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PARISH COUNCILLORS PRESENT: Cllr Jonathan Vine-Hall (Chairman), Cllr Glew (Vice-Chairman), Cllrs Chapman, Eldridge, Heap, Mitchell, Reynolds


OTHER ATTENDEES: County Councillor Jones, District Councillor Ganly, PCSO Demetrius Georghiou, Mrs M Ham (headteacher Sedlescombe School), Mr Derek Wright [All of these attended to give reports to the Council only]. Also four other members of the public attended the meeting for varying lengths of time but did not take any part.



C12/13.37 Exclusion of the public and press. RESOLVED: That in accordance with Standing Order 1g, because of the special nature of the business to be transacted, the general public and press are excluded from the meeting for the next item.
C12/13.38 Candidates for co-option. Members had received applications from three persons and met each of them in turn.

Co-option to fill the two current vacancies on the Council. In accordance with the Parish Council's Casual Vacancies Policy, the meeting was re-opened to the public and press. A signed ballot was taken and it was RESOLVED: That John Parsons and Peter Anson are co-opted to the Parish Council.

  The Chairman allowed the following people to present a report to the Council as follows:

PCSO Demetrius Georghiou.

  • Police priorities. The Council agreed that parking and speeding should be retained as priorities for the Police in Sedlescombe. Demi was asked if he could speak to people who park on the bend in Brede Lane who cause a dangerous traffic situation and he said he would try putting out an A-board therewith reference to the Highway Code to see if parking stops. He has in the past put standard letters on the windscreens and taken the registration numbers.
  • Demi had presented a £240 cheque to Sedlescombe Youth Club and a photo had been published in the Battle Observer.
  • Demi had been monitoring a suspicious vehicle seen in Hurst Lane.
  • Demi and his Sgt had met with Helen Pace of Highways to discuss options to stop inappropriate parking, especially near the School. He had received a letter from Helen explaining that the County Council can only implement whole Village yellow line schemes and that Sedlescombe was on the list for a future review but that she could not say when a scheme could be looked at. County Councillor Jones to investigate.
  • Demi had raised the subject of the dangerous A21/B2244 junction and had been referred to the Highways Agency. He had been told that letters from local residents on this subject had been forwarded to the Highways Agency.
  • Vans have been all around the area selling generators and chainsaws. The vans have false number plates.
  • All Police/PCSO leave has been cancelled until October during the Olympics and afterwards.
  • Demi is organising an Operation re scrap metal thieves.
  • Demi will be covering Broad Oak and Brede as well as his other areas over the next three months.
  • Demi will get definitive details of when shooting can take place after a councillor complained of being awoken at 04:30 by shooting that continued for two hours.

County Councillor Peter Jones.

  • Cllr Jones recently opened the Newhaven incinerator. Now virtually all waste is recycled and very little goes to landfill in East Sussex.
  • The County Council is expecting further cuts of about 15% next year in its budget.
  • Many primary schools across the county have poor overall performance and there are not enough good headteachers. Financial pressures on schools continue. The County Council wants to retain village schools.
  • Although the County Council has received approval from the Government for its Superfast Broadband Plan, the EU authorities are holding up the process. £55 million is being put in by local authorities in the South East. Cllr Vine-Hall stressed that Sedlescombe has managed to obtain support from many local individuals and businesses for bringing Superfast Broadband to Sedlescombe and would hope that Sedlescombe would be one of the first in the county to receive an upgrade to its service.
  • The Clerk will write to County Councillor Jones regarding the unsatisfactory minor highway maintenance work since the introduction of Highway Stewards in February.
3 Mr Derek Wright updated the Council regarding his efforts to obtain support from the community for a Co-operative to be set up to purchase the ex-car lot in The Street. In late May he had done a mail drop to around a hundred houses and had contacted others in the Village who might be able to provide financial assistance. Finance had been promised from a range of people and various ideas for utilising the land had been suggested. Funding from charitable trusts would be sought. County Councillor Jones suggested Derek Wright contacts Veronique Poutrell of ESCC who has a good knowledge of funding streams. The Warr Partnership cannot assist with the purchase of land but might be able to provide funding for setting up alternative uses once the land is bought. Derek will return in about three months to provide a further update to the Council.

