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MEMBERS PRESENT: Cllr Eldridge (Chairman), Chapman, Parsons, Glew (Vice-Chairman of the Council), Mr D Wright, PCSO Demetrius23 Georghiou (most of the meeting)

Mrs P Raymond (Clerk/RFO to the Parish Council)

2 members of the public (part)

A12/13.15 Apologies for absence. Cllr Vine-Hall recently returned from abroad.

Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Committee is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Parking & Traffic Advisory Committee held on 28/08/12.


Matters arising from the Minutes

  1. School Travel Plan Meeting 18/10/12. Cllrs Glew and Eldridge attended as well as 3 parents, 1 Governor and the headteacher (Mrs Ham). The aim of the working party is to find ways of helping the children to arrive and leave school safely and alleviate some of the traffic issues around the school area mornings and afternoons. Cllrs Glew and Eldridge reported that the walking buses are being promoted by the School although only the Village Hall one is in operation. A lollipop person needs to be employed before a walking bus can be started with parking at the Bridge Garage/Gregory Walk. Cllr Glew said the use of the Village Hall walking bus is variable (ie 12 one day, 3 the next). They are only suitable for mornings. Lack of sufficient parents willing to accompany the children each day is a problem. A further request has been made by Mrs Ham to local residents to allow parents/carers to park in their driveways in mornings or afternoons when delivering or collecting children.

    Cllr Eldridge reported receipt of a letter from a local resident suggesting that, in order to encourage more use of the village hall walking bus, the path through Red Barn Field Nature Park and the public footpath (No.6) through Pine View's land should be improved because they are currently rough/stony and wet/muddy respectively. His preferred option would be to tarmac the paths and to trim back the hedges further. The Clerk/RFO informed the Committee that although the public footpath is a right of way it is, in fact, part of the garden belonging to Pine View. Members of the Advisory Committee were mixed in their reaction to this suggestion. PCSO Demi said, that in his opinion, although expensive, these improvements would be unlikely to encourage more walking. Mr Wright, however, thought it might be part of the solution. [Referred to next Parish Council meeting]

    Cllr Eldridge had suggested that parents should be asked to come up with road safety ideas and he had put forward a couple of initiatives to the Travel Plan meeting aimed at increasing interest in the subject. He had suggested that the older children are asked to do an audit of the central area of the Village, marking the salient features and all the School be invited to take part in a poster competition. It was RECOMMENDED: That the Parish Council provides £56 for the purchase of 7 x £8 WH Smith Tokens as prizes for each class. [Referred to next Parish Council meeting]

  2. Car park, Brede Lane. The School wishes to see the public car park re-marked and a safer exit from the car park. Mrs Ham has reported her concerns to Rother District Council who had replied that there is no budget to re-mark the lines but, if vital, funding by the County Council, Parish Council and the School could be explored; further information on near misses/accidents was requested; devolution to the Parish Council was mentioned. [Referred to next Parish Council meeting]

    Mrs Ham to contact Paul Thomas again about the possibility of a pathway through his land from the car park to the School.

  3. Parking in relation to the Sportsfield and adjacent recreational areas. Derek Wright had been asked to report re parking on the B2244 at the southern end of the Village. He said that, apart from people living close by, parking from Kester House to the bridge has not really been an issue since Budget Cars left. However, parking across the footway behind the pavilion has been raised with the Parish Council by the public. PCSO Demi confirmed that the Police can take action if the parking on pavements stops wheelchair or pushchair access and the Clerk said that she had told complainants that they should complain to the Police by phoning 101 at the time the offence is occurring.

    The Football Club is making great efforts to improve the parking situation at the Sportsfield by putting lots of reminders on their website and by putting up signs directing users to the enlarged car park. Two other suggestions will be pursued ie 1) that notices are put up in the Sportsfield itself asking users whether they have parked correctly and 2) whether the Football Club can put out cones to discourage parking across the pavement at the rear of the pavilion during matches (Sgt Masterson to be asked about this one). PCSO Demi commented that he has found that when he tells a driver not to park somewhere, it inevitably brings out the worst in them and that he has been verbally and, at times, physically attacked despite his uniform. It is probably not sensible, therefore, for ordinary people to try to get drivers' co-operation re parking.

  4. Parking and traffic issues at East View Terrace. Cllr Eldridge reported that he and Cllr Mitchell had walked around East View Terrace on a Saturday morning in order to assess the traffic situation. In the older part of the Terrace, cars were parked on both sides of the road,making the roadway insufficient in width for access by emergency vehicles. PCSO Demi commented that fire engines can push vehicles out of the way if they are causing an obstruction. The Parish Council had recently supported removal of the grass verge but had been told that it would have to pay for the work to be done. At the time of his inspection, Cllr Eldridge counted ninety parked vehicles and it was estimated that up to two hundred vehicles park on the road in the development as a whole. The main problems are lack of garaging and hardstandings (only a small minority have hardstandings and some are overgrown). Eight new properties are in the process of being built. A count of vehicles leaving the Estate had been suggested. However, there is insufficient manpower to do a manual count and therefore Cllr Eldridge proposed undertaking two week-long traffic counts (one from each entrance),at the cost of about £700. [Referred to next Parish Council meeting]

