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TUESDAY 18/09/12 STARTING AT 19:00


MEMBERS: Cllr J Vine-Hall (Chairman), Cllr P Glew (Vice-Chairman), Cllrs Peter Anson, Roy Chapman, Rod Eldridge, Julian Heap, Jenny Mitchell, John Parsons, John Reynolds
For the benefit of new members, please note that there are 26 links in this agenda which should be studied to give essential background information. Any problems with opening the links should be reported to the Clerk on 01424 870508.

REPORTS. It is expected that the Chairman will allow the following people, if they are present, to address the Council. Unless otherwise agreed, each person should keep their representation to a maximum of 3 minutes in length (NB SPC Standing Orders allows the public to address a Council Meeting for a maximum of 2 minutes):

  • County Councillor Jones
  • District Councillor Ganly
  • Demetrius Georghiou (Police Community Support Officer)
  • Mrs Marian Ham (Sedlescombe CEP headteacher)
  • Mrs Sue Walton (Pestalozzi International Village Chief Executive)
C12/13.68 Apologies and reasons for absence.

Interests declared in accordance with the 2012 Code of Conduct (adopted 17/07/12). To receive declarations as follows:


1. Disclosable pecuniary interests of councillors and their spouses

- members should, unless dispensation has been granted, leave the meeting as soon as the agenda item is announced.
2. Disclosable pecuniary interests of friends, relatives or close associates of councillors - members should, unless dispensation has been granted, leave the meeting as soon as the agenda item is announced.
3. Personal interests of councillors - members may speak (as long as the public are allowed to as well) but should not vote.
4. "Objective bystander test" where anyone who knew all the facts about a councillor's personal interest would think that the interest is so significant that it would prejudice their judgement of the public interest - member may speak as long as the public are allowed to as well but must leave the meeting before the public speak.
5. Financial personal interests of friends, relatives or close associates of councillors - members may speak (as long as the public are allowed to as well) but should not vote.

If a member becomes aware, during the course of a meeting, of an interest that has not been disclosed under this item he/she must immediately disclose it.

C12/13.70 Guide for councillors dealing with Openness and Transparency on Personal Interests. Belatedly, the Department of Communities and Local Government issued guidance for councillors. Subsequently, councils are being advised not to publish councillors' signatures nor to show the interests of spouses or partners separately but to include them with their own list of interests. Click here.
C12/13.71 Requests for Dispensation. To consider written requests from councillors for dispensation either:

  1. one-off regarding a matter on this agenda or
  2. ongoing when the Council/Committee should consider the length of time the dispensation should be granted for.
C12/13.72 Public participation session. At the Chairman's discretion, members of the public will be allowed to make representation, answer questions or give evidence re matters on the agenda at a time agreed by the Chairman. Names of the public will be recorded and representations etc. minuted.
Minutes. To resolve: That the Chairman of the Council is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 17/07/12.
C12/13.74 Minutes of Meetings of Committees
  1. Planning Executive Committee. To Resolve: That the Minutes of the Meetings of the Planning Committee held on 31/07/12 and 14/08/12 are received.

  2. Parking & Traffic Advisory Committee. To Resolve: That the Minutes of the Meeting of the Parking & Traffic Advisory Committee held on 28/08/12 are approved.

    To resolve: That the following outline for a Parking & Traffic Management Study is adopted or adopted as amended.

    1. Traffic Management Plan 2013 will be prepared by the Sedlescombe Parking & Traffic Advisory Committee and will be presented to the January 2013 Sedlescombe Parish Council meeting under the following headings:
      1. Scope of the study
      2. Results of residents' ideas and questions
      3. Consideration of main issues
      4. Conclusion and recommendations
    2. Residents will be involved as much as possible in defining the problems. All or some of the following methods will be used to get residents' views. Main contact to be Cllr Eldridge:
      1. Liaison with School Head teacher through the School Travel Meetings.
      2. School to send out letters to parents to ascertain their views.
      3. Liaison with Cllr Mitchell regarding local residents' parking and traffic issues at East View Terrace.
      4. Committee Chairman to meet with shop owners.
      5. Survey by councillors to take place outside the shop.
      6. Letter to residents asking for their views. Replies to be e-mailed to Cllr Eldridge.
      7. Public meeting attended by ESCC Highways representative with question and answer session to be arranged in the Hall.
      8. Issue of press releases through the Clerk/Council Chairman and inclusion in the Sedlescombe News and Sedlescombe Parish Council Bulletin.
    3. Problems on the ground to be defined by undertaking:
      1. An audit of signs, structures, road markings etc in the centre of the Village.
      2. A survey of daily traffic movements in and out of East View Terrace to check whether they conform to ESCC's standard.
      3. A survey of heavy traffic through the Village.
      4. A series of Speed Indicator Device sessions using trained Village volunteers to ascertain the speed of vehicles through the Village. (NB It is probable that these can only be used within 30mph speed limits.)
      5. Recommendations for action will follow.
    4. A meeting with the ESCC Highways Department to discuss findings.
  3. Core Strategy Advisory Committee. To note that a meeting of the Core Strategy Advisory Committee was held on 07/09/12.