Mrs Marian Ham (Sedlescombe School headteacher).

  • The Walking Bus continues and more children are walking to school. The School would like to start a Walking Bus from the southern part of the Village but finding a safe parking place is difficult. They have looked at Gregory Walk but the children would still have to walk up a busy road. Marian wondered whether there are any householders in the Village who would be willing for parents to use their driveways to park in en route to taking their children to School in the mornings and collecting in the afternoons. They already use the Queen's Head Car Park and Marian is considering asking the Brickwall Hotel if their car park could be used. On Wednesday 18 July, some children who have been consistent in walking to School will have a treat at the park between 12:00 and 14:00.
  • Marian to try to get the arrows in the public car park re-marked.
  • Paul Thomas is not willing for a path to be constructed through his yard between Gammons Way and the Car Park.
  • 204 children will be on the school roll when they return on 6 September and there will be one newly-qualified teacher.
  • Richard Maidment who has been Chair of Governors for 9 years retires at the end of term. Teresa Hall who lives in Gorselands will take over.
  • The School Swimming Pool is available for community use. Grants are being sought for changing rooms and toilets to make community use easier.
  • The School is looking for six community volunteers to help with a family life course to take place once a week between 15:30 and 18:00 over 8 weeks, probably in February/March next year. Volunteers required to put their names forward by the end of September.
  • News of the School can be found in "Sedlescombe Smiles" from the village shop and on the School website.
  • Marian would like to see the gardening classes re-start but needs to find a community leader.

District Councillor Tony Ganly gave an update on the Joint Waste Contract to be introduced in Rother in 2014. Card and Cardboard will be collected at kerbside although not mixed with the compostible material. An optional subscription service for the collection of green garden waste is expected to be offered at a charge of £25 p.a. Current green waste collection is hugely inefficient. Bidders estimate a saving of nearly £1 million over the four district and boroughs with the new system. This will continue to allow Rother to set the lowest Council Tax in East Sussex. It is, for example, 40% lower than Hastings.

  This part of the meeting started at 20:00

Apologies for absence. None, all present.


Interests. It was noted that the previously-adopted Code under the Local Government Act 2000 ceased to have effect from 01/07/12 and that a new Code should have been adopted by that date by every local authority. Each local authority may adopt their own Code as long as it complies with sections 28(1) and 28(2) of the Localism Act 2011 but it is recommended that parish councils adopt the same Code as their district councils. Unfortunately, Rother District Council only adopted its Code last evening (09/07/12) leaving insufficient time for proper consideration of a new Code for Sedlescombe Parish Council. It was therefore agreed to hold an extraordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 17/07/12 at 19:30 in Committee room 2 of the Village Hall in order to adopt a new Code of Conduct and to complete the forms for the Register of Members' Interests. This will also allow the new councillors co-opted tonight to meet with the rest of the Council and to discuss future work.


Members were asked to declare interests in relation to this evening's agenda. None declared.


Public Participation Session. None.

Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Council is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 08/05/12.
C12/13.44 Committees
  1. Planning Executive Committee [JM, JR, JH, JV and PG]
    1. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meetings of the Planning Committee held on 08/05/12 and 19/06/12 are received.
    2. RESOLVED: That Cllr Chapman is appointed to fill the vacancy on the Planning Committee.
  2. Finance Executive Committee [RC, RE, JH, JV and PG]
    1. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meetings of the Finance Committee held on 26/06/12 are received.
    2. RESOLVED: That Cllr Anson is appointed to fill the vacancy on the Finance Committee.
  3. Core Strategy Advisory Committee [JV, JM, JR]. A report on the meeting with Roger Comerford, Rother District Council Senior Planning Officer held on 09/07/12 was given by the Clerk. The Core Strategy part of the Local Development Framework setting the broad picture for future development is expected to be adopted by Rother by the end of 2012. A possible hold-up in timing is the link road which is subject to a judicial review raised by Hastings Alliance. The Parish Council representatives were asked how the Parish Council would like the next stage investigating possible sites for development to progress. Options were 1) Neighbourhood Plan but at a cost of up to £80,000 even, possibly, up to £200,000, it was doubted whether any Rother parishes would take this option. 2) Continue as usual with Rother District Council bringing forward site allocations and consulting with the Parish Council and the public based on the SHLAA document which was published in 2010. 3) Rother District Council and the Parish Council to form a working group to produce a Village study which would be used as a public consultation document to choose where development would be acceptable. This small group from the Parish Council, the District Councillor and Roger Comerford would probably meet three or more times to discuss sites both those shown on the SHLAA and others, preferably for mixed use ie with some employment generating parts, as well as housing development. Also to be considered is how the community can benefit from the development through Section 106 Agreements and maybe the Community Infrastructure Levy. The work involved in producing the Village Study would be undertaken by Rother DC and needs to be completed by February/March 2013. The meetings will not be open to the public and their content will be confidential but will of course be subject to reporting back to the respective councils. Members of the group must not have any personal interests in the proposed development areas.

    During discussions, Roger was informed of DPP's proposals for developing land adjacent to Street Farm, Brede Lane and that a public exhibition is being planned by DPP on behalf of the Keeling brothers for September in the Village Hall.

    RESOLVED: That the Council supports the option of working in partnership with Rother District Council to produce a Sedlescombe Village Study.
  4. Parking &Traffic Advisory Committee [RE, RC, PG]. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the first meeting of the Parking & Traffic Advisory Committee held on 03/07/12 are approved including expanded terms of reference and membership. RESOLVED: That Derek Wright, Demetrius Georghiou and Daniel Brocklehurst should be invited to be part of the Parking & Traffic Advisory Committee.
C12/13.45 Reports from representatives. Reports were received as follows:
  1. Rother Association of Local Councils.
    1. Cllr Glew reported on the meeting held on 04/07/12. Richard Jessop of Battle Town Council is now Chairman. Sussex Police report was given. Parishes were advised to keep reporting potholes. Burgess Hill's have a Direct Labour Force using local firms to do minor repairs with funding from East Sussex County Council. Highway Stewards were reported as being difficult to get hold of because they cover wide areas. RALC had asked Rother Planning to consider allowing people to make representations to the Planning Committee but its was suggested that there are plenty of opportunities for views to be given to officers or councillors prior to the application going to Committee. Warr Partnership still has some funds. The Annual Parish Conference is to be held on 12/09/12 (later date revised to 13/09/12). Next meeting 10/10/12.
    2. RESOLVED: That Cllr Parsons is appointed the Council's second representative on RALC.
  2. Village Hall Trust.
    1. Cllr Glew reported. Hall to be decorated if spare days can be found. Next meeting 13/09/12.
  3. Tree Warden. No report received.
  4. NHW representative.
    1. Cllr Glew reported. Open Rother Neighbourhood Watch meeting to be held on 12/07/12 at 19:00 at Bexhill Town Hall. The prospective independent Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex should be attending. Sedlescombe co-ordinators had been alerted via e-mail and warnings placed in Sedlescombe News about distraction burglaries in East Sussex.
  5. Transport representative. Cllr Glew reported on the meeting held on 15/05/12.
    1. A Youth Transport Forum is proposed.
    2. Road safety remains a high priority in Rother.
    3. Death and serious injury for cyclists was highlighted by a former trauma surgeon at the London Hospital. He would like to see helmets and high visibility jackets made a legal requirement. Potholes remaining next to repairs create risk for cyclists. Bus operators need to introduce a system for accommodating cycles.
    4. RVA has identified around 17% of young people living in rural areas without family transport. Details have been sent to ESCC.
    5. Although the Link Road had been given the go-ahead, the Baldslow Link still has issues.
    6. Possible new Glyne Gap station.
    7. Revised bus services.
    8. Rail timetable changes are due in December but not expected to impact too much on the Hastings line.
    9. Next meeting AGM 07/08/12, Bexhill Town hall, at 14:00.

