stated and, where appropriate, are expected to provide regular reports to meetings of the full Council:

  1. Rother Association of Local Councils - Cllr Glew and 1 vacancy.
  2. Village Hall Trustee - Cllr Glew.
  3. Sedlescombe Sports Association - one councillor to join the Sports Association Committee as a voting member - 1 vacancy.
  4. Tree Warden - one person - Pat Martin to continue.
  5. Neighbourhood Watch representative - Cllr Glew.
  6. Transport representative - Cllr Glew.
C12/13.9 Maintenance Schedules. RESOLVED: That Cllr Chapman is appointed to ensure that maintenance is carried out as agreed by the Council.

Policy Documents. The following policies were presented to the Council for review or amendment and adoption as necessary in accordance with Standing Orders:

  1. Standing Orders, 16/11/10. Will need amendment when the new Code of Conduct is issued.
  2. Financial Regulations, 16/11/10.
  3. Parish Council Policies
    1. Biodiversity Strategy, 2007.
    2. Casual Vacancies policy, 14/09/10.
    3. Child Protection Policy, 03/07/09.
    4. Complaints Code, March 2009.
    5. Crayfishing policy, 11/11/08.
    6. Equal Opportunities Policy, May 2012. Revised policy needs to be approved - for further consideration
    7. Health & Safety policy, 16/11/10.
    8. Making decisions policy, 11/11/08.
    9. Management of Information Policy, 2009.
    10. Publicity & press policy, 16/11/10.
    11. Race Relations Policy.
    12. New Code of Conduct. The Government has recently written to principal councils to say that because the details of the new Code are not yet available, the old Code can be continued with for a further 6 months.
    It was agreed that the Clerk would check through the documents over the next few months and report to Council on any amendments that she considers necessary.

The Parish Councils (General Power of Competence) (Prescribed Conditions) Order 2012. It was noted that, on 30/03/12, The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government made an Order in exercise of the powers conferred by sections 8(2) and 235(2) of the Localism Act 2011. Sedlescombe Parish Council meets the eligibility requirements of the General Power of Competence apart from the the Clerk holding the relevant qualification.


A Transitional Provisions Order was made by the Government on 04/04/12 which allows a Council eligible to use the power of well-being on that date to continue to have the power until the Annual meeting on the year of the next ordinary elections ie May 2015 in Sedlescombe's case.

C12/13.12 Inventory of land and assets. It was noted that the inventory of land and assets was reviewed (as required by Standing Orders) by the Finance Committee on 27/03/12 F11/12.62.

Insurance. It was noted that on 13/12/11 the Finance Committee agreed a budget figure of £1,080 for 2012/13 based on an indicative insurance premium figure from Came & Company for a 3-year Long-term Agreement with a 5% No Claims Bonus F11/12.48. Came & Company had recently contacted the Clerk to offer an additional 4 months' cover so that the next payment will be due on 01/10/2013 and annually thereafter. The amount has been adjusted.

RESOLVED: That insurance cover through Came & Company should be arranged on an Aviva 3-year 4 month Long-term Agreement with a 5% No Claims Bonus at a cost of £1,136.61 or less p.a.


Membership of other bodies. RESOLVED: That membership of the following bodies should be continued for the coming year - Sussex Association of Local Councils, Rother Association of Local Councils, Society of Local Council Clerks


Procedures for handling requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Data Protection Act 1998. The procedures as detailed in the Clerk's Briefing Note entitled "Requests for Information" were noted by the Council. Further details can be seen in the Policy Document "Management of Information 2009".


