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MEMBERS: Cllr P Glew (Chairman of the Committee & Vice-Chairman of the Council)
Cllrs Chapman, Eldridge, Anson, 1 vacancy

Cllr J Vine-Hall (Chairman of the Council),

F12/13.16 Apologies and reasons for absence.

To receive disclosures of personal and prejudicial interests from Councillors on matters to be considered at the meeting in accordance with the adopted Code of Conduct.

F12/13.18 Public participation. Chairman to ask any members of the public whether they wish to make representation, answer questions or give evidence with regard to items on the agenda. At the Chairman's discretion, the public will be allowed to make their representations etc. at the beginning of the appropriate agenda item, after prejudiced members' participation. The Chairman should inform the public that their names will be recorded and representations etc. minuted.
F12/13.19 Minutes. To Resolve: That the Chairman of the Committee is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Finance Committee held on 26/06/12.

Jobs Update and 2012/13 Budget Monitoring

  1. 2012/13 Budget and income and expenditure for the second quarter. To resolve that the 2012/13 Second Quarter Review Figures are accepted.
  2. MUGA Project.
  3. Sedlescombe 2013 Annual Report and Directory.
F12/13.21 Annual Playground Inspection by Digley Associaties. To note the report and consider action.

Village Inspection Reports and 2013/14 First Budget.

  1. To note two reports following the two parts of the 2012 Village Inspection.
  2. To consider proposed work schedule and to consider quotations received.
  3. To consider the first budget for 2013/14.

Audit of Accounts

  1. External audit of 2011/12 accounts by Mazars. A satisfactory audit has been completed. The following has been drawn to the Council's attention:

    "We note that reserves include a gratuity fund. We understand that, following the repeal of the 1996 Superannuation Regulations, councils can only make gratuity payments in the future where they were included as a contractual obligation in a contract of employment entered into before January 2012. Advice should be sought from NALC/SLCC before making any payments."

  2. Clerk's Gratuity.See Briefing Note 19 of 2012. To note that it is in order for the Council to pay the Clerk a gratuity equal to two years' salary as detailed in her contract of employment dated 1979 and that the tax treatment needs to be cleared with HMRC at the time that the gratuity is paid.

  3. Appointment of external auditor for 2012/13 accounts. To note that The Audit Commission has appointed Littlejohn LLP as external auditor to adit the annual return of Sedlescombe Parish Council for five years from 2012/13. Members to confirm that they have no personal connection with this Company.

  4. Internal audit of Accounts.
    1. To note the following comments made on the 2011/12 internal audit:
      1. Financial Regulations should be reviewed once changes re approval of Council payments have been issued.
      2. Both councillors should initial all cheque stubs.
      3. Amendment of the Sports Association's booking form terms and conditions suggested to include requirements of the Parish Council in respect of risk.
      4. Risk assessments and appropriate and adequate event insurance cover certificates should be requested from all organisations wishing to hold events on Parish Council land. To be presented to the Clerk one month in advance of the event with copies retained by the Clerk. Councillors to consider this detailing this in a Terms and Conditions of use of Parish Council land agreement.
    2. To note that Angela Alexander has agreed to carry out the internal audit of the Council's 2012/13 Accounts at the cost of £130 - cost to be approved by Committee.

Changes to signatories of current accounts.


Cheque Signatories Legislative Reform Order. The Government proposes repealing s150(5) of the Local Government Act 1972 whereby two councillors are required to sign orders for payment.

  1. To consider the effectiveness of internal financial controls during the 2012/13 financial year to date.
  2. To consider proposals for changes to the internal financial controls in the light of the Government's proposal to repeal s150(5) of the LGA 1972..
F12/13.26 Clerks' Salaries. NJC Pay update September 2012. Local Government Employes have confirmed that no pay offer will be made for 2012/13 but that they would wish to avoid a situation of not being able to make a pay offer for a fourth year in 2013/14. The unions were invited to start discussions on a range of issues covering pay, terms and conditions and reform of the national negotiating machinery with a view to reaching agreement for implementation on 01/04/13.
F12/13.27 Power of General Competetence. To note that Sedlescombe is no longer eligible to obtain the Power of General Competence because, on the recent resignation of another councillor, there are no longer two thirds of members who are elected rather than co-opted - ie four out of the nine elected in 2011 have now resigned from the Council (Anthony Rand, Valerie Wright, Patrick Martin and Julian Heap) and co-opted members have taken their place.
F12/13.28 Sedlescombe Sportsfield. To receive a report from Cllr Anson regarding the Parish Council/Sports Association Lease.

Mrs P Raymond
Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer, Sedlescombe Parish Council
01424 870508