Clerk's Report. The followed items were noted:

  1. Dates of Meetings. Please amend date of Meeting to be held in May 2013 to 14th.
  2. Telephone box outside exchange. The very poor condition of the box and its contents was reported to BT Payphones on 13/05/12. A reply was received that the box will be removed soon.
  3. Publication or dissemination of councillors' e-mail addresses. Several years ago, councillors agreed that their e-mail addresses should not be passed to others or published. No discussion took place on the question of whether today's councillors have the same view? To be included on a future agenda.
  4. Sedlescombe Jubilee Fayre on Village Green on 02/06/12. Bob Harris has written to inform the Council that just over £1500 was raised at the Jubilee Fayre. There were 19 commercial stalls. The Annual Village Fayre will be held on 21/07/12.
  5. Metal thefts. A drain cover has been stolen from outside Sedlescombe Stores. New measures have been introduced in Sussex to combat the increasing problem of metal theft. Named "Operation Tornado", the scheme encourages scrap metal dealers to register with the Police. Individuals trying to sell scrap metal to the dealers will be required to provide proof of their identity including their current address and a photograph. Records will be maintained for 12 months and made available for inspection by the Police.
  6. Annual Voter Registration Canvass. Rother has provided the following information: Voter registration forms were to be posted to all Rother households on 06/07/12. Reminders as required will be posted at the beginning of August. If still no response, a personal door knocking canvass will commence at end end of August until 01/10/12. 45,000 forms are being sent out.
  7. East Sussex, South Downs and Brighton & Hove Waste and Minerals Plan. Notification had been received of a pre-examination meeting to be held by Susan Holland MA DipTP MRTPI, who has been appointed as the Planning Inspector for the Plan. The meeting is to be held on Thursday 26/07/12 at 10:00 at Pelham House Hotel, St Andrews Lane, Lewes BN7 1UW. Anyone may attend but should notify Chris Banks, Independent Public Examination Programme Officer (details provided). Public hearings are expected to commence on 18/09/12, details to be confirmed at least six weeks before commencement.
  8. Relaxation of planning rules for change of use from commercial to residential. Following a Government consultation, it had been agreed that the following new policy will be included in the National Planning Police Framework: local planning authorities 'should normally approve planning applications for change to residential use and any associated development from commercial buildings (currently in the B use classes) where there is an identified need for additional housing in that area, provided that there are not strong economic reasons why such development would be inappropriate'. The Government also intends to amend the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 (as amended) to extend existing permitted development rights which allow the space above shops and other town centre uses (A1 and A2 uses) to be converted into a single flat without the need to submit a planning application, to allow for 2 flats.
  9. NHS Sussex had launched a consultation document "Shaping our Future". It appears that Stroke Care, General Surgery and Orthopaedics do not meet national standards at Eastbourne District General Hospital and the Conquest Hospital. It is planned, therefore, to re-arrange provision of these services so that they are available at one or other of the Hospitals. The consultation will end on 28/09/12 and various events are to be held around the county during the 14-week consultation period.
C12/13.47 Finance
  1. Bank Reconciliations. RESOLVED: That the bank reconciliations at the end of May and June 2012 are approved.
  2. Cheques. RESOLVED: That payment of the June 2012 cheque list is ratified and the July 2012 cheque list are approved as follows:
    June 2012          
    0510E 102926 Sedlescombe Green WI Towards Jubilee Picnic
    0509E 192927 Rother District Council Dog bin emptying 2012-13
    0603E 102928 P J Raymond Clerk's salary, June 2012
    0508E 102929 Roger's Gardening Services May Litter and mowing
    0601E 102930 P J Raymond 50% broadband
    0602E     50% quarterly phone bill
    0605E     Reimburse website hosting
    0507E 102931 Pumphouse Designs Ltd Riverside playing field plan
    0604E 102932 HMRC June qtr payover tax and National Insurance
    0606E 102933 Sedlescombe Village Hall Hall hire May 2012
          TOTAL FOR JUNE
    July 2012      
    0607E 102934 P J Raymond Reimbursement paint and varnish
    0609E   P J Raymond Reimbursement wood preservative
    0705E   P J Raymond Maintenance of offices
    0701E   P J Raymond 50% broadband
    0710E   P J Raymond Reimbursement printer
    0608E 102935 Angel Design Sedlescombe Map Panel  
    0702E 102936 P J Raymond Clerk's Salary, July 2012  
    0706E 102937 J Vine-Hall Chairman's Allowance  
      102938 P J Raymond Petty Cash  
    0707E 102939 Sedlescombe Village Hall Hall hire, June 2012  
    0709E 102940 Roger's Gardening Services June litter and mowing  
          TOTAL FOR JULY  
    0708E Transfer Public Works Loan Board Half-yearly loan repayment  
          Transfer from West Bromich BS to Chq A/c  