Dates, times and place of ordinary meetings of the Council for the year ahead. The following were approved:

May 2012 - daytime date to be agreed - meeting of Core Strategy Working Group with Rother Planners re Site Allocations

14/05/12 - Meeting of the Public Playing Field & Recreation Ground Trust

26/06/12 - Finance Committee Meeting

10/07/12 - Parish Council Meeting

18/09/12 - Parish Council Meeting

25/09/12 - Emergency Committee Meeting

16/10/12 - Finance Committee Meeting

13/11/12 - Parish Council Meeting

11/12/12 - Finance Committee Meeting

08/01/13 - Parish Council Meeting

12/03/13 - Parish Council Meeting

26/03/13 - Finance Committee Meeting

13/05/13 - Parish Council Meeting

Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Council is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Emergency Meeting of the Council held on 01/05/12.
C12/13.18 Minutes of Meetings of Committees
  1. Planning Committee. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meetings of the Planning Committee held on 13 and 27 March are received.
  2. Finance Committee. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meeting of the Finance Committee held on 27 March are received.

Minutes of the Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting of Sedlescombe held on 17/04/12.

  1. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the 2012 Annual Assembly of the Parish of Sedlescombe are received.
  2. The Council considered the following matters that were raised at the Parish Assembly on 17/04/12:
    1. Proposed flag. Mr Ray Pilbeam, Chairman of the Sedlescombe Branch of the Royal British Legion had asked the Council to consider installing a flagpole on the Village Green and to arrange the raising and lowering of a Union Flag as appropriate. Members had been given further information in connection with the proposal in the Clerk's Briefing Note. RESOLVED: That the Council agrees in principle with having a flagpole on the top part of the lower Green but requests that the British Legion obtains further information re contributors to the cost and draws up a list of those willing to join a rota for raising and lowering of the flag as appropriate.
    2. Parking at East View Terrace. Request from resident to consider installation of a layby in the old East View section to allow off-road parking. Cllr Mitchell had declared her personal interest as she lives opposite the area in question. She remained in the meeting and took part in discussions. The Council confirmed its support for this idea. It was agreed that, if Rother DC approves the current housing development application at East View, the contractor should be required to install a parking layby in the old East View section.
    3. Parking in Brede Lane.
      1. Suggestion that grass reinforcement is placed in the verges in front of the car park and to the east of Gammons Way to allow off-road parking. For Parking Advisory Committee to consider.
      2. Suggestion that parking should be prohibited in Brede Lane during between 08:00 and 09:00 and 15:00 and 16:00 on schooldays. For Parking Advisory Committee to consider.
    4. Ex Car Lot in The Street, Sedlescombe. Special emergency Council Meeting held on 01/05/12.
    5. Repositioning of recycling bins. A resident had suggested that the bins would be better sited at the ex-car lot in The Street if the Parish Council could buy the land. The Parish Council agreed that the current recycling site is in a good central position and should remain there. Rother councillors are currently working on the details of a new joint waste collection contract from 2014 which is expected to include kerbside collection of glass which should reduce the amount of noise nuisance at recycling points.

Reports from representatives. To receive reports as follows:

  1. Rother Association of Local Councils. Cllr Glew had declared her personal interest. She remained in the meeting and reported on the RALC meeting held on 11/04/12 where presentations were given by Sussex Police, Dan Steadman of the Sussex Police Authority re Elected Police Commissioners, the Fire and Rescue Service and Rother DC re the emerging new standards regime. The Parish Conference is expected to be held in early September with a similar format as 2011. Planning Officer to be invited to the next meeting. Letter of thanks sent to Valerie Wright on her retirement from Sedlescombe Parish Council. Next meeting 04/07/12.
  2. Village Hall Trust. Cllrs Glew and Mitchell had declared their personal interests. They remained in the meeting. Cllr Glew reported. AGM held 22/03/12. No change of officers. Mr David Brabants is now Manager. Bookings going well. Main hall will be decorated this year. Next meeting 07/06/12.
  3. Sports Association - reported under separate agenda item.
  4. Tree Warden - No report received.
  5. NHW representative. Cllr Glew had declared her personal interest. She remained in the meeting and reported that there is not a lot of crime in this area. Has £134.59 in bank.
  6. Transport representative. Next meeting of the Rother Transport Action Group will be on 15/05/12.
  7. Sedlescombe School Travel Plan Working Party. Cllr Glew had attended the meeting on 19/04/12 and matters arising are reported later in the agenda.
C12/13.21 Finance
  1. Bank Reconciliations. RESOLVED: That the bank reconciliations at the end of March and April 2012 are approved.
  2. Cheques. RESOLVED: That payment of the April 2012 cheque list is ratified and the May 2012 cheque list approved. 
  3. Average Band D Parish precept by region. It was noted that the Department of Communities and Local Government has published a summary of parish precepts in England which shows an average increase of 4.2%. Sedlescombe's 2012-13 Band D Council Tax is £49.53. The average for the whole of England is £47.80; South East is £51.05: highest average is North East at £61.36; lowest is North West at £27.57.
  4. Final Accounts 2011-12. RESOLVED: That the Final Accounts 2011-12 and the RFO's 2011-12 End-Year Financial Report are received.
  5. 2011-12 Annual Return. RESOLVED: That the Chairman is authorised to sign the 2011-12 Annual Return following completion of the internal audit of the accounts by Angela Alexander, a copy of which had been e-mailed to councillors.
  6. Mazars. Members confirmed that none of them personally employ Mazars.
  7. Signatories for Accounts. RESOLVED: That Cllr Vine-Hall and Cllr Glew, Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council, and Cllr Eldridge, a member of the Finance Committee are appointed signatories of the Parish Council's accounts with Barclays Bank, West Bromwich Building Society and the Co-operative Bank.
C12/13.22 Casual Vacancies. Two casual vacancies had occurred on Sedlescombe Parish Council with the retirement of Valerie Wright and Pat Martin. The vacancies were advertised for 14 days to allow an election to be requested as required and now qualified persons will be invited to apply to fill the vacancies as detailed in the Council's Casual Vacancies Policy. It was agreed that interviews should be held immediately before the start of the July Council Meeting (10th).
C12/13.23 Training. There were no requests from councillors for training opportunities. Cllr Eldridge, and possibly the two new councillors, will attend the SALC training at Leeford Place in September.


  1. Sports Association Committee Meeting 12/04/12. Cllr Glew had attended in place of Pat Martin. She reported that arrangements are in hand for a paid worker to do a few hours' cleaning a week and regular checks on the boiler. The alarm system is checked annually under contract (copies of the reports re boiler and alarm system have been requested); a note was made again of the repairs of the building already highlighted by the Parish Council. Other topics discussed were parking in Ladybird Lane, the car park extension, completion of the garage, removal of the portacabin, the Drama Group banner, fencing along the river bank and whether the Sports Association should launch an appeal for money towards purchase of the ex-car lot (not supported). There was about £5,500 in hand, insurance was up to date and a £750 gas bill had been paid. A proper booking form with terms and conditions for the sportsfield and pavilion for clubs and outside hirers had been produced. Next meeting in July.
  2. Ancillary parking for Village events at the Sportsfield. When special events such as the Village Fayre are held at the Sportsfield, Pestalozzi has usually allowed parking to take place on one of their fields in exchange for a small donation or free space for a stall. This year, Pestalozzi is having to consider all temporary uses of its land in order to keep the total number down to the permitted level of 28 days. Pestalozzi has therefore suggested that the Village Fayre should look towards giving Pestalozzi 50% of its profit this year unless it wants to pay for a planning application for ancillary parking to be submitted. On checking, it had been found that the Football Club used Pestalozzi fields for parking on two days during its tournament last year as well as the Village Fayre. Some years other events such as dogs shows have been held. This year the Jubilee Picnic is taking place. The Clerk had suggested that the Council might consider submitting a planning application. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council agrees in principle to submit a planning application for ancillary parking on Pestalozzi land to cover larger events at the Sportsfield, the cost to be reclaimed from users.
  3. Sportsfield car park extension. The planning application submitted by the Parish Council is now out for consultation. It is likely to receive an archaeological condition which will incur extra costs (possibly up to £1,000). Sports Association has applied for a £2,000 grant from Sussex Community Foundation and will know the result at the end of this month. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council will consider increasing its grant towards the car park extension if this is required because of the archaeological condition. DEFERRED TO THE FINANCE COMMITTEE MEETING ON 26/06/12.
  4. Fence along river. The Sports Association had put up a chestnut paling fence along park of the riverbank and had asked the Clerk for permission to continue this along the bank. The Clerk had replied that this is not in accordance with Environment Agency rules. Grant Burberry, Chairman of the Sports Association, will speak to the Environment Agency officer.
  5. New highway drainage Chapel Hill/Ladybird Lane junction. The altered junction is now complete and the Clerk is trying to ascertain what has happened about the drainage. Initially she had been told by James Hore, the Engineer, that the pipe into the Sportsfield ditch was no longer in use. The Clerk had informed James that, during rain showers, at least one of the new drains quickly overflows and pours down Ladybird Lane and into the ditch. Even when it is not raining, the water is near the top of some of the drains and, therefore, easily overflows.

