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Finance Committee 16/10/12

F12/13.19 That the Chairman of the Committee is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Finance Committee held on 26/06/12.
F12/13.20.1 That the 2012/13 Second Quarter Review Figures are accepted.
F12/13.20.2 That Cllr Vine-Hall's offer to remove and dispose of the fencing from around the tennis courts foc is accepted.
F12/13.20.3 That a quote from Fastprint for printing copies for distribution to every home in the parish with a quantity of spares should be obtained.
  That advertising space 60mmx50mm black and white will be invited at the cost of at least £21/advert including VAT of £3.50 towards the printing cost of the Reports/Directory.
  That, in future, businesses will be asked for £25 including VAT, for a line entry on the Business Page on the website.
F12/13.25.1 That the Parish Council is satisfied with the effectiveness of internal financial controls during the 2012/13 financial year to date.
F12/13.15.2 That the Parish Council approves the payment methods as detailed in the Clerk's Briefing Note dated 01/10/2012.
F12/13.28 That the Parish Council should consider entering into negotiations with the Sports Association to amend the terms of the 2005 Sportsfield Lease and the 2009 Deed of Variegation in order to safeguard the Council's interests.