Localism Act 2011. New powers for parish councils were introduced in the Localism Act 2011. The powers are:

  1. Assets of Community Value (England and Wales) 2012. Under the Localism Act, a principal authority in England and Wales must maintain a list of land in its area that has community value. The land (including buildings) may be in public or private ownership and may be listed for a period of up to 5 years unless the Secretary of State substitutes a longer period by Order. The effect of being "listed" is that, should a listed asset come up for sale, there will be a protected period during which a community interest group (including a parish council) may try to acquire it and save it for the community. The owner of the listed land must notify the local authority that he wishes to dispose of the land and the authority must publicise receipt of this notice by making an entry in the list of assets of community value. In the case where the land was listed in response to a community nomination, the principal authority must give written notice to the person who made the nomination and by publicity in the area where the land is situated.
  2. Community Right to Challenge (England) 2012. Sections 81-86 of the Localism Act 2011 gives parish councils, local charities and local voluntary organisations an opportunity to express an interest in submitting a tender to run one or more of a principal council's local services.
  3. General Power of Competence (England) 2012. Reported to Finance Committee. Clerk to undertake training when available.
  4. Neighbourhood Planning (England) 2012. Neighbourhood planning is a new way for communities to decide the future of the places where they live and work and is contained in sections 116 to 121 of the Localism Act 2011 and in Schedules 9, 10, 11 and 12 of the Act.. They will be able to choose where they want new homes, shops and offices to be built; have their say on what those new buildings should look like; and grant planning permission for new buildings they want to see go ahead.
C12/13.49 Amendment of Standing Orders. To be approved at the next meeting following adoption of the Code of Conduct..

Review of policies

  1. Publicity and Press Policy. RESOLVED: That the Publicity and Press Policy adopted by Sedlescombe Parish Council on 16/11/10 should continue in use for the time being without amendment.


Members were reminded of the following training opportunities:

Date Time Place Details Cost to Council Bookings
Tues 11/09/12 0915-1630 Leeford Place Hotel, Whatlington TN33 0ND Legal & Finance Day £85 JM, PG, JV, PR
Sat 22/09/12 0900-1600 Leeford Place Hotel, Whatlington TN33 0ND Councillor update & briefing £87.50 RE + new councillors(/)


2. To review the Council's Training Strategy. To be updated by the Clerk for the September meeting.


Sedlescombe CE Primary School

  1. Report of meeting of Cllr Vine-Hall and the Clerk with Mrs Ham (Headteacher), and the Chair of and Vice-Chair of School Governors) on 11/06/12. Cllr Vine-Hall reported on the meeting. Parking was again discussed together with ways of ensuring closer liaison between the School and the Council which the School asked for. Cllr Vine-Hall was attending School events eg presenting prizes at Sports Day and the headteacher would give a report to the Council from time to time at its meetings.
  2. Proposed path Gammons Way to public car park. In order to provide a safe and easy route from Gammons Way into the car park, the School wanted a path to be provided through Pumphouse Yard. Cllr Vine-Hall had suggested that, maybe, the Parish Council could submit the planning application if other matters could be put in hand. However, the headteacher had reported earlier in the meeting that the landowner was not willing to allow a path through his yard.
  3. Report of meeting of School Travel Plan Working Party. The headteacher had reported on the meeting held on 29/06/12 which Cllr Glew had attended on behalf of the Council. Next meeting 18/10/12 at 09:10.
C12/13.53 Correspondence re the South Coast College, Hastings. Beckley Parish Council had circulated other parish councils with their concerns at the South Coast College. Sue Walton from Pestalozzi had provided the other side of the story as had an Icklesham parish councillor.


