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Council 18/09/12

C12/13.71 That Dispensation is granted by Sedlescombe Parish Council to the councillors listed below to allow them to fully take part and vote in discussions regarding the Charity known as the Sedlescombe Public Playing Field & Recreation Ground of which the Parish Council is the sole trustee. It is in the interests of the inhabitants of Sedlescombe to allow these people to take part in deliberations and decisions regarding the Trust property. If these persons were to be prohibited from taking part in the meetings, the transaction of business would be impeded. Dispensation to last until the Council's Annual Meeting in May 2015:
  • Jonathan Vine-Hall
  • Pauline Glew
  • Jennifer Mitchell
  • Roy Chapman
  • John Reynolds
  • Roderick Eldridge
  • Peter Anson
  • John Parsons
C12/13.73 That the Chairman of the Council is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 17/07/12.
C12/13.74.1 That the Minutes of the Meetings of the Planning Committee held on 31/07/12 and 14/08/12 are received.
C12/13.74.2 That the Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning & Traffic Advisory Committee held on 20/08/12 are approved.
C12/13.74.2 That the following outline for a Parking & Traffic Management Study is adopted:
  1. Traffic Management Plan 2013 will be prepared by the Sedlescombe Parking & Traffic Advisory Committee and will be presented to the January 2013 Sedlescombe Parish Council meeting under the following headings:
    1. Scope of the study
    2. Results of residents' ideas and questions
    3. Consideration of main issues
    4. Conclusion and recommendations
  2. Residents will be involved as much as possible in defining the problems. All or some of the following methods will be used to get residents' views. Main contact to be Cllr Eldridge:
    1. Liaison with School Head teacher through the School Travel Meetings.
    2. School to send out letters to parents to ascertain their views.
    3. Liaison with Cllr Mitchell regarding local residents' parking and traffic issues at East View Terrace.
    4. Committee Chairman to meet with shop owners.
    5. Survey by councillors to take place outside the shop.
    6. Letter to residents asking for their views. Replies to be e-mailed to Cllr Eldridge.
    7. Public meeting attended by ESCC Highways representative with question and answer session to be arranged in the Hall.
    8. Issue of press releases through the Clerk/Council Chairman and inclusion in the Sedlescombe News and Sedlescombe Parish Council Bulletin.
  3. Problems on the ground to be defined by undertaking:
    1. An audit of signs, structures, road markings etc in the centre of the Village.
    2. A survey of daily traffic movements in and out of East View Terrace to check whether they conform to ESCC's standard.
    3. A survey of heavy traffic through the Village.
    4. A series of Speed Indicator Device sessions using trained Village volunteers to ascertain the speed of vehicles through the Village. (NB It is probable that these can only be used within 30mph speed limits.)
    5. Recommendations for action will follow.
  4. A meeting with the ESCC Highways Department to discuss findings.
C12/13.83 That payment of £330 plus VAT is authorised by the Parish Council for a week's vehicle count (also speed check) as soon as possible situated in Brede Lane between the Brickwall Hotel and Park Shaw.
C12/ East View Terrace new street. That the Parish Council proposes the name of "Old Garage Close".
C12/ Pestalozzi Estate new street. That the Parish Council proposes the name of "Brabazon Park".
C12/13.77.1 That the bank reconciliation at the end of August 2012 is approved.
C12/13.77.2 That payment of cheque lists for August and September 2012 are approved.
C12/13.77.3 Annual Village Inspection Report. That the Jobs as listed in the various Summary Sections of the Report are approved and that the Finance Committee, at is next meeting on 16/10/12, should make the necessary arrangements to ensure that sufficient funds are available either during the remainder of the 2012/13 or in the 2013/14 budget for the proposed work.
C12/13.77.6 That the Finance Committee should consider what internal financial controls need to be adopted by the Parish Council once s150(5) of the Local Government Act 1972 has been repealed.
C12/13.77.2 That the updated 2012 Sedlescombe Parish Council Training Strategy is adopted.
C12/ Fencing. That the fencing quote C is accepted for removal and disposal of the chainlink fencing and replacement with Zaun rebound sports fencing, including installation of one gate at the eastern end of the MUGA (other gate to be closed off). Work to be undertaken as soon as possible. Total cost £13,400 including VAT.
C12/ Surfacing. That quote B is accepted for surfacing, colour spraying and lining work at the MUGA to be done as soon as the weather permits in the spring of 2013. Total cost £18,948 including VAT. (NB Owing to the lead time needed to order the Zaun fencing, which needs to be installed first, it will not be possible to do the whole project this autumn as had been hoped.)
C12/ Loan. That, following grant of borrowing approval by the Department of Communities and Local Government on 13/08/12, a 10-year £9,000 loan is applied for as soon as possible from the Public Works Loan Board to meet the shortfall in income for the Parish Council's MUGA Project at the Sedlescombe Playing Field & Recreation Ground (current interest rate is a fixed 1.67% with annual repayments of £981 for the duration of the 10-year repayment period).
C12/13.85 That, as a general rule and in order not to over-burden the people who do the deliveries, deliveries on behalf of the Parish Council should be restricted to Bulletins and Annual Reports and other Parish Council documents only and not extended to include any other documents.