Public Playing Field & Recreation Ground. All councillors declared their personal/prejudicial interests in the grounds by virtue of the Parish Council being the sole trustee of the charity. Dispensation has been granted by Rother District Council.

  1. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meeting of the Public Playing Field & Recreation Ground held on 27/03/12 are received.
  2. The meeting was given details of the Lottery Application for a mini-kickers' pitch, an upgraded tennis courts and outdoor gym equipment which has been submitted by the Public Playing Field & Recreation Ground Trust. The total cost is expected to be £53,946.
  3. Mini-kickers' proposed pitch. The cost of the pitch's provision has been included in the Charity's application for lottery funding. In accordance with the Recreational Charities Act 1958, the facilities at the grounds must be available to members of the public at large. It will not therefore be possible for the Charity to give the Football Club exclusive rights to the land even if they have to pay for its provision.
  4. Playground report
    1. Ropes touching the ground. The Clerk met the local rep for SMP Playgrounds who have now taken over the company who installed the equipment on the site. The rep will get further advice re the 3 pieces of equipment that are unsatisfactory because the ropes touch the ground. She suggested that when the MUGA is being built, the contractor should also be asked to take out the 3 pieces of equipment and to reset them in more concrete.
    2. Ironwork on seat. Cllr Chapman suggested adding concrete to encase the ironwork on either side of the seat. Added to Maintenance List.
    3. New plank on Klondike required. Added to Maintenance List.
    4. Drinking at the playground. Demi had been informed that several complaints had been received re the large number of empty alcohol bottles and cans being left at the playground.
    5. Removal of the litter bin adjacent to Powdermills driveway. Cllr Chapman had moved it to within the playground. The litter contractor has complained that dog waste is being left in the litter bins in the playground now. Cllr Chapman was thanked for moving the bin, for concreting around the base of the pump and for filling in the holes at East View Kickabout Area.
    6. Playground inspection schedule. Cllrs Vine-Hall and Glew agreed to take on the playground checks which had previously been allocated to past members until the new members have been appointed in July.
  5. To consider purchase of a replacement tennis net. The top wire on one of the tennis nets had broken and the net had been removed by the Clerk. It was agreed that no action would be taken for the time being.
  6. Request from a local person for help towards netball coach training costs. Unfortunately, any such payment is likely to set a precedent. The applicant will be told to apply to the Societies Association.

East View Terrace Kickabout Area

  1. Earth on tarmac. Children throwing earth about.
  2. More holes being dug in grass area. Cllr Chapman had filled in the holes.
  3. Request from local resident for a "proper path" to be provided on route of public right of way parallel to the Kickabout Area. Councillors commented that this is a public footpath and that there is no need for it to be covered with tarmac.

Sedlescombe School. Cllrs Mitchell and Eldridge declared their personal interests as they have grandchildren attending the School. They remained in the meeting.