  1. RESOLVED: That Cllr Anson is appointed the Parish Council representative for the Sports Association Committee. It was noted that the next meeting will be held on Tuesday 17/07/12 in the pavilion at 18:00. The Clerk will attend as there are several outstanding matters.
  2. Ancillary parking for Village events on Pestalozzi land. It was noted that Pestalozzi has provided the Council and Rother District Council with an updated list of bookings for 2012 as at July. 21 days of permitted development use are planned. Included are three days arising from ancillary parking ie Sedlescombe Rangers Football Club, use of field for car parking on 2 days - 14-15/07/12 and Sedlescombe Societies Association, use of field for car parking on 1 day - 21/07/12. RESOLVED: That the Clerk should contact the Football Club and the Societies Association re submission of a planning application for approval to use the Pestalozzi field for Sportsfield ancillary use; if the two organisations will provide the plans and forms for the application, together with £80, the Parish Council will arrange submission of the application (50% discount).
  3. Sportsfield Car Park extension. The report of David Staveley's research work at the car park extension was received. The Finance Committee authorised the Clerk/RFO, together with Cllrs Vine-Hall and Glew, to take the Sportsfield Car Park extension project forward as soon as possible. A quote from Chris Butler Archaeological Services for work in connection with the planning condition had been received but it was also noted that the County Archaeologist was willing to undertake a watching brief if the digging out work could be put in hand before 08/08/12. RESOLVED: That the Council would reconsider how the extension should be financed at the next meeting on 17/07/12 after the Football Club's Tournament next weekend when a raffle was being arranged to raise money for the car park.

Public Playing Field & Recreation Ground

  1. Playground report. Members had submitted their reports weekly since the last meeting. Cllr Eldridge had carried out the inspection this week. Grass cutting has been a problem over the last few weeks because of the extremely wet weather and, unfortunately, the grass had been very long in the playground. It has been cut now. Disposal of the grass cuttings and moles were discussed.
  2. Ex-car lot, The Street. Mr Wright had given his report earlier in the meeting and there was nothing further to report.

Chairman...... Mrs J Mitchell.

Secretary.... ..Mrs P Raymond

Members.......All members of Sedlescombe Parish Council

T12/13.10 Apologies for absence. None, all present.
T12/13.11 RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meeting of the Trust held on 14/05/12 are signed as a correct record.

Proposed Sport Improvement & Encouragement Initiative.

  1. Lottery Application. It was noted that the Charity's application to the Second Round SportEngland Inspired Places Grant Scheme had been unsuccessful but that SportEngland had invited the Charity to resubmit the project (with or without alterations) for Round 3 with more documentary evidence of support for the project from local people. Round 3 closes on 17/09/12 with the result being known around Christmas 2012.
  2. Plan. A plan of the Playing Field had been produced by Pumphouse Designs and copies were provided for councillors. Cllr Chapman commented that the pitch had been sited rather close to the trees.
  3. Football Club. It was noted that the Football Club is willing to wait for the mini-kickers football pitch to allow time for funding to be sought again from the Lottery or elsewhere.
  4. Drainage. Members noted the quote that had been received for drainage of the proposed football pitch area and that the contractor believed that the position of services under the land would not be a problem as the drainage work will be much nearer the surface than the pipes.
  5. Safety & Parking Issues. Cllr Vine-Hall reported on the proposal to include a turning space and several parking places (eight altogether) adjacent to the Powdermills driveway in the project. It was noted that planning permission would be required.
  6. Meeting with neighbour. Cllr Vine-Hall reported on matters arising from a meeting between Cllr Vine-Hall, the Clerk and Martin Hall of Powdermills on 06/07/12. Mr Hall is not in favour of the inclusion of parking in the Scheme. Cars using his driveway have been a nuisance and he had written to the Trust proposing installation of an electronic gate across the driveway attached to the brick wall. Mr Hall had also asked for a fence to stop children running from the proposed football pitch into the path of cars using his driveway which had been agreed and included in the Lottery application. The driveway was covered in tarmac in 1999 and some potholes are starting to occur.

