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Parking & Traffic Advisory Committee 03/07/12


That Cllr Eldridge is Chairman for the forthcoming year.
A12/13.4.1 Recommended: That the Committee is called The Parking and Traffic Advisory Committee. Approved by Council 10/07/12.
A12/13.4.2 RECOMMENDED: That the following revised terms of reference are adopted for The Parking and Advisory Committee:

  1. To quantify the parking and traffic issues within the Parish.
  2. To quantify the parking and traffic issue specifically in Brede Lane in relation to the School and Doctors' Surgery.
  3. To quantify the parking issues in relation to the Sportsfield and adjacent recreational areas.
  4. To quantify the parking and traffic issues in East View Terrace.
  5. To quantify the parking and traffic issues in relation to the village shop.
  6. To quantify the parking issues in Chapel Hill
  7. To quantify the traffic issues in Cottage Lane (road leading from Sedlescombe to Westfield) especially the increase in heavy traffic.
  8. To quantify the parking issues around The Street particularly near LWA and Kester House.
  9. To seek the views of interested and affected parties regarding parking and traffic problems and suggested solutions.
  10. To discuss with the Highways Department the issues and possible solutions to identify problems.
  11. To quantify the effect on areas of the parish of development over the last ten years. That is increase in traffic and parking.
  12. To look at how the Parish Council can influence Rother District Council to include traffic calming measures with all or some planning developments.
  13. To make recommendations regarding future management of traffic and parking in the village.
  1. To make recommendations to the Parish Council regarding all aspects of parking and traffic in the Parish.
  1. To present an initial outline of the study to the Parish Council at the general meeting on 18/09/12.
  2. To complete the study with recommendations by 08/01/13.

Approved by Council 10/07/12.

A12/13.5 Recommended: That Derek Wright and PCSO Demi are invited to become members of the Committee together with whoever of the three applicants is not co-opted to the Parish Council on 10/07/12. Approved by Council 10/07/12.