  1. Road safety week. The concerns of the headteacher regarding the safety of the children going to and from School were noted. As reported by Demi earlier, a special Road Safety Week was held from 30/04/12 and the School/PCSO tried to get children to use the Walking Bus from the Village Hall. Cllr Jones had commented at the Parish Assembly that there is an expectation that children living outside the Village should use the Walking Bus. [Road safety letter from headteacher to parents.]
  2. Parish Council's financial help. In the last few months the Parish Council has been asked to finance: clearance of snow and ice from the public car park in Brede Lane, employment of a school crossing patrol, provision of a path from the car park to the school gate, purchase of land to make an additional parking area next to the public car park, provision of a new rear gate and clearance of a path into the School, surfacing a path and sort out the muddy areas on the route of the public right of way from East View to the rear of the school.

    It was agreed that the Parish Council's objective was to remove school parking from Brede Lane altogether by encouraging people to park in the Village Hall car park and to let the children walk to School. However, it was noted that a walking bus can only be used in the mornings and does nothing to address the afternoon problems.

    Members agreed that the Sedlescombe Parish Council Tax should not be used to provide facilities for the School particularly as the majority of children attending come from outside the parish. It was agreed that Cllr Vine-Hall and the Clerk should meet with Marian Ham as she has requested. Cllr Glew had attended the Travel Plan Working Party on 12/03/12 which was supposed to be a meeting for parents. There were, however, no parents at all at the meeting despite there being 204 children on the school roll. It appears that none of them are really interested in sorting out the traffic and parking problems that they are causing in Brede Lane. Members reiterated that the School has outgrown its site.
  3. School crossing patrol. The headteacher of Sedlescombe School had written to the Clerk asking the Parish Council to fund a crossing patrol person at a cost of about £2,200 p.a. ESCC has carried out a survey but found that the School does not meet the criteria for funding from that authority but suggested contacting the Parish Council. County suggests the patrol person could stand by the rubbish bin at the end of Gammons Way to see children across both Brede Lane and Gammons Way. Cllr Glew reported that the headteacher is investigating if volunteers can be trained and given a uniform. If they can, volunteers will be sought from school families and the village community. As stated in 27.2 above, the Parish Council will not contribute towards a patrol person.
  4. Proposed path from the car park to opposite the school gate. The headteacher of Sedlescombe School had written to the Clerk asking the Parish Council to fund a pathway to allow safe access to and from the car park/School. Mrs Ham is very worried about the lack of a footway on the bend from the car park. Paul Thomas, the landowner, has been asked if he would give some land across his yard for the path. He has agreed to give the matter consideration despite the yard being "prime building land". As stated in 27.2 above, the Parish Council will not contribute towards the cost of the proposed path.
  5. Proposed path from allotments through School grounds to Gammons Way requested by an allotment holder. It was noted that no progress has been made.

Clerk's Report

  1. Village Maintenance by ESCC. The County Council has confirmed the Village Maintenance Team will undertake the following work starting 21/06/12: Repainting wooden seat outside Parish Church (Parish Council to provide paint); Applying wood preservative to noticeboard on wall of shop (Parish Council to provide preservative); Siding footway between village hall and Parish Church; Repainting metal seat outside East View flats (Parish Council to provide paint); Cleaning, strimming and trimming signs throughout the parish.
  2. Highways matters. It was noted that the following matters have been passed to ESCC or Rother District Council (some repeat complaints):
    1. Broken hazard marker, Brede Lane outside Queen's Head.
    2. Missing Crazy Lane street sign.
    3. Missing "Beware pedestrians" warning sign at top of Chapel Hill.
    4. Traffic sign on approach to the river bridge. Moved to other side of the road but still not stable, has twisted in the wind again.
  3. Article on the Sedlescombe Geese in the April 2012 edition of The Countryman - noted.
  4. Pestalozzi invitations to councillors - noted.
    1. The Pestalozzi Archive Project "Fifty Years in East Sussex". A reception and presentation to celebrate the completion of this Heritage Lottery-funded project. Thursday 24/05/12, reception 19:00-19:30; presentation 19:30-20:30 at Sallis Benney Theatre University of Brighton Faculty of Arts, Grande Parade, Brighton BN2 0JY.
    2. Leavers' Ceremony for students of 2010-12. Monday 18/06/12 19:00-21:00 at The Atrium, Sussex Coast College Hastings, Station Approach, Hastings TN34 1BA.