    Trust members considered the outcome from the meeting with the owner of the driveway. Deeds of the Trust land allow public vehicular access along the driveway to the Playing Field which it was agreed the Trust must retain and, therefore, the gate is not acceptable. It was noted that, if parking was included on the site, it would probably be impossible to restrict its use to Playing Field users and that, inevitably, vehicular use of the driveway would increase. The Trust is responsible for 50% of the cost of maintenance, but not improvement, of the driveway.
  7. Re-appraisal of the Project. Members considered whether the following should remain in the Sport Improvement and Encouragement Initiative.
    1. Mini-kickers football pitch. Provision of a football pitch for the youngest children to be put on hold pending resolution of funding issues.
    2. Fence to shield the driveway from footballs. Fence to be considered if the pitch is given the go-ahead in the future.
    3. Turning/parking places. Although the Trust would very much like to see parking provided for Playing Field users as proposed, no action to be taken for the time being.
    4. MUGA at tennis courts. Funding problems mean that fencing the MUGA will have to be delayed but the remainder of the project could continue.
    5. Outdoor gym equipment. Provision of outdoor gym equipment (or other playground equipment) should be considered for next year possibly with a funding application to Biffaward.
  8. Funding for the project or parts of it including whether to re-submit the SportEngland application.The Secretary had provided estimates of the cost of various options. Because of the need to get on with the work on the MUGA if possible this summer, re-submission of the SportEngland application would not take place. Exclusion of the sports fencing would bring the cost down to about £19,200 including VAT.
  9. Possible Parish Council involvement with funding. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council should be requested to take over the project to provide the first stage of the MUGA (ie to exclude the sports fencing) at the Playing Field.
T12/13.13 RESOLVED: That Jonathan Vine-Hall, Pauline Glew and Rod Eldridge should be signatories to the Playing Field Trust Account with Barclays Bank.

Public Playing Field & Recreation Ground continued

3. The decision made by the Public Playing Field & Recreation Ground Trust to ask the Parish Council to take over the project to provide the first stage of the MUGA (excluding the sports fencing) was considered. RESOLVED: That the Clerk is authorised to apply for borrowing approval of £10,000 in order that, together with other funding already received or in the pipeline, the first stage of the MUGA can be completed this summer. This is within the Council's budget allowance for a loan. VAT recovery of £3,200 would be acceptable within the Parish Council's VAT partial-exemption total of £7,500 p.a. Further work on the project to be considered in future financial years if funding becomes available.


East View

  1. Playground report.The grass has been too long at East View during June. The Clerk will contact the contractor.
  2. Letter from Amicus Horizon re development at East View. It was noted that the Development Liaison Officer for AmicusHorizon had written to local residents. Westridge Construction will be the contractor to build the 8 new houses and work is expected to start in August/September 2012 and should take about nine months. The new parking bays next to 26-32 and 45-51 East View Terrace will be started on first. 5 weeks' notice for garage occupiers is being given (instead of the 1 week standard) and a 'skip day' is expected to be arranged to help residents get rid of any unwanted items. Cllr Mitchell commented that the skip was likely to be filled by residents other than garage owners.

