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PRESENT: Cllr Glew (Chairman of Committee and Vice-Chairman of the Council), Cllrs Anson, Chapman, Eldridge. Cllr J Vine-Hall (Chairman of the Council)

Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer: Mrs P Raymond

F12/13.42 Apologies and reasons for absence. None.

Disclosure of personal and pecuniary interests by Councillors

  1. F12/ - tree surgery - Cllr Vine-Hall. Pecuniary interest as employs contractor. To leave the meeting.
F12/13.44 Public Participation. None.
F12/13.45 Minutes. RESOLVED: That the Chairman of the Committee is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Finance Committee held on 04/12/12.

Jobs List Update. The Clerk/RFO provided information on the current situation as follows:

  1. MUGA. See F12/13.34.2. The contractor had begun to install the Zaun sports fencing but had contacted the Clerk/RFO because the fence, whilst being in the ground at the south western corner was 7 inches above ground two thirds of the way along the southern fenceline. The Committee was concerned that the contractor had not realised, before the work had started, that the land sloped towards the B2244 and the problems that it would cause . Cllr Vine-Hall had asked the contractor to get a quote for fitting pieces of the fencing at the base or a kickboard where the gap is too large but members were not altogether happy with this solution. They discussed whether the tarmac could be raised and the Clerk/RFO was asked to discuss the matter with any other contractor providing a price for the surfacing work.

  2. Acceptance of quotes.
    1. [Cllr Vine-Hall had declared his pecuniary interest and left the meeting during consideration of this item]. RESOLVED: That Arbor Tree Surgery and Hedge Maintenance's quote for the work dated 06/12/12 should be accepted provided confirmation of the public liability insurance cover is provided prior to the work being undertaken.

    2. RESOLVED: That Landscape Services' prices as confirmed at 11/12/12 should be accepted for the following grass cutting and strimming work in 2013:
      1. 1VG Village Green - weekly grass cutting using mulching mower - 26 cuts.
      2. 5CP and 6CP Brede Lane Car Park - every two weeks grass cutting and strimming - 13 times.
      3. 31EV East View Kickabout Area - grass cutting, 8 cuts.
      4. 10PF Riverside Playground - grass cutting, 16 cuts.
      5. 11PF Riverside Playing Field - grass cutting, 4 cuts.
      6. 26RB Red Barn Field - strimming, 8 times.

    3. RESOLVED: That Landscape Services' prices as at 15/10/12 should be accepted for the following herbicide application work in 2013:
      1. 27RB Red Barn Field path edges.
      2. 14PF Riverside playing field - Giant hogweed monitoring along banks of river.

    4. RESOLVED: That Landscape Services' prices as confirmed at 11/12/12 should be accepted for litter collection as follows:
      1. 17PF Riverside playing field - weekly litter collection and emptying of bins into large bin at entrance.
      2. 33EV East View playground - weekly litter collection.

    5. 20PF Annual professional inspection of Riverside playground - awarded to Digley Associates.

    6. Dog bin emptying - weekly 3 bins at Playing Field driveway, Brede Lane car park and Sportsfield - arranged through Rother District Council and paid for annually by SPC. Awaiting quote.

    7. Volunteer work. The remaining work is detailed in the Clerk's Updated Briefing Note 22 and it was agreed that volunteers would be sought for this work under the leadership of councillors. This should result in a considerable reduction in the cost and the value of this to the community was acknowledged by the Committee.

    8. Annual Report & Directory 2013. Forms are now available for businesses to apply for advertising space in the 2013 Directory and website.
F12/13.47 Council Tax Support. The Clerk had attended an emergency briefing at Rother Town Hall on 05/12/12 and had been provided with a spreadsheet detailing the effect of the expected change in each parish's Council Tax Base. This will mean that, if the Parish Council sets the same precept for 2013-14 as in 2012-13, the Council Tax Rate will be increased by several percentage points. On 19/12/12, the Government is expected to announce whether parishes will have to hold a referendum if they want to raise their Band D Council Tax over 2% or some other percentage which they choose. Rother will adopt a Council Tax Support Scheme on 21/01/13 and, at the same meeting, will confirm the tax base and will agree the grant to be passed to parishes (Rother is not obliged to pass this on, although it is expected to do so). Parishes are being advised not to set their precept before this date. It was noted that a tentative date of 12/02/13 has been added to the calendar for an emergency Sedlescombe Parish Council meeting to set the 2013-14 precept.
F12/13.48 Budget 2013-14. The Committee had been provided with draft budgets for the end of 2012-13 and for 2013-14.
F12/13.49 Date of next meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for 26/03/13.


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