Volunteers. After considering the following, the Council agreed to take no action:

  1. Energy Champion. Action in rural Sussex is looking for volunteers already working with vulnerable people in their communities to consider taking on the role of Energy Champions to identify those at risk of living in fuel poverty and to offer advice and practical support to them. AirS will be supporting the energy Champions by offering them up to date information, resources and opportunities for training. [NB A household is considered to be in fuel poverty if it spends more than 10% of its income on heating, lighting and cooking. In the South East region, the average number of households in fuel poverty is 11.8% but in Rother it is 18.1% or 1 in 6 households. There are 1 in 5 households in the Ewhurst & Sedlescombe Ward living in fuel poverty.
  2. Neighbourhood Enablers. This is a government funded Social Action Fund led by Community Capacity Builders. The person covering Bexhill, Rye and Hastings is Flora Williams. She intends working with volunteers who do not normally volunteer to identify local issues and needs and then plan projects that will address the issues raised. Prospective volunteers should contact Flora on 01797 229600 or 07534 509687.
  3. Possible Further Education Courses run by Claverham Community College in the Village.

The Big Community Festival of Sport and Culture. According to Mike Dawes, Chairman of the Festival Steering Group in Battle, the Festival is now being well supported by many clubs and organisations throughout the Battle & District Partnership area. A large summer fayre in the recreation ground in North Trade Road, Battle is planned to help celebrate the opening of the Festival during the weekend of 30/06 and 01/07/12. A Carnival Procession is planned for the Saturday morning and villages in the Battle Partnership area are being asked to nominate one or two worthy young persons to parade village banners or flags in the parade. Village floats are also invited.


Bus stops in Sedlescombe. A request for a new stop opposite the Brickwall Hotel when travelling north has been received from a local bus user. The Clerk had provided details in her Briefing Note - Bus Stops. No further action.


Devolution of services from principal authorities. The current situation was noted as follows:

  • A few, mostly larger, parish councils in Rother have shown an interest in having services undertaken by Rother devolved to them, for example open spaces, allotments, car parks and public conveniences.
  • All arrangements would be through 99-year leases, not transfer of the freeholds.
  • Rother is considering upgrading all public conveniences prior to devolvement.
  • Rother is not planning to provide any cash but suggests that parish councils can raise their own precepts to cover the costs of providing services local to them.
  • Rother's Devolvement Committee is now moving on to Stage 2 and will be considering Area Committees and granting budgets to District Councillors.

See also Minute C11/


Fayre on Sedlescombe Village Green, 28/04/12. The Fayre did not take place because of the bad weather. The Clerk had agreed to Ralph Dellow's request for permission to use the Village Green for a Fayre on 02/06/12. A copy of the Societies Association's public liability insurance cover had been provided. The Council's insurance company had confirmed that it is not essential for the hirer to have the same amount of cover as the Council. The Clerk had noted that the organisers' insurance requires stallholders to carry their own insurance cover. SALC had confirmed that the responsibility for ensuring it meets the terms of the cover is with the hirer. The hire of the Village Green webpage has been updated to include the need for a risk assessment and appropriate care to reduce risks as far as practicable during the event. It is also stated that no reliance can be placed on the Parish Council's public liability insurance cover unless the Council's negligence can be proved.

C12/13.34 Bulletin. The Clerk was asked to included the proposed Community Interest Company re land in The Street and details of the proposed flagpole on the Village Green with requests for donations and volunteers to raise the flag.

Request for donation. A Sedlescombe resident aged 17 had written to the Parish Council asking for a donation to enable her to go on a 10-day trip to Kenya through the charity African Adventures. Her letter was supported by one from Marian Ham. No action.


East Sussex County Council

  1. Focus Group for Rural mobile libraries and libraries within a 5 miles radius of central Eastbourne. Click here for more details on how to get involved.
  2. Participatory Budgeting for TYS Youth Partnerships for Young People. Click here for more details on how to get involved.


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