Representatives. A Councillors' Newsletter has been introduced where reports of meetings involving Sedlescombe parish councillors are detailed. The following meetings have been held:

  1. Rother Clerks' Meeting 16/07/12 represented by the Clerk. See Councillors' Newsletter 1.
  2. Sports Association, Committee Meeting 17/07/12 represented by the Clerk. See Councillors' Newsletter 1.
  3. AGM of Rother Transport Action Group, 07/08/12 represented by Cllr Glew. See Councillors' Newsletter 2.
  4. Rother Annual Parish Conference 13/09/12 represented by Cllrs Vine-Hall and Parsons and the Clerk.
  5. Village Hall Trust, Committee Meeting 13/09/12 represented by Cllr Glew.
  6. ESCC Annual Parish & Town Conference 17/09/12, Gold Room, Devonshire Park Centre, Eastbourne represented by Cllrs Vine-Hall and Glew.

The following meetings are expected to be held in the future:

  1. Pre-Hearing Meeting for the Rother District Council Core Strategy Examination 27/09/12 14:00 Town Hall, Bexhill.
  2. Rother District Council annual Planning event 03/10/12 1400 Town Hall, Bexhill.
  3. Police and Crime Commissioner - Hustings. 6 known candidates for Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner to have 10 minutes to introduce themselves and their approach to the role, followed by a question time with the candidates sitting as a Panel. The event (and others at Heathfield, Arundel and Burgess Hill) will be chaired by SALC Vice-Presidents. Battle Memorial Hall, Friday 05/10/12 - doors open at 19:30, starting at 19:45. Places to be booked through SALC.

    Background note : The Police and Crime Commissioner will be directly elected and replace Sussex Police Authority. Key roles will include overseeing the police budget, currently around £250m, developing the policing plan, holding the Chief Constable to account with the power to dismiss.
    The PCC will be paid a salary of £85,000pa for the full time position; on the same day as Sussex the 40 other police authority areas in England will go through the same election process.

  4. Rother Association of Local Councils quarterly meeting 10/10/12 represented by Cllrs Glew and Parsons.
  5. Rother Clerks' Meeting 15/10/12 represented by the Clerk.
  6. Sedlescombe Sports Association AGM, 15/10/12 Sports Pavilion represented by Cllr Anson.
  7. Rother Core Strategy Hearing 06/11/12 10:00 Town Hall, Bexhill.
  8. NHW represented by Cllr Glew.

To receive the Clerk's Report

  1. Dutch Elm Disease. The Council has been informed that a tree on land at the old School has Dutch Elm Disease and is unlikely to survive.
  2. Proposed new School Walking Bus from southern part of the Village. The Council has been informed by the Headteacher that a new Walking Bus is proposed with cars dropping off children on the forecourt of the Antiques Centre.
  3. Junction of A21 and B2244. To note resident's recent complaint concerning the dangers of this junction. East Sussex County Council has passed the complaint to the Highways Agency.
  4. Additional/changed meeting dates.
    1. Parking & Traffic Advisory Committee - Tuesday 06/11/12.
    2. Parish Council Meeting - changed from 13/11/12 to 20/11/12.
    3. 2013 Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting of Sedlescombe - Tuesday 30/04/13.
  5. Reducing the length of meetings. Click here.
  6. Street naming, to note the process. Click here.
  7. Public footpaths. To note that part of Sedlescombe footpath 2c (east of Lower Jacobs Farm) has been diverted in accordance with previous consultations.


