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Planning 08/05/12


That Cllr Reynolds be Chairman of the Planning Committee for the ensuing year.
P12/13.5 That the Chairman of the Committee is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning Committee held on 27/03/12.
P12/13.6.1 RR/2012/716/P East View Terrace - garages. Demolition of existing garages and erection of 3 flats in a single block, 4x2-bedroom semi-detached houses and a 2-bedroom wheelchair adaptable bungalow. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council continues to support refusal of this application for the following reasons:
  1. Contrary to Policy GD1(i) and (iii) and Policy TR2 - General Development Considerations, Transport -
    1. The proposal does not meet the needs of future occupiers because of the loss of garage spaces and provision of insufficient replacement parking.
    2. The proposal does not provide adequate and safe access by all relevant modes of transport as East View Terrace is remote from a daily bus service. The bus service to and from the Village centre, an uphill walk away, is only once every two hours and the last bus is before 6pm. There is no evening service. The bus stop near the Estate is for a once a week bus to Battle.
    3. The proposed development is not in a position that will promote more sustainable travel choice as required by this Policy. The site is not suitable for disabled or elderly people without a car being at the bottom of a hill which needs to be climbed to reach the centre of the Village.
    4. The proposed access to the new development is narrow without enough turning space near the proposed parking spaces.
    5. The additional properties will result in increased unacceptable traffic conditions in East View Terrace itself and in the already heavily-congested approach road - Brede Lane, especially at school arrival/departure times. The incremental additional development on the Estate (previously doubling the number of homes on part of the Estate 20 years ago) and on and off of Brede Lane increases the dangerous parking problem in the Lane.
    6. The proposal does not provide for sufficient parking spaces. Nearly all residents and their visitors and tradespeople will in future have to park on the roadside. If Rother District Council approves this application, the developer should be required to remove the grass verge from the East View lower road to provide a long layby to help cope with the loss of parking.
  2. Contrary to Policy HG4(v) and (ix) - Housing Developments.
    1. No public open space or play space has been provided to meet the needs of existing and new occupants. Currently East View has very limited recreational space with Orbit Housing Association providing one piece of play equipment for under 10s for the current 110 homes on the Estate.
    2. Early in 2011, Orbit Housing Association planned to provide allotments and identified a need for ten. The proposed development will use land which could be used for this purpose.
  3. Contrary to Policy CF2 and CF4 - Community Facilities.
    1. No community facilities are provided despite part of the site previously being used for a community meeting place. The provision of a building suitable for the youth club has long been discussed by the Parish Council and would have been possible before the fire and demolition of the Scout Hut on this site, The Sedlescombe Youth Club, whose members mainly live at East View, are currently meeting at the Pestalozzi International Village (about 30-minutes walk away).
    2. There is a shortfall locally in recreational land close to East View Terrace. Amicus Horizon and Orbit Housing Association, landlords of many of the properties at East View Terrace, should ensure that adequate recreational space is provided.

      It was agreed that the Clerk should object strongly to any approval by Rother of this application just because it ticks the affordable housing boxes of the Housing Association and the Local Authority and that, rather, Rother should listen to local people as required in the Localism Act.
P12/13.6.2 RR/2012/735/P Chittlebirch Oast, Cripps Corner - relocation of vehicular entrance. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council supports a refusal because, although the Parish Council does not object to the relocation of the vehicular entrance, the public bridleway along the length of the proposed driveway must be safeguarded without any reduction in width, obstructions or gates.
P12/13.6.3 RR/2012/741/P 7 Blacklands, Sedlescombe - single storey rear and side extension, together with new vehicle access. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council supports a refusal because, if allowed, it will badly spoil the amenities long enjoyed by the adjoining property and would not respect the character and appearance of the locality. Parking in Brede Lane for neighbouring properties will be affected by the development.
P12/13.6.4 RR/2012/749/P Brickwall Hotel - land adj, The Green, Sedlescombe. Renewal of outline planning permission for new bungalow to land adjacent The Brickwall Hotel.This is a renewal of previous planning permission. It was noted that the development will mean removal of several trees within the existing garden but that the site is outside the Sedlescombe Conservation Area. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council supports approval of this application.
P12/13.6.6 RR/2012/824/P Pine View, Balcombe Green, Sedlescombe. Proposed extension. RESOLVED: That the Parish Council approves this application.