  5. Parking and traffic issues in relation to the village shop. Cllr Eldridge reported that he and Cllr Glew had visited Mr and Mrs Mainwood at the shop on 05/09/12 who had raised the following issues:
    1. Increased number of vehicles using the Pumphouse Yard entrance.
    2. Problems for some vehicles exiting from Pumphouse Yard because vehicles are parked opposite on the white line. There is also a white line across Pumphouse Yard entrance paid for by Paul Thomas. Cllr Eldridge reported that both lines need repainting and the one on the Green side should be extended. Cllr Eldridge would also like to see a white line across the shop's frontage. [Referred to next Parish Council meeting]
    3. Cars are parking opposite the shop all day (public highway without restrictions so nothing can be done).
    4. Not enough people use the car park despite it not being far away and the signage needs improving. [Referred to next Parish Council meeting]
    5. Parish Council to inform the shop in good time before events are held on The Green. [Parish Council to note]
    6. Mr Wright had noticed a large patch of ice outside the shop today. Problem investigated by ESCC - spring.

  6. Traffic speed in local lanes. Roy Chapman gave a report on the traffic situation in Chapel Hill, Crazy Lane, Cottage Lane, Harts Green. These roads are used as "rat runs" and the Police often divert traffic off the A21 through Harts Green, Cottage Lane and Chapel Hill because of accidents. Traffic travels too fast and without care in the lanes and large vehicles or cars passing each other are damaging the banks and verges leaving slippery mud in the road. More traffic is using the top Pestalozzi entrance, although this should be restricted to staff only when the new houses are completed. Weather conditions, particularly low winter sun, often brings poor visibility. Other hazards for cars, are pedestrians, horses, wildlife (particularly deer) and huge potholes. The public need educating. PCSO Demi has had to attend several nasty accidents in the lanes, particular head-ons at speed, especially on quieter roads where drivers seem to believe they are the only vehicle on the road. Cllr Chapman suggested that Extra "SLOW" signs and "Narrow Road" signs should be considered. [Referred to next Parish Council meeting]

  7. Use of Speed Indicator Device. Demi reported that he has access to a Speed Indicator Device for use as a deterrent and he will train volunteers willing to use it opposite The Green. Mr Wright offered to help with the input of results to the Police computer and Cllr Parsons agreed to arrange schedules of volunteers. Cllr Eldridge will pass volunteers' names to the Clerk who will e-mail them to PCSO Demi. [Volunteer scheme being considered at next Parish Council meeting]

  8. Additional suggestions as listed under A11/12.13.14 on Minutes of 28/08/12. Cllr Eldridge would like to put flyers on the seats at the forthcoming Brede Lane public meeting re looking for additional road safety ideas and volunteers to man the SID. [Referred to Chairman of the Parish Council]

Comments from the public following request in October Bulletin for comments re parking and traffic issues in Sedlescombe (brought forward). Mavis and Roger Arnsby of Eaton Walk were present and offered to help with the SID. They reported that, from their property they can see the speed indicator sign at the bottom of Church Hill and note that the majority of vehicles passing this sign are exceeding the 30mph speed limit. They suggested extending the 30mph speed limit up Church Hill - this has already been extensively considered by ESCC following other requests at the time the limit was 60mph. The reduction to 50mph has been introduced in the last couple of years. The idea of a build out at the 30mph sign to slow traffic is not acceptable because there is no street lighting. It was agreed that cars using Church Hill are often travelling too fast, sometimes overtaking slower traffic. PCSO Demi suggested reporting the numbers of cars with reckless drivers to 101 for Operation Crackdown.


Cllr Eldridge has had about a dozen letters from residents re highway issues following articles in The Bulletin and Sedlescombe News and matters raised will be incorporated in his report.

A12/13.18 PCSO Report. Demi reported that, although the laminated signs on the corner of Brede Lane are often removed or damaged, they have been, for the most part, successful. However, parking on the bend seems to continue to be particularly bad on Sundays but, as there is no school traffic, he doesn't worry too much. Demi thinks that the time is right to put up a permanent sign but the Clerk queried whether this would be acceptable to ESCC. Cllr Chapman suggested putting an improved car park direction sign at the same place. [Referred to next Parish Council meeting]
A12/13.19 Parish Traffic Traffic Survey in Brede Lane, last week in September. All members had been sent the results of the survey but some did not think the results were clear. However, Cllr Vine-Hall had been able to extract useful information from the results that he would use in his presentation on 30/11/12.
A12/13.21 Report to Council. It was RECOMMENDED: That the presentation of the committee's final report to the January Council Meeting is postponed until the March 2013 Parish Council Meeting to allow more time for the School to implement various ideas. [Referred to next Parish Council meeting]
A12/13.22 Date of next meeting. 29/01/13.
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