Village Green

  1. Proposed flagpole. The Parish Council had agreed in principle for a flagpole to be installed on the top part of the Village Green as requested by the British Legion. The British Legion has received promises of £330 towards the cost of the flagpole and flag and two offers from people willing to join a rota to raise and lower the flag. Although promised donations would meet the cost of purchase of the flagpole and flag, installation would probably cost as much again. Members were concerned that only two people had come forward who were willing to raise and lower the flag as appropriate. The Clerk was asked to find out whether the supplier of the flagpole would also undertake installation and how much it would cost. No further action will be taken unless more people to raise and lower the flag can be found.
  2. Cutting of the Village Green. A complaint from a local resident living in The Green had been received concerning the infrequency of cuts of the Village Green. It was acknowledged that the Green is a focal point in the Village and agreed that all grass areas which the Parish Council maintains had been too long during June with insufficient cuts undertaken. The contractor had blamed the very wet ground conditions but wished to continue with the contract for the remainder of the season. The Finance Committee had already recommended issuing tender invitations for grounds maintenance in 2013 in the autumn.


  1. Highway maintenance. The Clerk reported that, since the Highway Stewards scheme was introduced in February, it has taken far too long for any minor highway maintenance to be undertaken by East Sussex County Council and that no information is provided re when the work might be undertaken. The matter had been reported to County Councillor Jones earlier in the meeting and would be raised at a Clerks' Meeting next week when Graeme Lake is expected to attend.
  2. Newsletter. The following issues raised in the July/August 2012 edition of the East Sussex County Council's Economy, Transport and Environment Department Newsletter were considered as follows:
    1. Sightings of diseased elms should be reported through the online "Report a Fault" system. If required, the Dutch elm disease officer at the County Council can verify the sightings.
    2. Ramblers are inspecting some rights of way across the county on behalf of the Rights of Way Team.
    3. Closure of Stream Lane for gas mains replacement will continue to approximately 23/08/12.
  3. Bus Service timetable changes. Some bus service timetables for Sedlescombe changed on 08/07/12. Details were printed in the Sedlescombe News and have been added to the Parish Council website.
  4. County Council Development Control. It was noted that Cllrs Vine-Hall, Glew, Mitchell, Reynolds and the Clerk met with Lawrence Stringer (Transport Development Control Manager of East Sussex County Council) and Chris Stanyard (responsible for commenting on Rother planning applications) on 03/07/12 regarding the way the County Council deals with highways issues regarding planning applications. In future, the Clerk will consider whether there could be highway implications as soon as a planning application appears on Rother DC's list and will liaise with the East Sussex County Council Development Manager regarding local comments.
  5. Grass cutting by the County Council. The first cut by the County Council was not undertaken in the Village until the end of June and then only after being chased by the Clerk. The schedule for cutting in what they call "urban areas", ie the Village, is on a 6-week schedule with rural areas outside villages being cut twice a year. Cllr Mitchell complained that, because the grass was so long when it was cut, far too many arisings were left lying around the Village. The Clerk is awaiting a reply to her question regarding the first County Council cut in the Village not taking place until the end of June.
C12/13.59 Superfast Broadband. The Clerk reported a total of 213 registrations on the Rural Broadband Partnership website for Sedlescombe from individuals and businesses within the Sedlescombe telephone exchange area. As well as covering the whole of Sedlescombe parish by issuing details of registration in the Parish Council Annual Report, information leaflets had been dropped into properties in Cottage Lane (parish of Westfield) and Cllrs Vine-Hall and Heap had contacted businesses in Marley Lane and along the A21 as far as Vinehall Farm (Whatlington parish) where there are many small business units. Further contacts were given to members for them to follow up.
C12/13.60 Sussex Police. In a report to RALC, Inspector James Scott reported a reduction in total crime across Rother by 210 crimes between 01/04 and 30/06/12. Members of the community were thanked for their help in reporting crimes which have enabled the Police to provide a quick response and hold criminals to account. In the Battle area, total crime is down 26, burglaries down 13, criminal damage down 7, theft and handling down 33. The only increase was in vehicle theft which was up 5. Some Police officers will be involved with policing the forthcoming Olympic games. Local residents who have not registered to receive e-mails from the Police are invited to forward their names, e-mail address and postcodes to james.scott.01@sussex.pnn.police.uk. Through this system crime prevention advice, urgent warnings of scams and weekly crime updates are forwarded from local sergeants.
  NEXT COUNCIL MEETING: Tuesday 18 September 2012
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