  1. To approve the bank reconciliations at the end of August 2012. Click here.

  2. To approve the August and September 2012 cheque list. Click here.

  3. Annual Village Inspection Report. To note the inspection report which includes proposals to reduce the amount of grass cutting and weedkilling to be undertaken by the Council in 2013/14. Members should consider the proposals carefully and may propose amendments as they think fit.
    To resolve: That the Jobs as listed in the various Summary Sections of the Report are approved/approved as amended and that the Finance Committee, at is next meeting on 16/10/12, should make the necessary arrangements to ensure that sufficient funds are available either during the remainder of the 2012/13 or in the 2013/14 budget for the proposed work.

  4. Devolvement of public conveniences/car parks to parish councils.
    Click here for Minutes of Rother's Devolution Working Group Meeting of 13/08/12.
    For further background information, see Clerk's Briefing Note 06/01/2012.

  5. Request for grant aid - from Rural Rother Trust. This Trust makes grants to people or groups in need who live in one of Rother's villages.

  6. Payments by parish councils. To note the Government's intention, probably by the end of 2012, to repeal s150(5) of the Local Government Act 1972 whereby orders for payment by a parish council have to be signed by two members of the Council. To resolve: That the Finance Committee should consider what internal financial controls need to be adopted by the Parish Council once s150(5) of the Local Government Act 1972 has been repealed.
C12/13.78 Training

  1. Report of Legal and Finance Training Day held on 11/09/12 and attended by Cllrs Vine-Hall, Glew, Mitchell, Anson and the Clerk.
  2. To approve the updated Sedlescombe Parish Council Training Strategy.
  3. To note that the councillor training course which was to be held at Leeford Place on 22/09/12 had been cancelled due to lack of attendees. SALC will not be arranging further Saturday courses for councillors but will arrange 3-hour evening training sessions on request.

Sportsfield & Pestalozzi International Village

  1. Archaeological investigations at the Sportsfield Car Park and on Pestalozzi International Village Estate.
  2. Sportsfield Car Park extension.

Public Playing Field & Recreation Ground

  1. Report re MUGA and to accept quotations and authorise the Clerk/RFO to apply for a loan. Click here.
    For further background, see Clerk's Briefing Notes as follows:
    1. 08/01/12 - No.5 Proposed Multi-use games area
    2. 05/03/12 - No.7 Tennis Courts
    3. 13/07/12 - No.15 Financing provision of a MUGA
  2. Playground reports.

East View Terrace

  1. Kickabout Area reports.
  2. Current development.

Village Green

  1. Flagpole.
  2. Flower tubs
    1. Planting
    2. Maintenance
    3. "Geese Crossing" sign. In January 2012, the Council agreed that Bob Harris could arrange for a sign to be put up in the Village and, at the time, it was expected that the sign would go on Brickwall Hotel land. Now, the sign has been produced and Mr Harris would like to insert the sign in one of the tubs on the Village Green. Council to consider.
  3. To note that, in accordance with delegated powers, the Clerk has given approval for the use of Green for a Spring Fayre on 04/05/2013 as long as the usual requirements are met. The Queen's Head garden is also expected to be used.

Development proposals in accordance with letter from Armstrong Rigg Planning re land at Brede Lane, Sedlescombe. A public exhibition is to be held in Sedlescombe Village Hall on Saturday 22/09/12, 10:00 to 17:00.
For background information see:

  1. Council Minutes 08/11/11, Minute C11/12.59.2. Parish Council resolution unanimously objecting to the development proposal.
  2. Clerk's Briefing Note of 08/01/12. Core Strategy DPP's Representations 2011.
  3. Council Minutes 10/01/12, Minute C11/ Notes re DPP's attempts to amend the Core Strategy.
  4. Clerk's Briefing Note of 06/03/12. Allocation of School Places.

Public Transport

  1. Proposed new bus stop in The Street - Cllr Glew to report.
  2. Amendments to bus timetables Service 349
    1. Timing of last bus from Hastings.
    2. Removal of winter Sunday service.
C12/13.85 Parish Council Bulletin and delivery of Friendship Club survey re Community Friends.
C12/13.86 Localism Act 2011 SS87-108 Community Right to Bid - Assets of Community Value.

Mrs P J Raymond
Clerk/RFO, Sedlescombe Parish Council

01424 870508